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Pinpoint Analysis - Part 13


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


A Quick Review

Les has taken a job with the US Navy doing research involving Navy planes disappearing over The Bermuda Triangle. Recently, he has been released by the Navy and continues his research with his buddy Hoss. His latest research has led him to a remarkable discovery. Here's an excerpt from Part 12.

7:00 a.m. and Les struggled to make it to the lab on time. He knew his day would be spent analyzing the pinpoints of light that appeared on the Atlantic the night before. Susan met him with a cup of coffee and a fresh bagel.

"Susan, I'm not to be disturbed today. You can leave my phone messages on the desk before you leave for the day."

The door to the film room was closed. Les had no intention of leaving until he could make some sense of last night's watery scene. He turned the lights off and began to study the video footage from the night before. He noticed the light from the many pinpoints was not moving with the waves but remained stationary. The light was not a reflection but was rising up from beneath the waves.

Les ran the film in slow motion. The many pinpoints of light swirled momentarily, then focused into one blinding beam as it shot skyward. What had taken place, Les wasn't sure, even though he watched the video at least 12 times. Considering that in each case, the missing Navy jets mentioned a bright light, Les thought it reasonable to conclude the flashing beam of light had something to do with their disappearance.

On a hunch, Les called the Miami weather service. "Could you please tell me if there had been any reports of strange lights in the skies over Miami lately?" He wanted to know. The answer surprised him, but yet it was exactly what he was hoping to hear.



"Actually, Doctor Griffin, strange flashes of lights have been observed in the skies close to Miami. Flashes of light in the eastern sky over the Atlantic have been observed regularly going back to July 9 and every three days afterward. Different times of the day, but yet they seem to be appearing in a pattern - every three days."

The new information brought Les back to the power of threes. Planes or ships were not reported missing every third day, but each of the Navy planes did disappear on one of the days. it was an interesting thought. He was about to discover the strangest fact of all as he continued to dig for information. The flashes of light seem to coincide with activity at AUTEC off the Bermuda coast. Did Adams know more than he had shared?

The next step in Les's research was to determine the times of the flashes. Was there a pattern there as well? The more Les studied, the more intrigued he became. Every third day, the flash of light was delayed by three hours. The time-stamp on the film read 11:06 p.m. The three-day pattern brought Les to November 21. The three-hour difference set the time for 2;06 a.m.

Les needed to talk with Hoss.

"Hey, Buddy. I've been checking out the film and doing some research. I'll fill you in later, but for now, I need the chopper Wednesday night, or morning depending on how you want to look at. We need to be at the coordinate points at 2:06. Will that work for you?"

"Oh, sure. No sweat. I'll meet you at the heliport about an hour earlier. That should give us plenty of time. We really don't have to go that far. Until then, what's the plan?"

"I need to get down to San Juan and check out that abandoned Navy ship. When would be a good time to schedule that?"

"Les, I'm completely bored. How about now? Skyforce 7 sits witing!"


Within the hour, the two were off for San Juan. The trip was uneventful as they touched down just before sunset. Hoss and Les hurried to the stranded vessel - yellow warning tape everywhere as the waves continually rocked the ship.

The duo searched for a way to get inside. They safely made their way to the deck but could go no further. Finally, Hoss found a small window. He looked at Les. "What do you think?"

"I can't get through that, Hoss! It's too tight!"

"It's the only way, and you know I'm not going to fit. Come on. I'll help you."

Les hoisted himself up on the wide windowsill and started through the opening headfirst. Hoss remained on the deck floor. "Hoss, you're going to have to push. I can't get through."

Hoss braced his feet against the railing and began to push Les as he partially hung from the small cabin window. One huge push and Les toppled through the window and on to the floor - headfirst. The flashlight went on. Les eventually located a door and forced it open, calling for Hoss. Hoss joined him inside.

Les couldn't believe how the ship had aged. He knew the ship was only a few years old, fairly new by Navy standards. The smell of rust and mildew filled the air. Hoss noticed another odd smell coming from a room to the left.


Hoss pushed hard against the door. Finally, it gave way, and the two entered the room. A stench filled the air. Les pointed his flashlight in several directions. The beam fell on a gruesome sight. The men were surprised. Then shock set in. Several bodies were scattered on the floor. Some were clinging to the walls. Most were partially melted into the steel walls and floor.

The faces and bodies of the sailors were disfigured. Something terrible had happened. Les began to think. "Radiation! These men were affected by radiation. We've discovered the source of the radiation in the sea - No. no, it's not radiation. And it wasn't radiation that affected the sea creatures back in Miami. It was the effects of electromagnetism, the same cause for the rusted steel."

Les's mind immediately went to the Philadelphia Experiment.

Although Les regarded The Philadephia Experiment as mostly legend, he began to wonder if there wasn't a certain amount of truth to it. Maybe similar things were taking place in The Triangle. Teleportation, strong electromagnetic force fields, invisibility.

Les's phone was beeping. A familiar voice spoke on the other end.

"Les, this is Commander Colbo. Don't say a word. Just listen. I know what you're doing, and I commend you for it, but you have to get out of there now. Too much exposure to the electromagnetic fields could greatly damage you or even kill you.

"You're in grave danger by being in contact with anything that is or may have been on that ship. You're also in grave danger because Secretary Adams is on his way to the ship to do his own investigation. I must go. Just get out of there now." The phone went dead.

Hoss followed Les's lead and both men ran as fast as they could back to the helicopter. The investigation was cut short, but much information had been gathered, enough to keep Les at his desk for a week. Still, he knew 2:06 a.m., November 21 would arrive all too soon - then Thanksgiving. That would no doubt delay further study somewhat. More film needed to be examined. More theories needed to be discussed. More importantly, he knew he needed some rest. The holiday would be welcomed.


The chopper's engine began to whine as the blades began to churn. Within minutes, the two were airborne heading back to Miami. Les and Hoss struggled to get their headphones in place.

Les spoke first. "Hoss, it wasn't radiation that killed that marine life. It was the electromagnetic fields that circulated in the waters."

All of a sudden, Hoss turned scientific. "Can we prove that?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to. What we need to find out is what causes the electromagnetism. Where does it come from? What about those tiny pinpoints of light we saw? Look below us. The ocean is as dark as always. No pinpoints tonight. I'd be willing to wager there's a connection between the pinpoints, the force fields, and the disappearance of the planes. All we need to do is connect the dots."

Les changed the subject and went on. "Don't you think it a little bit strange that Colbo would be making contact after all this time?"

Hoss answered, "There's something under the surface, and I don't mean the surface of the Atlantic. Despite what you've been told, the Navy is still involved with this investigation. They're watching your every move.

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