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Peace and War

Peace and War: It is a two-chapter unfinished story about a nation's conditions before and after warfare.

Peace and War

The atmosphere was fine.
The weather was nice.

It was peaceful everywhere. Kids running down the streets looking for candy shops.
Old people were going out for a walk.

People were talking about the cold environment and how everything was just going fine in the country.

There were people singing songs in the streets: songs of freedom and blessings. The city was lighted up during the night.

In the morning, the chirping of birds helped the early-awakes to go out for a walk. It was as if the sky, the earth, and the whole of nature were singing freedom.
John started going out for his morning walk. He talked to his friends the other night and they planned a get-together on this day. John went out of his house, which was a room in an apartment.

The room, as he entered it, had a dartboard on the door. There were comics spread everywhere in the room. On his work table was a Laptop computer.

As he walked out, he took a deep breath of the cozy atmosphere and the fresh air he had taken after a very long time.

He went to the nearest exercise ground and did a little running and then some exercise afterward.
As he was on his way back to his apartment, he felt a tense change like the city.


John was walking back to his home. Everyone was looking anxious.

People on the radio were listening to the Army where they said that some security issue had occurred and people were advised not to come out of their houses for some time.
A lockdown was established in the area.

What news failed to tell was about the terrorists that were about to attack the country.
Whilst people were busy getting into their houses, a girl and an old woman got kidnapped by some people.
John was an intelligence officer. He went out with his team to investigate the kidnapping.
He tracked the phone number of the kidnappers. He went there and rescued the affected. They somewhat had no connection to the terrorists.

John came back to his house. He was getting ready for the party. He went out. Took his car and went to the party.

He was hanging out with his friends. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl approaching him. They had some talk.

She was his senior agent.

After some time, the sound of the blast came from nearby.

John was asked to go and see what had happened.

When he went with his team, a group of Army people were standing and said that this area had to be used for war.
It's 7:00 in the morning. Doors are shut. A man has just woken up. Upon waking up, he hears of the terrific situation. He calls his advisor to call on a press conference. The President of France is going on a press conference for his people to address the nation about this pitiful time.
He says:
"This act of terrorism must be checked. These unusual bombings. The veil of peace has been taken off. The city of Paris: where once a mother would be sleeping in the same home with her child peacefully. Now, all the peace has gone. This terrorism must be removed from the face of the earth. For this, I have confidence in my Army and my Special Forces."

© 2021 Bilal Rajab

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