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Paradise Street. Chapter Nine.

I am a poet, and researcher of human interrelationships. I believe in the power of humility and the law of attraction.


Good morning officer, my name is Linda Benjamin and am here to bail my husband George Benjamin.

Oh Mr George just left. You are a bit late.

Really! How?

What do you mean how? Through the door of course.

Let me call my husband. Ignoring her sarcasm while dialing his number and seriously wondering what was going on. She was ten times relieved to hear his deep rich voice.

Hello Linda, what's up?

Thank God you are okay hon. Where are you?

I am at writers Quest. I need to see Edirin Okeimute concerning the script I wrote. I need to make her interested in partnering with me to produce the film.

Really George? So one night in cell hasn't taught you emotional lessons right? You still want to go ahead with that trouble you wrote called script? Who bailed you out anyway?

Oh the female officer in the station did. Her name is chioma, thank her for me, bye. Hangs off on her.

Really. Looking amazed and turning to the female officer, she said.

Excuse me.


Are you Chioma?

Yes I am.

So you bailed my husband? Why?

Aren't you happy he is free? Well he wrote me some nice poems within five minutes and yes! I loved it! I must tell you, your husband is really a charmer.

Looking at the rather too paled, dark skinned, ugly looking female officer, she lamented. O really! Can I see the poems he wrote you? Within five minutes? Linda stressed.

Oh yes. Just a second. Here it is; handing her some sheets.

Wow. Looking through. I have seen this exact poems before.

Really? Where? Who gave you?

My husband! The man who wrote the poems for you.

Wait a minute, you lying. He said just looking at me made him write these. And I got so excited and bailed him.

Well sorry to disappoint you chioma, these poems where written a long time ago for me, by my husband. So you see; he fooled you. And I am not surprised, he is a crazy writer in search of a company that will buy his crazy script. Good day Chioma!

Walking away satisfied with the expression she left on her face, Linda felt pleased.

Hey I have a message for him! Tell him if he ever lands here again, his repeated poems won't be able to save him.

Okay message shall be delivered. Smiling confidently. Getting into her car, she picked up her phone to call Nike; and it took just a ring before she heard her soft voice.

Hello Linda.

Hello dear, you home?

Yes I am. The painter will be here soon to repaint the kitchen. Can't leave! What's popping?

OK dear, will be with you. I am a lonely house wife with gist. See ya.

Okay dear be here soon.

As Nike hang off she just needed to make Ayo leave the house before Linda gets here. She didn't want him eavesdropping, and using theie conversation as a muse.

Ayo darling! She called out.

Yes baby.

The painter will be here in five minutes to paint the kitchen.

Okay is it baba Bose you called?

No I called Akin.

Why Akin?

Because he is young and agile, and he will be done with it in a day or two, unlike baba Bose.

Tell me the truth Nike. You love Akin. Just look at the way you talk so passionately about him.

Get out Ayo! Get lost! Walking away knowing where it was going to.

Honey tell me. If you were to cheat on me with Akin the painter, how will you go about it?

Well for starters I won't hide it. I will do it in front of your eyes so you will get more muse for your articles.

Hello Mr Ayo. A voice interrupted them from behind. Sorry one of your children let me in and said you were in the kitchen. He pointed the kitchen to me, that's how I got here. Looking shy and confused he ended his explanation.

Akin I am sorry you had to hear what my husband was saying. That's just how he gets when he is looking for tips for his articles.

Oh my God, mama Titi am getting really embarrassed. He confessed.

But why should that embarrass you Akin. Isn't my wife very beautiful? So tell me how would you go about it if it were to happen?

Sir, I don't think I should paint your house.


Because I am getting scared.


Because you are having a dangerous imagination sir.

That is it Akin! Oh God I love you! Muah. Going over to kiss his forehead. "The government is having a dangerous imagination by painting the country with scary words as 2019 will be war". Oh Akin thank you for being a muse today. That will be the headline for my article.

My God, I have never been kissed by a man before. Mr Ayo please don't kiss me again. He said loking disturbed.

Daddy, daddy! Titi called from the entrance.

Yea Titi what is it?

I want to remind you of our open day on Monday. Please I want you to be there.

Why me?

Because my teachers and friends think I do not have a daddy.

Why would they think that Titi?

Well because you haven't been to my school even for a day!

But I pay your school fees, isn't that enough proof that I exist?

No dad. It's not enough. Seen is believing.

Okay darling I shall be there on Monday, to be seen.

Wow thank you daddy! Hugs him.

Okay go do your homework now. Daddy needs to go out now. Nike see you later, George just called me. We have an important meeting to attend.

Okay honey, enjoy.


As Ayo got into his car, he knew he won't be able to beat traffic since the rain had started heavily. But all the same he couldn't let him down. George was embarking on a journey that needed his assistance. His influence was of great need to the woman George was about to see for a favor. Right then his phone rang, and the caller - George.

Hello George I know am running late.

Yes you are. Miss Edirin isn't in her office. Been there. I managed to get her house address from one of her workers. As I speak to you; I am at her house.


In fact at her doorstep. About to knock. Wish me all the best man. He hangs up and knocks for the very first time on Miss Edirin's door.

Who is it? Came a very melodious voice.

Miss Okeimute, it's I George the writer.

George? Opening the door. George? How did you trace my house? Looking surprised.

Oh that was a small thing. I went to your office, met your absence. So I tipped someone who knows very well, to give me directions to your house.

Really? And you are saying it with all pride? What do you want?

Can't you let me in?

No I don't let men into my house.

