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Paradise Street. Chapter Ten.

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Mrs Akindele was also called mummy Rejoice. And she lived on number seven of Paradise street. She was a poor woman who sold bread for a living on the next street. Her little home was an attachment to the main building. It was constructed by the landlady’s order when she lost her husband. In an effort to make more income from the rented apartments which was the only will her husband left since it was all he had, mummy Rejoice could afford to rent one of the shabby built rooms since it was affordable.

Mummy Rejoice had three children. Two boys and a girl. Her first child a girl was named Rejoice and about eight years old. Her husband was a nuisance. He had graduated with an HND result and a very poor one. He never got a decent job and was never stable or serious with the ones he managed to have. He depended on his wife for daily bread and made her the breadwinner. Mummy Rejoice was happy with the title of a breadwinner, found it an honor to be married to a graduate since she was just a secondary school holder.

From the day he proposed to her, she planned their wedding with her every kobo. She contributed largely for her bride price payment, the traditional ceremony and the court marriage. To her, her husband deserved the best! He deserved to marry her properly and she gave him that honor.

After marriage, her duties continued as wife and husband. Baba Rejoice duty was to impregnate her. She cared for him and the children financially. She provided food, paid school fees, paid the rent and gave her husband pocket money. When she tried to find a job for him, he will beat her to stupor. When she couldn’t get him money, he will beat her to stupor. Mrs Akindele was now tired, and she then decided leave her husband. So she ran from Ibadan where she once lived and got married; down to Lagos and landed on one of the most affordable houses on Paradise street.

She had started studying the bible with some Christians and was enjoying her little bread trade, managing to take care of her children and bringing them up in the way of the lord, when her husband showed at her doorstep ten months later. And the whole drama she ran away from; replayed itself again.

On this sunny afternoon, mama Cynthia who was studying the bible with mama Rejoice came in as usual on a Friday with her daughter Cynthia only to find her beaten with lots of bruises.

What happen mummy Rejoice? Please talk to me.

It is my husband o! He came again as usual after disappearing for one month since I gave him 10,000 naira. Just two days ago he returned. I had very little money with me because I had just bought market; referring to the loafs of bread she sold. And rain no make me go sell the market since. So no money dey for my hand. He come dey say make we sex, make we kiss. Mummy abeg persin way never chop dey kiss? She asked now crying. I no mind, I still kiss am. Before I look he say make I give am money. I tell am say I no get. The one fish I buy self to prepare small stew, I no chop for inside. E no reach me as I share am finish for the three children and him. I tell am say you see as things be for me now. Make I sell market first maybe money go come. He say no o. He wan go back to Ibadan the next day, say make I find the money for am. I stand up, go beg my friend for money, he give me 2,000 naira. I give am, he still say e no reach. I ask am wetin he wan use the money do? He slap me, push me for outside around 11:15pm, say make I go look for the money; or else I no go sleep.

What! He pushed you outside? This is terrible. Mama Cynthia lamented.

Mummy the terrible never even come. I sleep for outside, for mosquitoes hand. This man refuse to open the door for me until 7:00 in the morning!

My God! Mummy Rejoice, what are you telling me? You mean you slept outside? This your compound that doesn’t have fence and gate? In the cold? Jesus!

Mummy I see Jesus this morning as I enter the house. He ask me where the money? I tell am say I no still get am. Na so this man slap me one better slap! All my children just dey shout. I wan run go outside, he drag me me enter; beat me till I faint!

My God! You mean you fainted?

Yes o mummy. I faint! Na Rejoice I hear say run go call my landlady and everybody to come see wetin her daddy do her mummy. By the time they come, my husband don run commot. We never see am till now!

Can you imagine! He ran and left you for dead? What kind of man is he!

Haa mummy, my enemy wan use this man kill me. See all my body, wound, wound. Because say I marry graduate, I don turn mumu. I no know my right again as a woman. Na me dey do husband, na me dey do wife. Mummy I no need any man again for my life! I just wan they take care of my child dem and myself. I don go report am for police station. My landlady say if dem see e leg for here again; sey dey go arrest am.

Very good! Yea he needs to be dealt with by the law. He cannot just continue to beat his wife. In the eyes of God and the law he is very wrong.

My landlady say she no believe me. Say na so my husband dey beat me before and I dey forgive am. She say I go still forgive am.

Well he is still your husband. You both can still make things work, if he is ready to apply bible principles.

