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Paradise Street. Chapter Twenty One.

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Months had passed and it was a get together at George’s place that brought the writers together. The event was to celebrate George’s recovery from the bombing experience and to welcome his son who was now seven months old. A lot has happened on Paradise street and some hot gossips would also spice up the evening. Nike welcomed in the gossips by starting with Rose.

Rose dear it’s so good to see you and Emeka are married again. Laughs softly and adds. But it never seemed as if you both got a divorce though; you both were always seen together quarreling and evading each other’s privacy.

Emeka coughs to interrupt Rose from replying. Well the invasion won. And that made everyone laughed. Emeka just didn’t want this evening’s gossip to be about he and Rose. So he added. Guess who just gave birth? Faith. He answered.

No way! Again? I thought she was done.

Common George didn’t you notice she was pregnant. How would you even know when you were losing your sanity during that time. Am just so happy you are fine now and here with baby George and I. Linda continued. But I also heard her lover still abandoned her again even though she gave birth to a boy.

Yea that amuses me a lot. Emeka anchored the discussion he had initiated. She was so sure of the new young guy. She said he is her town's guy and that he is the only son of his parents and the first woman he had gave birth to a girl for him and left. His family's need for a son is overpowering! And if she: Faith gives birth to a boy; he will definitely marry her. Faith was so sure she would give birth to a son. She has already started planning her wedding by soliciting for funds from I and others.

So now that she has given birth to a son where is the man? Maggie asked looking rather too thick in her maternity gown.

He disappeared! Cannot be found. His phone number isn’t going anymore and his family told Faith they don’t know of his whereabouts. She asked them for money to pay the hospital bills but they said they’ve got no money. And they are not even interested in seeing the baby because according to them; their son has a wife. He and the wife quarreled and she left but they are pleading with her to return. So they encouraged Faith to go back to her former married boyfriend.

What the hell! They said that? Peter asked for the first time. Showing interest in this gossip.

Oh yea they did. Quite unfortunate. I had to bail her out with the hospital bills. And Rose was in support I help her this time.

Why won’t I be? When I now have my ring on my finger. Smiling broadly. My madness was never about her anyways….


Hello everyone! Ayo interrupted as he walked in. What have I missed?

What have you missed? Or what we missed. Walking over she gave him a kiss. Welcome honey. So how did it go?

Nike allow me give pleasantries to the others na. Smiling and walking over to the others he exchanged shakes and hugs, while Titi and Tunde cling to him as he found himself a seat. But he immediately sent them back upstairs to continue their TV viewing before they heard his voice ran down.

So tell us Ay, how did it go? His wife asked again.

Well it was hectic! I have never seen or heard of this sort of issue before except in the movies. I never believe that Mr Kingsley could do such a thing! He rides one of the best cars on this street and lives in one of the best buildings. I thought he had a decent business. How can he leave his house at 1am; walk down to the middle of the street and cross a long chain from one end to the other. Then light blue candles and cover some part of the chain with red cloth, egg shell and some other fetish things all in the name of success and he feels the security guards won’t see him?

Are you sure that’s the first time he did that? It just can’t be this once. Only God knows what effect this has been having on this street. No wonder strange things keep happening.

Linda you are right. Remember we just changed the guards. Maybe the other guards cooperated with him that’s why he was never exposed.

No wonder!! I see now.

What is it Emeka?

I just remembered he never wanted new guards even when we complained about how the ones there were misbehaving. He was never even bothered when news got to him that one of the guards slapped his wife’s butt.

Yes you are right! I was shocked myself. I will kill anyone who dares do that to my Maggie.

No wonder he never complained. They were covering up his rituals. So Ayo how did the matter go when he was dragged to the Oba of the area?

Maggie, I cannot even explain the drama that unfolded. It was a battle. The residents of this street are animals. You need to see the display of anger. Everyone blamed him for their ill success in their various businesses. At last he was told to leave the street immediately and never return. The Oba also finned him a fee of 50,000 and two rams. He said is to atone for the ill luck he has brought to the area.

Speaking of ill luck, may be that was why you lost your job Pete. I never wanted to leave Abuja. You brought me here and things started going wrong. You lost your job and there was no need to return to Abuja again. I got pregnant and lost a good contract with Mr Danjuma. Now the job you have isn’t as lucrative as the previous one. This isn’t Paradise street it’s hell street.

Honey, I don’t see any ill luck in our lives. You carrying our first child. And I have more time now to develop my personal APPS and build my brand now in the market. With time I will quit working for people and work for just myself. And that is something I would never have been encouraged to achieve if I was still working for my former company. And as for you; you have new writing buddies now and I don’t want to ever hear about Mr Danjuma again. He ended crossly.

Well Maggie the only one I personally know on this street that may have been affected by Kingsley’s rituals is Mr Ali.

Ayo don’t even go there! She said laughing. Whatever happened to that man is more than Kingsley’s charms. We all expected his. You know money that comes easy, goes easy. With his womanizing and foolish spending; why wouldn’t he crash.