There is a script I need to show you. I know you do not buy scripts; you write yours. But please I will need your influence to shoot mine. I just want it to be bought and aired. I don't want this beautiful master piece to be in vain. We can partner.

George, George, George, how many times did I call you?

Am about to find out. Wait, three time?

Do not come to my house again for business. I don't like crazy acts performed all in the name of writing.

Miss Edirin! He screamed her name, then looks scared.


I think your dog just got loosed from it's chain. Looking pale. Please I need to come in, help me.

Oh my God come in. Opens the door wider. Please come in, please come in. Panicking and looking around for her dog. But where is my dog? It isn’t loosed.

Wow! Thanks that worked. He laughed.

What? Looking confused as she now stood face to face with George inside her sitting room.

Now look at me Edirin; pointing a knife at her and shutting her door.

Oh my God what are you doing with a knife and why are you pointing it at me?

Because you are stubborn! Now go into your room, bring your cheque book and sign a check of 350,000 for this script. When you spend that kind of amount to purchase it; you will surely produce it. You this single stingy woman, who doesn't spend all the millions she makes.

Please take the knife away from my throat.

If you don't keep quiet and cooperate, I will slice your neck.

Okay George calm down. Calm down. Just let me go in and bring my cheque book. I will cooperate.

Hand me your phone. Don't trust you this overly smart woman. Still holding his knife to her throat, he grabbed her phone from her now sweaty palms.

Here it is, please take my phone. Handing it to him. You safe with me George, let me just go get my cheque book. You don't have to be rough with me, remember we are both writers.

Okay Edirin. Am sorry I used the knife. Am really sorry. Putting it down.l he continues. I am just desperate for a production of this extremely good script. Since my company won't produce it; I had no other option than to come to you.

It's okay let me get you the cheque. Running off to her room, she presses her alarm on the hallway . There is a loud sudden burst of bangs in the air RING! RING! RING!

What's that Edirin? You set the alarm on me? Oh God! Come out of that room! Come out! I didn't mean to threaten you; I just felt if I get you frightened you will do what I want. Picking up the knife. Stop the alarm Edirin. He shouted form the sitting room.

At that moment two of her securities started hitting on her entrance door. Miss, miss! Are you okay! Open the door, open up! They break the door open and came face to face with George.

Who are you?

Hi I am George. Am a writer and a friend of miss Edirin Okeimute.

And what are you doing with a knife? They ask.

I came to discuss business with her.

Really with a knife? One of the securities blurted out. Where is she, where is the Miss?

I am here. Edirin emerged from her room. Thank God you guys are here now. This man tried to kill me with a knife. Please arrest him.


It was exactly 4:22 pm George was behind bars again and a call was placed to his wife, by his request.

Hello, am I on the line with Mrs Linda Benjamin?

Yea you are.

This is inspector Ola from Jegede police station. Your husband George Benjamin has been arrested. And he asked me to call you.

Arrested? For what? Why? Again!

As he went on to explain, Linda ended the call with: you have got to be kidding me!

Linda what is it? Maggie asked wide eyed as the call had just interrupted the conversion they were having in Nike's place.

Maggie, it's George! He just got arrested again. The officer said he went over to Miss Edirin Okeimute's, the famous writer to threaten her with a knife.

What! Why? Both of them asked.

He said he wanted her influence in producing his script and he just wanted to scare her with a knife.

Oh no this isn't good, let me go with you. Although I told that jealous Peter that I will be going for a walk, but being here for you and George is important.

Oh thanks Maggie, you are indeed a friend.

With the speed of lightening; Linda had left Nike's place and was already in front of the police station with Maggie. As she hurried in, she saw the female officer Chioma she had met earlier on. Her final warning to her for her husband; came back fresh in my mind.

Good evening officer, please where is my husband?

In cell!

Please can I see him?



Have you forgotten what he did to me earlier on? Am sure you haven't had time to give him my message yet, but he is here already so no need.

But what did George do to her Linda? Maggie asked irritated.

Don't worry about that Maggie, am calling my husband's boss. She said as she rang his line.

Hello sir, this is Linda Benjamin.

Oh Linda, how are you doing girl? And how is the baby kicking?

Not well Sir.

What! Why?

Because this is the second time my husband is dragging me to the police station.

What! His scream could be heard at the other end of the line by Maggie; who giggled.

Yes sir. The first time was when Mr Ojo threw him in there because of the scripts he wrote about him. And now it's because he threatened Miss Edirin Okeimute with a knife.

A knife?

Yes sir. Because he wanted to publish or shoot his script.

This is madness. You know what? Linda hang up let me call Miss Edirin Okeimute to plead with her and drop the charges.

Thank you sir. She hangs up. Please let's wait for some minutes Maggie.

Okay dear. Let's take a seat.

Can you believe my husband asked Miss Okeimute for 350,000 naira for those scripts. Can you imagine 350,000 naira only. Why would he do that when he has millions in his account. He isn't a poor writer. She said looking confused.

Linda it isn't about the money. It is about our work. Our writings. Even if for example we don't get a penny from our work, but the fact that our work is being published gives us immense joy. I understand how George feels. He just wants his work to be seen and heard; and since his boss refuses to shoot it because of it's risk, George has taken it upon himself to do it.

But why Maggie? Why are you writers like that?

I don't know Linda. That's just how we writers are.

Mrs Benjamin! The officer called out.

Yes please.

Miss Edirin Okeimute just called. She said your husband should be released on the ground of writers insanity. And she said you better take him to a psychologist before he causes more damage to you and that baby on the way.

Oh thank God! Please release my husband for me.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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