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Paradise Street. Chapter Nineteen.

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Maggie remembered how Peter acted two days ago when she said she was going to see Marcus for at least the sixth time.

Why? He had asked.

What do you mean why? She had defended.

But you saw him yesterday? Is the appointment everyday now?

And she had said yes. It will help her get well fast. And off she had gone. She knew she wasn’t on any therapy. She was just loving the attention Marcus gave her writings anytime they were together. He spoke of them like no one else had. She loved the feeling she got. He was becoming her muse for her next book. And today, she decided to invite Marcus over to her home. Peter had gone to work. It was perfect.

As she walked gracefully to go open the door for Marcus who had rang the bell some seconds ago; she was expecting the compliment that followed.

Wow Maggie! Your house is beautiful. He looked around in amazement.

Thanks Marcus, its good to have you in my humble home. She tickled humility a little.

Am glad you invited me.

Please have your seat. So what should I get you? My wedding pictures?

No no. I don’t want to see that?

Yeah me too. Let me show you my pictures when I was single, before that man married me and got me pregnant.

Oh you pregnant?

Can’t you see? Are you blind? Look at how horrible I have become.

No Maggie stop. You look very pretty.

Aww thanks dear. Now that was another compliment she was waiting for. Let me get you good wine and we can play good music.

Awww Maggie you are so sweet.

Thanks again Marcus.

So Maggie I haven’t told you I write poems right? He called out after her.

Oh no no. Really?

But it’s just that am not proud of it.

Why? Here take your glass. She offered.

Thanks. Yeah am not proud of it because it’s not perfect like yours.

Let me be the judge.

Okay. Here it is on my phone. Saved it on notes. Go through.

Wow! She exclaimed as I eyes caught sight of a line. My thoughts are in space ever ready to coincide with a date on the calendar. Wow look at this one: I won’t change a line. Look at that! So daring. Awww I love this one on sunlight.

And you know what Maggie; I envisioned you on my head when I wrote that poem. You are so beautiful.

Wow Marcus you making me blush.


Yeah. I am turning purple already. My husband has never written a poem for me before. So Marcus, are you married?

I am waiting for a poet.

Really? Why?

Well because only a poet can understand me. They are romantic people.

Yeah. I get. I wished I had married one too.

And I wish I had married you too Maggie.

Wow you really good with words.

Yes I am. And I mean every word. He reached out to kiss her lips.

Oh no Marcus please don’t do that! She stopped him.

Oh no Maggie am sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Let me leave please.

Oh no no Marcus please don’t leave. Please stay. I will never cheat on my husband. Do I even have the strength? That guy dries me up almost every night. Peter is a beast! She laughs. But I enjoy your company. So don’t let that stupid kiss ruin it.

Thanks Maggie.

It’s okay. I feel more of a poet when am with you than with my husband. Please come sit with me and hold me in your arms.

Really? You sure.

Yes I am. Now please don’t let me beg.

Marcus stayed for extra one hour laughing, chatting and holding Maggie. It was amazing. He just couldn’t believe this dream come true. And when he left, he took half of her with him: her scent. I will never wash this shirt; he said to himself when he got home. I will perceive it everyday before going to bed and lie it down next to me anytime I feel cold.

Peter Thomas


Maggie assumed no one knew of her new found friend. She felt the only neighbor who knew didn’t suspect a thing. Nike wasn’t the type who gossiped. Besides she hadn’t even seen Marcus where he sat when she came to borrow CDs yesterday. But she was wrong. Nike didn’t hesitate to gossip with Peter about his wife. She needed to tell him what she knew.

Hi Peter there is something you should know. She stopped him as she saw him about to drive in.

What is it Nike?

I have been seeing your wife with a particular man on three occasions now. When I ask her, she says he is her doctor.

Really? Where have you been seeing them?

The first time was at the dinners, they were having a date. The second was at your house. I came yesterday afternoon to borrow a CD from her, and I saw the same man sitting so relaxed on your coach drinking wine and listening to blues.

What the hell!

I don’t want you to react Peter. I just want you to do something before things go gaga.

Thanks a million Nike. She called to say she was going to the hospital but I am sure she has gone to see that sick doctor.

Yes. And that is the third place I saw her. I am just returning from the hospital for my final check up. I saw her entering into his office.

Peter had never driven this fast. People who saw him drive that afternoon, would think he raced cars for a living. Within minutes he was at the hospital marching like a first class general. Where is doctor Marcus the psychologist? He asked the first doctor he saw at the hospital.

Oh Marcus! He went out some minuets ago. He said he was going to the lake to relax.

Which lake? The one in the hoods?

Yes that one.

Thanks. He gestured heading for the lake.

Maggie was at the lake enjoying Marcus’s arms. Being in your arms is really refreshing.


Yeah it’s young and sweet. She smiled.

Young? How old are you Maggie?

I am thirty two. You?

I am twenty eight.

You see! I felt the youthfulness.

How old is your husband?

He is thirty six. I always wanted to marry someone young like you.


Yeah. Don’t mind me. I can be a hopeless romantic.

And I love you Maggie.

I love you too Marcus.

Really you do?

Yes. But not in that kind of way. You understand that right?

What the hell! Maggie! Peter's thunderous voice shook them to their feet.

Peter! What are you doing here honey?

Are you mad? Maggie, how can you even ask me that question.

Well this is doctor Marcus. Pointing to Marcus. He is curing my sanity.

Yes I can really see he is. Wrapped up in your arms.

Hello Mr Peter, I am doctor …..

Shut up man! He cuts in. Now get the hell away from my wife.

No Marcus stay. Maggie ordered.

Maggie are you nuts? Peter asked his wife.

I like Marcus. He is helping me . He is the only one that understands me. He doesn’t say I am crazy. In fact he loves that side of me.

Maggie look at me. I am your husband, Flfriend and lover. I have always understood you. And no fool or stranger can understand you the way I do.

Don’t listen to him Maggie. I am no stranger to you. I have always loved you in silence. I read your poems everyday and even wrote you a poem; something your husband has not been able to do.

What the hell! I will blow this kid o!

Wait Pete don’t fight. I love you, you are my Pete and will always be. Am sorry Marcus you are just a fling. Writers always have flings. Am sorry you are a nice person, but I love my husband. I am in love with my husband and am carrying his child. With that she runs to meet Peter.

Maggie if you choose to be with him I will kill myself and I mean it.

Common Marcus, you are a young handsome doctor, very talented. How can you kill yourself over a married pregnant woman?

You are not just any married pregnant woman Maggie. I love you. I have always loved you even in my dreams. Now that I have gotten close to you I would rather die than lose you.

No no please Marcus stay away from the lake. It’s swampy, it’s dangerous.

I can’t swim Maggie. So I will die quick. He falls with his back into the lake; looking straight into her eyes.

No!! Marcus! Somebody help! It's swampy and he's sinking in!

Quiet, quiet. Maggie keep shut. No one is here. No one as seen us. He said shaking her vigorously. We can’t save him. He must have sank deep. If any of us try to, we will die too. Let’s run! Run Maggie! Run!

They both ran to where they both packed their cars and zoomed off without thinking twice.

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