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Paradise Street. Chapter Sixteen.

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Hello Ayo, where are you? Nike asked her husband over the phone.

Nike I do not have time to answer your questions, am about to go on set soon for my article.

Okay. I won’t disturb you, but I just need you to turn on your Skype now. There is something urgent you need to view.

Nike, Nike why now? I am not in the mood for this.

If you love me, you will turn it on.

Okay fine. Give me a minuet. He hung up, went to his laptop and switched onto skype. Yes this is me honey. He said smiling to the camera at her pretty face.

Ayo as you can see am holding a glass of water.

Okay, so?

And this is a local insecticide for killing mosquito. Watch me open and pour every substance into this glass of water.

But why? Ayo looked puzzled.

Now watch me drink every bit of it. As she drinks it; Ayo is in shock not understanding a thing going on although seeing it. Nike! He screamed. Have you gone insane?

Yes. She banged the glass on the table. I would rather die, than watch you ruin this family again. If you want to save me, leave that place you are now and come take me to the hospital so they can pump me. Bye Ayo I love you. She closes her laptop.

Nike! Nike! Oh no my wife! My wife! Ayo sprang off the chair panicking and sweating profusely.

Mr Ayo what is it? Felicia ran to the rescue looking faint.

It’s my wife, my wife. He replied like a sick man who has lost all his strength. She just drank a whole glass of water mixed with insecticide.

Oh please Mr Ayo. She laughed. How is that possible?

Am serious Felicia. I saw her drink it on Skype!

Well then she must have changed the content. Trying hard to make him relax she went on. She must have put water into the insecticide container and just pour it into a glass of water. Sir, am sure she may be bluffing.

Yes. She may be bluffing and she may not be bluffing. I cannot take chances. I have to go save my wife. My beautiful wife. He grabbed his car keys running for the door.

But what is going to happen to the conference sir?

I do not care! I have to go save my wife! With that he was out.

Well then, I have to go remove your name from the list of those presenting and put mine. Welcome Felicia to the height of success. Smiling broadly. Thank God that woman decided to kill herself today.


Ayo was not the only husband on Paradise street that needed to save his wife. Someone else was soon to join him.
Peter arrived at the venue he was to meet the prospective client. He looked good in his three piece suit and well polished designer shoes. Yes, Peter was a charmer not just on looks but in words. As he entered, he noticed the client according to the description given sitting alone and looking into the thin air like he was reading God's handwriting on the wall.

Mr Surprise, it’s good to see you. Am Peter Thomas by name, I was told by my boss to meet you here.

Good pm to you Peter. Please have a seat.

Thanks sir.

I have been expecting you. He smiled politely.

Good to know. My desire to meet with you has been eating me up. I am glad that desire has heightened. You really are an intelligent man Mr Surprise.

Really? How do you know that?

How? You requested to meet with the best programmer in the world! Only an intelligent man would make such request.

Now you are also funny and good looking too. For the first time; Mr Surprise offered a handshake. I like you.

Thank you sir. So let me trill you more as we get down to business.

Before that; I must apologize Peter for the noise coming from upstairs. One Mr Danjuma rented the hall and has been acting crazy with his script writers.

Wow they shooting a movie?

Yes. You can imagine how script writers scream crazy when their actors gets a certain scene right. Oh now just hear that one shouting and laughing hard. That voice has been on the top since I got here.

Peter listened again. Yes, she is very loud. But…. That voice sounds familiar.

That’s a lady's voice.

Yes.. it…is. Why does it feel like I know her. Anyways sorry, let’s move on to business. I can bear the noise. So as you wanted…..

Maggie tell them what to do! Please I have had enough! Came a certain northern voice form upstairs where the movie was been shot.

What! Maggie? Peter looked surprised.

What is it Mr Peter?

Am sorry Mr Surprise. But the voice earlier on sounded like my wife’s and now a voice just called her name. She left home abruptly and she has not been picking my calls. Peter was already shaking and explaining his wife’s ordeal. Maggie was one weak spot he couldn’t handle professionally. When it came to Maggie his wife; he thought only like an obsessed husband. Please Mr Surprise excuse me. I need to go confirm what I just heard. With that be was off! Without waiting for permission from his client. It didn’t take Peter up to a minuet to Climb through those flit of stairs. Within seconds he was there searching the hall like a hawk.

