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Paradise Street. Chapter Seventeen.

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Peter heard his phone ring. But he was to furious to pick calls. He just needed to wait for Maggie to come home and tell him what that drama was all about. He felt soo embarrassed as he remembered how Mr Surprise his client looked at him as he was been dragged from the building for calling a known writer his wife. He was kind enough to come meet him outside and ask for an explanation and he promised to keep this drama a secret from his company. They rebooked another meeting and he went his way like a gentleman who understood the wimps of women. Now, his phone kept ringing. He grabbed it to fling it on the wall when he saw the face of his beloved wife on the screen. Oh my God it’s Maggie! At the mention of her name from his lips, his defenses broke a million pieces and he remembered the first time he called her name. It was still over the phone. He remembered how he had gotten her contact online from her Facebook page where she uploaded her free articles. He just wanted to applaud her on a job well done. The article was superb. A Nigerian writer, this good? Was rare. And he had been so informal on the phone with her as he had called her Maggie instead of Margaret. But now, the irony of it all is that; the one thing that made him meet her and then fell in love with her: was now the only thing he hated in her. Damn writing! He had said many times. He decided to pick her call, maybe she is in danger.

Hello. Who is this? He pretended.

Common baby what do you mean who is this? It’s me Maggie.

Her voice was so soft. But he carried on tough. I don’t know who Maggie is. What kind of name is that? Is it Maggie chicken or ordinary Maggie?

Baby please I need you right now. She burst into tears.

At that moment, Peter Thomas died two million times just to hear his Maggie cry. That is something he had never made her do: cry. Who dare to make his Maggie cry.

Baby why are you crying? He hurriedly asked forgetting all his anger.

Linda almost got bombed today by a bomber who kept them hostage in the hospital when she went for antenatal with George.


Yes. George too started acting funny after that. He was taken to the psychologist to examine. It’s like his is running insane, and the whole terrible drama pushed Linda into forced labour. She had to call me to be with her. She called Nike but Ayo said Nike is battling with her life now as she attempted suicide and their kids are with Rose now.

What! What’s all this shit!

Baby I really need you now. Please am so weak, with my condition I can faint. The baby…

Say no more my queen. Peter cut in. Am on my way. Hold on Maggie, your husband is coming.

Ayo was another husband who was about to die just watching his wife look still and sick on the hospital bed. He had never left her side since he brought her to the hospital. He couldn’t wait for her to open those beautiful eyes of hers. As he held her hand crying, he felt her finger move.
Honey, honey! He called out.

My love. She replies faintly.

Oh thank God you are finally awake! Why on earth did you do that.

You. She pointed at him.

Thank God I didn’t assume you were bluffing, I would have lost you forever.

Thank God you came too. I never wanted to die. She said softy.

And you know what? This suicide of yours saved my neck today.


After I left the press conference to save you, Felicia took it upon herself to release the article in her name, and there and then soldiers just came in and bundled her. It’s like they have heard of the article in advance so they already prepared to arrest me before it goes public so they arrested her instead.

Oh no Ayo. So how are you going to get Felicia out?

Look at you. You are already worryingly about someone else. That’s just one of the reasons I love you soo much Nike. You always put others ahead of you. Don’t worry about her, she is female. It won’t be that hard and my company is already working on it.

Now you see what I have been warning you of?

Yes honey I see it now. And I will never put you and the kids in danger again. I love you. Kisses her lips.

I love you more Ay.

But honey, how did you feel when you wanted to commit suicide? I need a poem from that Nike…

Go to hell Ayo. Laughing hard.

Oh yea! Go to hell. That is the line ‘suicide is like a stroll to hell”. Laughing hard.

My crazy writer.

And you are a crazy writer wife.

Oh how I love you Ayo.

Peter Thomas.


Maggie and Peter had come in to see Nike when they heard she was finally awake. And they bid them goodnight with promises of seeing them tomorrow. As they walked down the hall, Maggie still thought of going in to see Linda and her baby before leaving.

No darling it’s late. We need to go home now. Linda's mother is here now so we can leave.

You right honey we should. Am soo tired too.

But before we leave Maggie; I need you to promise me something.

What? Maggie asked wide eyed.

That you will go see a psychologist tomorrow.


Maggie! You are not behaving yourself lately. Look at what you did to me today! You denied even knowing me. And saying you are recklessly single? Even shaking your waist for that crazy man, and denying being pregnant. Maggie you lied to my face that you weren’t pregnant! Maggie you need help! I don’t want you to end up like George or Nike.

Okay baby I have heard. I will see a psychologist tomorrow. But not because I feel I am going insane, but because it will make you happy if I see one.

Yes, I want you too.

Okay hon. Let’s go home. I love you.

I love you more Maggie. They kissed and walked to their car. It was dark outside, Peter looked at his wrist watch for the tenth time, it’s past 9pm. He said aloud. Within minutes he was home. Traffic was light, and he drove fast. They had a quick meal, hot shower and cuddled in bed. He just wanted to stay that way with his wife forever. He didn’t want day to break. Oh, he loved Maggie to a fault.

Unlike Peter, Emeka was one of the many husband’s on Paradise street that wanted day to break; really fast. He just couldn’t wait to deal with Rose. It was past 6am, when he banged on her front door.
Open the door Rose!

And she was expecting him. She answered the knock too quickly. Emeka! Isn’t it early to be making trouble?

You this artificial Rose! Open the door now or I break it down!

Emeka please don't make me laugh. The only thing you know how to break is a pen or a pencil.

