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Pinpoint Analysis - Part 22



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • Pinpoint Analysis - Part 21
    Les may only have one chance to rescue his daughter. But that just isn't going to happen unless Hiss can help - and he can't.


Previously we've seen Les struggling through the investigation by himself. His disease caused by the electromagnetism is driving him mad. Still, he is determined to save Trista who he still thinks is alive. Secretary Adams and Commander Colbo appear on the scene to help, but do they? Les is offered his job back investigating for the Navy, but first, he must be treated by a Navy doctor to claim a clean bill of health necessary for Navy employment. We pick it up here.

"Can continue? It never ended for me. The investigation is ongoing and will contin ... Wait a minute! Continue? As in the Navy pays all expenses? As in the Navy supplies whatever is needed whenever it's needed?"

"That's it, Les. Is it a deal?"


A stunned Deb tried to hide her surprise. She thought she made it clear that Les was not able to continue the investigation. Colbo was quick to notice Deb's suppressed reaction. "Don't worry, Mrs. Griffin. It's all good. Trust us." Deb choked.

Les was flying high. He immediately ran off to the bedroom to call Hoss. He didn't want to bother Deb with the details.

"Hey, Hoss ol' buddy. How are you doing?" So much for small talk. Les continued without taking a breath. Look, I need you to get the helicopter for the 22nd. I need to be at air-zero at 10:22. Any problem with that?"

A heavy weight rested on Hoss's voice. "Yeah, there is a problem." Les wasn't ready for what he was about to hear. "I've been let go by WSVN, as in fired. I didn't have permission to take you up before in the copter. I lied. I wanted to see the investigation continue. I was hoping to break the story and work into becoming a reporter. After the last time I took you up, they let me go. They have it all on CCTV.

"Hoss, you have to take me up. This may be the only chance I have to get my daughter back. You have to take me up."

"I wish I could, but I can't. I just can't There's nothing I can do."

A frustrated Les tried again. Hoss, look, I'll pay you twice what I did before. My daughter's life is in the balance. Please. You have to take me up."

"No. No, I don't. I can't and I won't."

With that, the phone went dead.


Time had passed all too quickly. Tomorrow night was the night Les was to meet Trista. He was desperate. The plan was to meet Trista in the middle of the Devil's Triangle directly below air-zero in the waters of the Atlantic. Without the help of Hoss, Les didn't know what to do.

He was not about to miss his only chance to rescue Trista. The question was how. How to get to the coordinates without Hoss? He considered swimming. Even in his distorted state of mind, he knew that wasn't practical.

There was a knock at the door. Fortunately for Les, Deb wasn't home. He promised her he would stay out of trouble while she was gone. But then again, how much can a man whose brain has been seared by electromagnetism be held responsible for broken promises? Les opened the door.

Hoss stood on the porch with his head down. A hopeful Les was glad to see him. Hi, ol' Buddy. Did you change your mind?"

"No. I wish I could. Les, I wanted to apologize to you in person. I feel like I let you down. I want to make it up to you. Do you remember Al Clemson from high school?"

"Oh, good ol' Al. Yeah, I remember him. He was voted the most likely to succeed, wasn't he?"

"That's right, and succeed he did. He owns a multi-billion dollar business in upstate New York. He's opening another factory here in Miami. He just called me a little while ago. He wants to take us out on his yacht tomorrow night. We could do some night fishing. Well, technically it's a fishing boat, but it has all the luxury of a yacht. It's moored down at the marina. What do you say?"

Al's fishing boat. Come aboard!

Al's fishing boat. Come aboard!

It didn't take long for Les to see the possibilities in the excursion. "Hey, that sounds like a great idea, Hoss. Go ahead and set up the details, but I'm not able to meet you until 9:15. I have some work I have to finish. Do you think that will be a problem?"

"I doubt it."

Les really didn't want to bring it up, but he knew he had to. "There is one other problem. Deb won't leave me out of her sight. She and the doctor think I'm crazy and can't be trusted. Do you think Al would mind if she came along?

"Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't. I'll come by and pick you two up at 9:15."

Les started back to his home office when he heard Deb's vehicle pull into the driveway. He met her at the door. "Everything okay, Honey? No problems while I was gone?"

"Nope, All is good, but I was thinking. How would you like to do some night fishing tomorrow night?" Deb rolled her eyes.

"No, just hear me out. An old buddy from high school is in town. He has a fantastic fishing vessel and wants to take us out tomorrow night. Hoss is going to go, and I'd really like to see Al again, but of course, I can't go alone. Please come with us. You'll get to see some of my marine life up close and personal."

"You know, that actually sounds kind of fun. Sure, let's go."

"Wow! Thanks!" A very surprised Les was grateful. "Hoss will stop by about 9:15 tomorrow night to take us to the marina."

Time passed slowly as Les waited for night to fall. Deb watched him closely for signs of unusual behavior. She knew that at a moment's notice she might have to cancel the trip. Les knew that, too. He did his best to remain in control of himself as the seconds ticked down. As soon as he saw Hoss's headlights in the driveway, he called for Deb.

Within minutes they arrived at the marina. Deb felt out of place as the three school buddies caught up on the things that had passed over the past twenty years. Deb stood by the rail looking out to sea. She noticed a shadow passing over the moon. the shadow was caused by the earth positioning herself between the sun and the moon.

Al reeled in the anchor, started the motor, and they were off into the night. Deb continued to watch as the moon turned blood-red. She remembered tales of the blood moon over the Triangle but pushed them to the back of her mind. All she could do was to listen to the nonsensical talk of grown men sounding like schoolboys. At least, she knew she'd be near to intervene if that was necessary. In the meantime, she was glad to see Les enjoying himself.

Keeping a close eye on the time, Les knew it was now or never. "Hey Al, would you mind if I took over the wheelhouse for a little bit? I know where the fish are in these waters."

"Mind? Not at all. This is why I brought you out here. Take over, my friend!"

Les grabbed the wheel and turned the boat in the direction of air-zero. His watch read 10:09. "Al, this is it. Drop the anchor. We'll spend some time here. Let's see what we can get."

Al dropped the anchor as Les's watch ticked closer to 10:22. He walked around the corner of the wheelhouse, out of sight, and waited - his mind spinning. Then he came upon a dreadful sight. Pinpoints of light were sprinkled all over the water. A thunderous sound was heard as the beams shot skyward toward air-zero. Les was gone.


Two creatures appeared and Les was ushered to an underwater city. That's when he heard Trista's voice. "Daddy, I'm over here."

Les turned to his left and caught a glimpse of his daughter. He ran to her and held her tight. Then he asked, "Who are these people and what are they doing?"

"They've come to worship and bring sacrifices at the Gate of Eurynomos."

Les's attention was drawn to his left and up. A figure with lighted wings watched over the proceedings. Trista spoke. "That's Eurynomos. He watches over the worship. If he's not pleased with the sacrifice, he immediately devours the worshipper. Fear rules the underworld."

"What could these people possibly have to offer as a sacrifice?" Les wanted to know.

"These people have been stripped of their self-respect. Their wills have been worn down. They are at the very bottom of hopelessness."

"So what can they bring for sacrifice?"

"Their memories, Daddy. Their memories." That's all that's left of them.

© 2019 William Kovacic

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