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Paradise Street. Chapter One.

I am a love coach, and an expert at developing the law of attraction in any relationship.

Chapter One




When Peter relocated to Lagos and landed on paradise street, he thought his wife Margret would be the only crazy passionate writer on the block, and her great love for a prosperous career in writing would soon wear out: but he was wrong. He saw different shades of Maggie in various people living on the block, which ended up making Margret a bestseller, a dream she thought she had lost due to the move.

Feel the madness.

Honey how did you feel when you wanted to commit suicide? I need a poem from that Nike.

Emeka choose now between writing and your family!

No Zack, I need a story, a hot one. For it to be hot you have to bomb someone with you.

Honey I told you to give me three years to stabilize my profession, but instead you pushed the wedding closer!

This book is dedicated to my beloved brother, Late Jethro Anibor.



Maggi you do not need to stress yourself out in this gym when you have a hot husband at home that can burn this fat off in a second. Or is it the tension? You know peter is up to the task. Grace trying hard to tickled her emotions.

Grace please let me be. Anytime you mention my husband’s name ‘peter’ you increase the tension. Can you believe he went to my office to tell my boss to leave me for him? And that he is ruining our marriage?

Yes I can Maggi. After all it is the truth. Since you started this crazy book last year that’s all we discuss about. That’s all I hear from you. My book, my book and my boss. I tell you girl, your marriage is fading away.

And it’s my fault? My mistake? Grace, I cannot believe you of all people is on Peter’s side! I have loaned you less money and given you more since I got this job with this writing company. I mean look at us? From grass to grace! You are my best friend and you are suppose to be on my side instead of judging me in this God forsaking gym that is obviously of no use to my fat butt, but still I come here every weekend to patronize your business and keep you company. Look around! It’s just you and I.

No it isn’t Maggi. We are four here. I, and you and you and you. Smiling hard. Look at your waist; you are three in one. And common I know there is something irritating you now, this isn’t about my present bad business. So let it out.

I don’t care if my marriage is fading away Grace; I would die if my writing were to fade away.

So you prefer your writing to your marriage Maggi?

The way I see it Grace, the only thing fading away is my writing career and I am beginning to lose it. Did I not just tell you my husband verbally fought with my boss recently?

Yes you just said so, but your boss should understand that you have a very caring and loving husband who is properly jealous.

We are moving to Lagos next week.

What did you just say Maggi? Looking shocked. Lagos! Why?

He said he bought a house on one paradise street on the mainland in the heart of one hideous area called Jegede. And he wants us to have a fresh start, away from Abuja’s hustle, away from my crazy job as he puts it; so I can have more time for our marriage and start a family.

Just like that? You leaving me? Babe! and you just telling me? Gasping for breath.

Grace dear, I have been talking him out of it. We have quarrelled over it but he prevailed. I never knew it was going to work out until our last straw on the topic last night. That’s why I didn’t tell you since.

I shall resent Peter forever Maggi. No crying. I will miss you. I will miss you soo much. Taking her into her arms, Grace remembered all the good girly times they have had from during their secondary school days till now. And with her first child on the way, and Maggie relocating to Lagos city where day is both day and night; keeping in touch would be scarce. It won’t ever be like now.

Well, that’s what always happens when two best female friends get married. Husbands just change everything! As if they are God.

But Maggie, what about your job?

Wow so you concerned about my job now? Now that Peter has become your enemy too? Laughing and crying at the same time Maggie asked.

Well tell me.

My boss was kind enough to allow me work from home. Well good writers can work from anywhere as long as they deliver good books at the accurate time. So I will be working from Lagos.

Will you visit? At least you need to come to your office here; that’s a fine excuse.

Coming to visit you honey; is the best excuse. Kissing her on the forehead. I can always send my work online to boss. You and I will chat everyday! And yes I will visit.

Little did she know that the statement “out of sight is out of mind ‘’ would relate to her friendship with Grace in a couple of days.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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