This isn’t funny Rose. I know what you did with my book!

Really? What book?

Oh please Rose. You know how to do crazy things, but lying isn’t one of them.

Okay fine! She shouted from inside. I took the soft copy of your book the Shark and sold it to a film maker. You can write another one! After all you haven’t published it yet. I don’t even know what is with you and animals. It’s either you name your book crocodile or shark. And yes, am sure the film maker has dropped it into the sea already.

But Ross why? Why? I thought you said you will stop all these crazy stuff you do?

I never said I would stop. I said I would stop behaving childish. And please give me some credit! What I did now isn’t childish.

Really? How much did you sell the book?

I sold it for 500,000 naira. Why?

Oh my God Rose. You have killed me. Oh you have killed me. Do you know how much that book worth’s? Its worth millions of naira! He falls down crying.

Emeka! She called out from inside the house trying to understand the sound she was hearing. Emeka are you crying? Is that you making that tearful sound? You are crying over your book Emeka? Do you think I care if that book is worth millions of naira? You think I did this for money? Do you know what I am worth Emeka? Or have you forgotten? I worth far more than that millions of naira. I was a bank manager before you married me! I had a promising profession right under my nose! But I let all that go because of you Emeka! You! To take care of our family, our children! And you dare choose writing over me?

I never chose writing over you Rose!

You did! I asked you “ Emeka choose now between writing and your family “…

And I didn’t choose writing! I only said; since writing makes you hurt so much, then it’s better I leave you. After all for the past twenty five years we have been fighting over this issue, so I felt it was best to free you.

Really Emeka? Free me?

Rose please stop behaving crazy! My writing isn’t a woman! I have been nothing but faithful to you since we got married and even after our divorce I have not looked at any other woman.

You didn’t have to Emeka. The writing is enough cheating!

Oh God save me from this woman. He talks to himself.

You know what Emeka, am done talking to you. The twins are returning today for a visit. Am sure you must have forgotten that.

What! I talk to my boys everyday and they didn’t tell me they will be flying in today. It’s been almost three years they left for the States at least they had to tell me they will be visiting Nigeria, not to talk of coming in today. Rose! What’s going on? You joking right?

I also sent for Chichi.

What! Rose you dey craze! Why did you bother Chichi? She just married, she needs to settle down.

Let me remind you. Chichi got married almost three years ago. And she planned her visit in line with the twins visit. We got it all planned but only you didn’t know. Laughing. “Some father”. Besides they have to know what happened. We can’t continue to keep them in the dark.

Dad! A shout from behind turned Emaka around swiftly. Dad!

Oh my twins! My boys! Kennedy and Kenneth! Runs into their arms.

Hey old man! Say hi to your first daughter. Chichi called out as she entered into the compound looking heavy.

Oh my God! Is this my baby girl! My lovely first daughter and first born. Hugs her tightly. My God, you never told me you pregnant? Did you. Seriously hoping she didn’t, because he would look worse if he had forgotten.

No dad. Laughing. If I did you surly would have remembered. It’s a surprise. We all told mum not to tell you we were coming, we really wanted to surprise you. Am so glad it’s you we saw first.

But what are you doing outside dad? Kennedy asked.

Ask you mum boy.

Chichi, Kenneth, Kennedy! Rose opens the door and jumps out of the house for the first time since Emeka had been standing there. She wanted to be sure it were her kids who were talking before she came out. They all run to hug her.

Where is Gloria and Francis mum.

They are still asleep dears.

Come here you artificial Rose! Emeka seizes her hand. Doing exactly what he had rehearsed to do before he woke up this morning and headed for here. No five children of his would make him change his mind. Even if she were to call their towns men, they won’t be able to save her. Give me my book, give it to me!

Take your hands off me Emeka. Leave me alone!

Dad what’s this! Please stop this! What’s going on! Their children shouted.

Your mother sold my book to a film maker!

And he divorced me! Rose defended.

What!! They all echoed. What do you mean mum? Chichi managed to ask.

Yes! Your father allowed his writing to ruin us. He chose writing over his family!

Dad, please say something.

Yea Chichi. I and your mother are divorced.

Are you guys mad!

Ask your mother. She is the one who sold my book to the film maker for 500,000 naira.

How did your wrinkled hands even sign that divorced papers? Kennedy asked his parents.

Good question Ken! Ask your father. At least his hands are more wrinkled than mine. He is 10years older.

Okay this madness has to stop. I just got married. Just got pregnant and I don’t need this stress. What do you want my husband and in-laws to say? They are going to laugh at me. That after 25years of marriage, my parents couldn’t make it work? You guys are getting married tomorrow! I am taking you two first thing tomorrow morning to court to resign your vows and bury this madness.

Look children, I am going to my house. I have had enough.

Dad. Which house? They asked.

I bought myself a house down the street. Bye see you later. He hurried off.
Can you imagine? Dad you better be ready by 10am tomorrow morning. We are going to court to get you both married again. And I mean it! If you try to run; we will find you.

Yes dad we shall. The boys shouted after him. They hugged their mother once more and entered into the house.

Mum, why didn’t you tell me about this?

Chichi, how could I? I was soo ashamed.

Mum you don’t have to be ashamed with us. We are your children. We love you and dad a whole lot. Your problems are ours.

Please you all should freshen up now. We will discuss about this later. So boys how was your journey back home yesterday.

Oh mum was beautiful until the plane landed. The sound it made was terrifying. Some airport we have in Nigeria you know. Was relieved when we saw Chichi. Driving from the airport to her house on the island wasn’t that much trouble.

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