Maggie! He called out as he set eyes on his female hawk.

Oh my God! Pete? What are you doing here?

I should ask you that question. What on earth are you doing here?

Peter please leave before Mr Danjuma see's you.

Why? Getting agitated.

Maggie my recklessly single writer! Danjuma called out.

What? Peter looking irritated. What recklessly single Maggie? He asked her.

Pete baby I told you to leave. Pushing him out on the back.

Maggie, who is this man. Danjuma now by her side asked.

I don’t know him sir.

You don’t know me Maggie! I am her husband!

What! My Maggie isn’t married. Danjuma blurted out. Who is this Maggie?

I said I don’t know. I haven’t seen him before. He should be a crazy fan of mine who reads my books online.

Honey, are you crazy? Peter gaped at her.

How dare you call my script writer crazy! Danjuma shouted in his typical northern accent. And who are you to call her honey? Securities! Come take this man out!

Wait! I am her husband please. Peter humbled himself when he saw the big chested securities approaching.

Maggie let’s show this crazy fan of yours how recklessly single you are. Now move your body like a snake for me. Twist that waist like the first time you did when you danced on my table.

Maggie don’t you dare! Peter shouted. As he watches her twist. Stop that! You know you are pregnant, you going to suffocate the baby.

Maggie stops shot dead. Mr Danjuma! Please send this man away. Now he is saying I am pregnant too.

Okay now I have had enough of you crazy fan. Now get out! Security take him out now!

Take your hands off me. Peter screamed at the securities as they drag him out. Take your stinking hands off me! Maggie you will pay for this I mean it! You will meet me at home!

No I won’t. Maggie’s says within her as she smiles. I am pregnant and untouchable. For the first time, Maggie felt happy about her pregnancy.

The writer.


While Maggie was feeling happy and victorious; Linda was at that same moment feeling the same as she walked into the hospital heavily pregnant with her perfect husband by her side. Oh, it is a remarkable feeling George having you by my side for the first time for antenatal. All the other women will be green with envy. She smiled.

Oh come off it hon. You are my rock. With you I think of coming home everyday; if not I would just sleep in my office.

I love you baby.

I love you too Linda. God of mercy! So many women. He lamented staring at the bunch of women in the reception area.

Yeah. It’s antenatal day.

No men? Not even one?

Yeah. Excepts some of the doctors.

Oh thank God! Breathes a sign of relieve. Here comes a man. Look at him strolling in. Points to the left entrance.

Hmmm he looks like a tough guy with those beards and tattoo’s on his face, and overall dirty faded coat . What’s he doing here?

Well I am happy he is here. After all am not the only dude here now. Sounding relaxed. You go do your thing while I go chat him up okay. He left her side and approached him on the chair he now sat.

Hello I am George by name. Extending a handshake. Hello! Did you hear me? He asked when he got no reply. Hello I am George.

Okay. Came a cold reply.

Wow! You can speak! Well I am a writer, I just came here with my wife and there are just so many women! It’s quite embarrassing. So am glad you came too at least…..

You are a writer? He cuts him short.

Yes I am.

Wow! Thank God I entered here. Suddenly looking alive. I am going to tell you my story, while you will release it.

I am at your service. George gave a wicked grin.

Everybody lie down!! He shouted as he stood up from his chair. I have a bomb with me! If you move I will bomb this whole bloody place down! As he goes to shut the doors leading to the hospital, all the women obeyed him by lying down on the floor side ways to protect their protruding tummies.

Hey! Stop there. I am a doctor here. Doctor Rukky spat out. Who do you think you are and talking such nonsense and scaring my patients.

The bomber opens his coat; see this? Pointing to the visible bombs tied round him. If you don’t cooperate and lie down, I will bomb this whole place down.

Rukky panicked. Everyone lie down, lie down! Please don’t panic everything will be fine.

Mr George! The bomber called out. Are you with a recorder?

Of course I am a writer. I sleep and move with a recorder.

Okay then. Start recording.

George walked to stand close to him, and pressed the record button.

