Pittie, The Pursuit of Casper

Updated on June 11, 2019

Back at the house, Ashley and I turned to the internet. There had to be a next step, but we had to figure out what it was. Searching we found several Jeremy Waters, but none looked right or was the right age.

“You know,” Ashley began. “Some guy driving around in a truck killing people may not be the social media type.”

“True,” I responded. “But I thought I could find him somewhere. An arrest record, news article, obituary, or something.”

“You know that was sixteen years ago. He could have bee arrested the next week. It wouldn’t be on the internet. Unless they realized he was a Ted Bundy or something.”

“That could be true too,” I pondered. “I wonder if I could find something on that Casper Trucking. I saw his name on a check, and another vision I saw that he had a license to drive a truck.”

Searching again I found an article in a local paper about Casper Trucking going out of business.

Will Casper, owner, was interviewed about the close.

I’m just getting out of the business. I have family issues that are requiring my full attention. I know that’s sad to my driver’s here in Jacksonville, but I am selling to a company in Des Moines called FastLane. I’ve talked to the owner of that company about employing all of my drivers. I've made an effort to ensure that it works out well for everyone.

A Lie For The Truth

“Can we find this Will Casper?” I said out loud as I typed the name into the search bar. “He’s got a page,” I told Ashley as she leaned in over my shoulder. “His wife died. That must be why he closed the business. He’s got several posts about cancer awareness. Maybe she died from cancer. They’ve got a couple of kids about my age. Says here he’s driving locally for a company in Iowa.”

“Ok, now what?” she asked.

“Send him a message. Ask him if he remembers Jeremy or knows where he is.” I thought out loud.

“Because you’re some random person trying to find him? Not sure I would help you much with that,” Ashley explained.

"Well, I'm not going to just say do you know him. I need an angle. I’ve got it,” I told her as I started to type a message.

Dear Mr. Casper,
My name is Ashley. I am trying to locate a Jeremy Waters. I believe he worked for your company at one time. My mother recently passed away from cancer, and she revealed he was my father before her passing. This was a great shock to me. I would like the opportunity to meet him. If you have any information about his contact information, I would be eternally grateful.

Preacher's Raise The Best Cons

“How does a preacher’s daughter learn to lie so well and so quickly?” Ashley laughed.

“I think I learned that from my Mother. It takes a lot of lies to paint a perfect life to the public.”

"And why you got to use my name?" Ashley questioned.

"I don't want them knowing who I am. What are they gonna do? Come back and kill you again?"

"Really? That's where you had to go with that?" I just laughed. I realized Ashley and I had the same wicked sense of humor. I hadn't been able to make horrible crude jokes for a while.

Casper responded immediately.

“I’m sorry for your loss Miss Ashley, but I don’t think I can help you,” he responded. “That sounds like a lot or a young lady to deal with. To be honest, Jeremy may not be someone you want to find in the first place. He was not the nicest guy I ever met.”

“Nice or not, I would like to contact him,” I explained. “My mother said it was something that had bothered her for years. Their night together was ‘unexpected’, and she had no way to tell him of my existence. I feel like this is a journey I need to take for her and myself.”

“Damn, Bitch, your good,” Ashley proclaimed from over my shoulder. “Maybe I was wrong. You're not as pure snow white as I thought.”

“Shut up,” I waved at the air behind me. “I’m trying to focus.”

“I’ll send a message to my old dispatcher,” he responded. “He was closer to the drivers than I was. Be looking for a message from a guy named Tim. Good luck and I hope finding him gives you the closure you need.”

“Speaking of closure, did you ever look Sean after that one day?” Ashley asked.

“No, just that once. Things started snowballing from there. The next thing I knew I was here,” I explained.

“While we’re waiting for Tim, why not look for him?” Ashley suggested.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” I told her quietly.

“Let’s go to his house,” she proclaimed as she quickly moved away.

That was the first time I noticed she doesn’t walk. Not always anyway. Sometimes she just moves like a person on those moving sidewalks in the airport.

“So where did you go after you died?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. Things become really numb and fuzzy at first. You don’t feel anything. Time just passes in an instant. I found myself in places I didn’t recognize. I relived a lot of my life good and bad. So many things I regretted bounced through my head. I would have these strong memories about moments but they didn’t exactly hurt me or make me happy anymore. Things that would come up, make me sad, and then I would get high. Now they just felt like I was remembering a movie. Then they just faded. There’s a lot of things about living I don’t remember, and the stupid part, I don’t care. There’s a sense of peace after a while,” she explained.

“Is that how are you can be so cheerful and nonchalant about everything?” I asked.

“I’ve had years to accept it. It was my own stupid choices that got me here. Yeah, that guy killed me, but I was with him for all the wrong reasons. Getting dead is the best rehab ever,” she said as she rolled her eyes. I couldn’t help but giggle at her. “I see things a lot clearer now. Damn shame I couldn’t do that while I was alive.”

“So you didn’t stay at the house, come here, or go to the hospital?” I continued.

“I didn’t have much control over anything at first. I guess it was like a high. I just was wherever I was until I wasn’t. It had been a while before I came looking for my kids,” she explained.

“So how did you find me?” I asked.

“The guy in the truck was an old friend. Someone else whose life I wrecked. We dated before Gerald. I had been keeping an eye on him for a while. I thought maybe I could be that voice in his head to get clean. He did, by the way, after the wreck. He felt like shit. He’s in jail for killing your friend.”

“What? I thought he was dead,” I exclaimed. “I haven’t even thought about him since all this.”

“He got twenty years. He was really lucky. By the time the cops got there, his alcohol level wasn’t high enough for a drunk driving charge. They charged him for an accident kind of thing and not murder. Can’t remember now what the actual charge was called. I still pop in to see him every now and then.”

“So you can teleport places?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure, beam me up Scotty," she laughed. “I’m not sure. I just want to be somewhere and I’m there. Right now I want to go look for your Sean friend, and you are trying to distract me. Get your ass up and let’s go.”

"Part of me is scared," I explained. "What if he hates me?"

"What if he's looking for you?"

"But I can't go see his parents," I explained. "They will tell my parents, and I don't want to deal with them right now."

"So we go peep in the window. Hello, I'm a ghost. I can slip in and poke around. I haven't been ghost hunting since I've been a ghost."

Finally, I gave in. I did want to find Sean. I wanted to make sure he was alright. Well, as alright as he could be.

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