Maggie like seriously! His wife has mellowed oh. That is a woman that finds it so difficult to get up and attend to customers. She will tell you to go somewhere else. But now; she stands outside her shop to ask every passerby with a nylon what he or she was going to buy. And if you dare mention any item that she has; she will drag you to her shop and make sure you buy from her. She is so attentive now.

Such is life. Well I have an announcement to make. George cuts off their gossip. I have decided to quit my job and start my own. I got a small office space outside the estate and employed a secretary. I need to have more time for my family and work at my own pace.

Wow George that’s great! As long as your secretary isn’t like my Chris who made me his employee even when am his boss. He made all the shots and ordered me around to make the shots kill. I didn’t feel as if I was working for myself. I didn’t realize it until Rose and the kids ganged me at my office and gave me a good talk. Which of course paid off. He smiled as he kissed Rose.

Awww that’s soo sweet. So what about Chris now? Has he finally accepted his position?

Linda, na wa for you! So you think I Rose will allow Chris still work for Emeka? I made sure he was sacked!

Well am sure this secretary of George won’t be a female version of Chris.

Really you know her?

Oh yes I do. In fact we all do. It’s Cynthia Obi. The innocent looking Godly girl that lives in the famous trouble making number seventeen building.

Oh seriously! That girl agreed to work for you George?

Yap Emeka. I know you had eyes on her. But sorry I got her first. Smiling.

And what do you mean by that? I am not finding that statement funny…..


Daddy daddy come see what’s on the news. Someone was found dead in the community lake where we always have our picnics. Tunde screamed from upstairs where George had hung his massive flat screen TV; which had the children engaged throughout the get together, giving their parents more room to discuss sensitive matters.

What! Dead! What are this children watching! As all the adults ran up; putting an end to their discussion, they saw the 7 o clock news on, and a face they knew too well already cleaned up looking completely lifeless on the ground by the lake. He was identified as Doctor Marcus Roggers. The mud had preserved his body. There were no body parts of his missing, no scratch and no sign of a struggle. It’s clear that Marcus committed suicide. The news continued….

Doctor Marcus was reported missing months ago by his wife Kemi who is a model and travels very often. He happened to be the only child of his parents who were also dead. Marcus was confirmed dead at the age of 40, married and childless. His wife Kemi was in tears saying Marcus really loved her and wanted to start raising their kids, but she wasn’t interested in having kids now due to her career. Kemi who is in her 20’s regretted the last argument they had months back when he ended the call saying he was in his office and had a patient waiting. That was the last they spoke until she retuned home two months ago to meet his absence and then a search had begun. It was reported by a hearsay that they had seen him going to the lake on foot on that faithful day. And he was never seen again in office. So a search begun round the lake till they just decided to dig deep in to it, only to discover his lifeless body.

Put off the TV please. Put off the TV. Maggie shouted.

Maggie am so sorry. He was close to you I know.

What do you mean Nike? Ayo asked her.

Oh hon doctor Marcus was Maggie’s psychologist. He was helping her out with some issues. I even thought he was hitting on her; that I had to tell Peter about it. I didn’t even know the dude is married and forty? Menh he doesn’t look forty.

Oh Maggie please don’t feel sad. Emeka went further. He was a nice guy. I knew him too. He definitely was going through some issues and no one knew. Psychologist are always listening to peoples problems but whose listening to theirs?

Please put off the TV I don’t want the kids watching that anymore. Rose ordered. Let’s all go downstairs.

As they went down, Peter whispered to Maggie; so he is older than me and married? To a hot model who doesn’t want to bear him kids? I even thought he was into you?

You are a bastard peter.

Yeah honey I know how it feels; you no longer feel special. His suicide wasn’t about you; hot writer, there is no story. With that he smiled and walked front.

He goat! Maggie shouted. With that she walked to the center of everyone. Took one of the wine glasses they had been drinking from and made some noise with it using a spoon. Attention writers!

Everyone turned wondering what was going on.

What if we make a story out of this. What if I come up with a different story as to why Marcus committed suicide. What if I was there with him that day. What if he died because I didn’t love him. What if I go to the press and tell it all.

Maggie are you high? Ayo asked.

The question Maggie should be, what if you turn this story into a best seller? You have never had one before. Peter distracted her.

Really? Are you in support hon?

Always. He winked.

That evening ended well. Peter took Maggie home and did to her what he knew to do best to calm her nerves and reassure her. Good sex and more money in her account. While he slept like a log of wood after “some work” Maggie was awake throughout that night working on her new book she entitled: Paradise Street. Underneath the title, she wrote:
Dedicated to Peter Thomas Okoroji (Di m). Di m in Igbo means- my husband.
Even the baby in her womb knew it was going to make a best seller. As she typed on her computer; the one and only driving force in her that poured out crazy ideas was her dear beloved husband and best friend Peter Thomas Okoroji. For he had told her it would make best seller; she believed him and put in her all for him. In her minds eyes; she saw herself receiving her award.
Oh how much she loves Peter!


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