My name is Alex Freeman, my family linage is from the returnee slaves that came from France and settled around the campus square in Lagos island. Many of my fore fathers joined the army and gave their lives for it with little or nothing to show for it. I decided to follow their part but was devastated when I lost my younger brother in war, when he was fighting his ass there on the battlefield; and nothing was done. I decided to quit the army and get a degree to look for a job. And to my greatest shock, there are no jobs. Everywhere I go; all I hear is: they need a twenty two year old with five years working experience. Now how is that possible! That means I will never get a job because I am thirty five years old and the only working experience I have is that of the army. So I decided to go back to the army but I heard I just cannot regain my post like that. Well I kinda understand that. So I took a walk to the grave yard of my fore fathers and my father who gave their lives to this county without being recognized. And then at that moment; I realized my fate had become like theirs. But I shall make a difference. My plight shall be heard by the whole world! He screamed. Am done writer. He concluded.

The entire reception area where the women and male doctors laid on the floor was very quiet. Everyone found his story interesting that they listened hard forgetting the bomb under his coat.

Wow! George muttered as he stopped the recorder. Mr Freeman, this is a fantastic story. But let me ask you. What made you to come here?

I came here because of the crowd. I needed audience. And they are mostly women here so the gossip will travel fast and these women don’t have the power to stop me.

Wow! Wow! Bravo Mr Freeman. And I need a story. A hot story like this on. For it to be hot; you have to bomb someone with you. He smiled wickedly.

What! For God's sake George! Linda screamed. Are you crazy? I wonder why you even chose today to follow me here! Linda now crying was joined by other women who began swearing and cursing George and the bomber.

Shut up women! Shut up! Not one more word! Or else I shall bomb everyone! He opens his coat for them to see the bomb and be reminded.

Well you can’t bomb me Mr Freeman. Am the one that is going to release the story. George reminded him.

Okay then, I will go with her. He walks over to Linda and pulls her from the floor to his side.

No Mr Freeman! You can’t bomb that woman! Why can’t you bomb the old woman over there? Pointing to the old cleaner who had been working for the hospital from time memorial.

No not me please. Linda cried. I am with child as you can see. It’s my first after 10 years of marriage.

Yea yes please. George joined. You can’t ! It’s her first child. Have mercy on her.

Shut up! Shut up all of you. I don’t want the old woman because she is old! That won’t make a hot story Mr George. She will soon die after all. So I need someone young and fresh; that will make the world listen to my story.

Okay okay Mr Freeman. George said shaking like a puppy who regretted soiling his masters cloths that fell from a dryer. Choose another woman but not this one.

Why? He asked annoyed.

Because she is my wife! And we are expecting our first child after 10 years of marriage. He confessed.

Wow! Capping his hands and d smiling. The wife of the writer. Then I think she is good for the job. That will make you release the story with zeal and anger. And everyone will sit up and do something about this unemployment situation.

No, no please. Not my wife. Please okay. Don’t take anyone with you, just bomb yourself and I will make sure I release the story fast. I promise! George swore like a child regretting his mischievousness from beginning.

But how will I know you will? After all I will be dead.

Okay yes you right. Do not bomb your self. We can settle this. I will give you a job and release the story as anonymous.

Oh please! Who are you trying to fool writer? The moment I agree to that, you will be sending me to jail and besides it was your idea I bomb someone with me. So why are you changing your mind now? Grabbing Linda tightly, he stared at George.

Because I’m crazy! Am crazy! Don’t listen to me.

George baby please save me. Please honey I don’t want to die. Linda cries.

Not my wife please! I beg you.

No shut up! Freeman shouted. As he grabbed Linda with both hands, he swings one of the hospital door open; pushes her outside and they both land on the ground due to the struggle. He flings one side of his coat open to press the explosion; but….. Nothing explodes. What! What is happening? He asked out loud.

Linda! Linda! George screamed running to meet her as he pulls her from the ground and drags her in.

Freeman is left on the ground wondering why his handmade bomb didn’t explode. He had made many countless of times. Why didn’t this explode? As he saw the security boys in uniform now with so much courage approaching him; he knew it was now over. Death here I come at last. He muttered.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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