Bible princi wetin. That one sabi read? I sabi pass am self. Olodo graduate. Graduate wey I go find work for, he go beat me on top am say why I find work for am. Mummy you no see anytime you come teach me bible and he dey here, I no go put mind for the thing way you dey talk? He dey vex anytime you come.

Yes I know say he dey vex.

Haa that man. See as he ugly like black snake! I no know wetin I see for am self. All my friend dey laugh me say na black ugly lazy man I marry. Sounding very angry she added. Mummy you no see as he be, when he dey lie down for this bed with his leg way be like farmer. She concluded by hitting the bed she sat on with her hands in regret.

Mummy Rejoice. I am so sorry to see what has happened to you. It’s quite unfortunate. I hope this doesn’t repeat itself again. I am just happy you were revived. If not, we may not be having this conversion now.

Mummy Cynthia was a very clever and religious woman. Putting a couple apart was never her mission, because she knew God hates a divorce and the only ground for divorce was adultery. So she based her encouragement solely on the bible. After thirty minutes of conversing with her; she and Cynthia took their leave, wishing mummy Rejoice quick recovery and God's blessings.


As they walked along the street to their next stop, they heard a greeting from behind; a voice they knew too well.

Mummy! It’s me Faith.

Oh my darling. Faith how are you.

I am fine ma.

Wow look at the twins all grown now! I can’t believe it’s almost a year already.

Yea ma. Nine months to be precised.

Wow we than God.

Mummy I wanted to come see you before o. But thank God I have seen you now.

Really! Okay what’s it?

Mummy it’s about Cynthia. You know I have stopped my hotel job when I gave birth to this twins.

Yes I know.

And I left that useless man married man that I was following who made me a mother of four. I am on my own now. Thank God for wisdom; I just opened my own mini bar with the money I saved form my hotel job.

Okay okay. Mama Cynthia urged her.

So now mummy I need someone to assist me in my bar. I was thinking of Cynthia.

Haa me ke! Cynthia lamented. I don’t do such jobs o.

Common go and sit down. Which one is you don’t do such jobs. What is wrong with hotel work? Is it not what I have been doing. Forget that I have four children and am unmarried o. It’s about you and not where you work. You can work in a hotel and still be legally married. Abi mummy am I not making sense? Turning to Cynthia’s mother for consent.

Well mama twins. It’s Cynthia’s decision. If she doesn’t want to work there, then I cannot force her. Smiling hard and staring at her deeply.

Haa okay o ma. Well you can think about it later Cynthia. If you change your mind; let me know.

I will not change my mind.

Really! Well it’s okay. In fact, I want to inform you that I am getting married.

You are getting married? To who? Cynthia asked Faith wide eyed.

My dear, God has done it! One young bobo, my town guy! Not that stupid Edo man I gave my entire youth too. This one is real! He has said he wants to marry me despite my four children. We will just get a nanny that will take care of them. We can pay her 10,000 a month, because my husband has said I cannot bring them to his house. He wants us to have a fresh start. I will continue to give my own share of the rent here, while my mum will just check on them once in a while. She has gone to live with my younger sister who is married. I don’t want to stress the poor woman any longer taking care of my children, while am enjoying happy married life. She laughed and added; you know I have not enjoyed happy married life before, and I cannot just wait to enjoy it.

Wow! Am happy for you Faith.

Thank you Cynthia! Okay let me run along. My bobo go dey wait for me for shop now. And we are making plans already for our wedding. Walking off fast, smiling and waving goodbye.

Okay bye. Cynthia’s mother was glad to say. Look at this fool. Is it not that guy man I have been seeing flirting around her?

Mummy so you know? You have seen him too? Clapping her hands and laughing. Na that fine boy o! She is carried away by his height and looks. Do you know she is the one that feeds him?

Well am not surprised.

Her younger brother told me o. He said his sister is very stupid to have believed that boy. She is older than him; and he has been coming to her bar eating and drinking with his friends. In fact, her business has dropped low because of him. He carries her to parties here and there and she no longer has time for her business; that’s why she is now looking for someone to stay in the bar for her.

Really! Faith is just a big fool! I won’t be surprised if she gets pregnant again.

Haa no mum she can’t. Is she that stupid. Laughing hard. After having four children for a married man, she will then have another for this guy man she feeds? No she can’t be that stupid. And I am very sure that boy will not marry her.

Just wait and see my dear. She is more stupid than we know. She will soon get pregnant again.

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