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Pinpoint Analysis - Part 19



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

From the Past

Les Griffin, chief marine biologist at Miami's Marine Life Research Center has been hired by the US Navy to investigate a strange phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle. Navy planes and personnel go missing on a regular basis as does his daughter Trista's flight from San Juan to Miami. In the course of the investigation, Les is poisoned by his encounter with electromagnetic fields. We begin with a closing excerpt from Part 18.

There will be times he won't be making any sense to you, but it is important for you to remember that to him, his world is real. You won't be able to convince him otherwise, so just let him believe what he wants to."

"That would explain his thinking that he has talked to his daughter."

"What's that about Mrs. Griffin?"

"He wakes up from dreams thinking he has actually talked with his daughter who died in a plane accident over the Thanksgiving holiday. He feels he has to find her, that she's only lost.

"That makes me feel a little better, I guess. It's hard for me to heal from her loss when he keeps insisting she's still alive."

"Mrs. Griffin, no amount of counseling will help your husband at this point, but have you considered grief counseling to help you through? We have a wonderful program here at the hospital. Would you like me to get you some information about it? I think it would help you cope not only with your loss but also your husband as well."

"Yes, Doctor. I would like that."

"I'll get the information and send your husband out. You'll be driving him home, correct?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Panic set in. "Nurse, where is he? He hasn't been released yet!"

"I tried to stop him, Doctor. He said he had to go find his daughter. Three of us couldn't stop him."


"Les, what are you doing here? What's going on?"

Les appeared on Hoss' doorstep sweating and out of breath. "Can you take me up in Skyforce 7 tonight? I have to get an aerial view of The Triangle."

"Sure, it should be a nice night. The weather is supposed to be clear. At least, that's what our chief meteorologist has been saying all day. I won't mention his accuracy record though. I think he misses more than he gets it right. Anyway, yeah, meet me at the heliport - say tenish."

"Thanks, Buddy. See you then."


Within minutes, Les and Hoss were airborne heading for air-zero. In Les's mind, this would be the night he would bring Trista home. That was not to be the case. The night grew darker as they flew away from the city lights and out over the cold waters of the Atlantic. The plan was to hover close to air-zero hoping to hear once again from Trista.

At some point of the journey, Les noticed twinkling lights coming from underneath the water. In the distance, the moon emphasized the pinpoints of light rising into the sky. Details couldn't be made out, but the spray of lights could easily be seen in the thick dark.


Soon the ocean's water went dark again. The lights in the sky disappeared as if someone hit a light switch. Les and Hoss were once again blanketed in darkness. The night ended with no new evidence or theories. The only question that had to be asked was, what was the light show about?

That question spawned others. What was the source of the light? Where was the source of the many pinpoints of light? Who was behind it? And Why?

SkyForce 7 returned to its landing pad. Les and Hoss headed for home.

An exasperated Deb was waiting. "Doctor Griffin, where have you been? You're a sick man. Let's get you up to bed. You need to rest. The doctor has made a follow-up appointment for you. He's bringing in some specialists to examine you as well. He's not happy about you leaving the hospital either. I'm sure you'll hear about that, too."

The one thing Les didn't need was a lecture, but he knew he deserved it. Exhausted, he fell into bed. Within minutes he was sleeping. Without waking, his sleep was interrupted. He found himself in a large auditorium or hall with hundreds, if not thousands of people. One by one, each took their place along the wall. Within a few minutes, Les was encircled by the crowd.

A voice spoke four words. "Let the torture begin."

At the sounding of the voice, the people began to morph into serpent-like creatures - an alien lifeform, for sure.


The creatures stood well over seven feet. The elongated heads swelled to a large bulge in the back. Although terrified, Les was intrigued by their thin, pointed chins and rather flat noses. Their most prominent feature, huge round eyes stared into Les's. He felt as if they could see right through him, and he was known by each of them.

They began a circular march around Les. Six had passed when number seven grabbed Les's cheek, ripping a piece of skin from his face. Blood began to drip from the wound. Number eight slapped him hard across the back of his head before the next in line tore another piece from his face. The circle continued until all the creatures had the opportunity to assault Les, Then a voice spoke.

"Excellent job, Group. Return to your seats." Les started for his seat.

"Not you, Griffin," the leader barked. "Come closer." The eyes of the horned beast glistened as Les approached. Saliva dripped from his mouth. "Come closer," he repeated.

Les felt faint. He faced the fact this might be his end. Then the creature roared in an unearthly voice. "This is only a warning. Stay away from your stupid investigation. It will only be worse for you if you don't."

A frightened Les bolted from his bed, now awake but lost between his dream and reality.

'What is it, Les?" Deb could see his agitation, but getting him to reason was beyond her ability. "It's only a dream, Honey. You've got to calm down. Want a cup of chamomile?"

A frantic Les screamed, "I met him. I was face to face with him. He's after me."

Trying to remain calm, Deb continued. "Sit down. Tell me about it. Who is after you? Who did you come face to face with?"

"Abaddon, keeper of the Abyss. Trista's there. I know she is. I have to free her."

Deb's first reaction was to chastise Les for his foolishness. Then she remembered the doctor's suggestion to just accept what he says realizing he won't be rational. "Okay, how do we go about finding her?"

Les turned in the dim light. Deb screamed. 'Les, your face! What has happened to your face?"


A bloodied Les looked in the mirror. They attacked me! There were hundreds of them - Abaddon's evil ones!"

"Les, we need to go back to the hospital. We have to get you taken care of."

Deb left for the car. Les was close behind.

The night shift physician at the ER took one look at Les. The doctor asked the wrong question. "Do you know how this happened, Mr. Griffin?" Les began spewing out his story of Abaddon and his underwater prison cell. The doctor looked at Deb.

"Mrs. Griffin, may I talk to you privately?" Deb knew she'd have some explaining to do.

"Okay, Mrs. Griffin. I can honestly say I've had no experience with electromagnetic poisoning. I'll need to get in touch with your family doctor to learn more, but I can be relatively sure of one thing. Your husband's face wasn't ripped off by the devil. We'll get your husband's wound taken care of while we wait for your family physician."

Within minutes, Doctor Westkopf arrived at the ER. He took one look at Les, then another at Deb. "This is the effect of the electromagnetism, Deb. Les is in for a very long and bumpy ride. He's going to need you now more than ever."

Without thinking, Deb muttered, "I'm ready for the storm."

© 2018 William Kovacic

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