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Paradise Street. Chapter Four.

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Ayo am loving all of this. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of this writers night discussion tips. She said laughing at the title they had given this gathering.

You haven’t see anything yet Meg. Can I call you that, Meg?

Of course! I call you Ay remember? She said smiling hard like a teenager. We have been sitting here for two hours discussing a poem and trying to make the lines more real, I feel like family already.

Oh this is nothing. I and the boys can do this most times deep into the night up to 3am. Not so George and Emeka?

Yes , yes. They both replied simultaneously.

I can’t believe this!

Why can’t you Meg? Aren’t you a writer?

Yes Emeka I am. I can’t believe why I believe. Laughing. You know I actually write my poems without thinking.

Emeka writes his prose like that. He just starts without knowing the end. Not so Emeka?

Yes Ayo I do that a lot. So I'm like Meg. But wait a minute George; why are you quiet? You are the crazy one here, but you are so silent today. He asked rather too concerned. Like something must be wrong.

I am silent because these is no craziness here right now. You guys are so normal and am not feeling it.

Alright George let’s bring in some craziness, am sure Maggie will understand. Gives her a wink. Yes! Where is my wife? Nike!

Yes Ayo!

Come come. My Darling muse.

Am here now what is it? Be quick there is something on the stove.

Tell me hon, how does dirty panties smell?

Hmm it smells like rotten eggs?

Wow baby that’s the line I have been looking for to complete this: your mouth smells like rotten eggs. Jumping up excitedly.

Oh my God mum, your panties smell like rotten eggs? Tunde asked as he rose his head from behind the chair where he had been playing a game on his phone.

Oh no! I can’t believe my eight year old son had to hear that. No son it doesn’t, just being your daddy's muse as usual.

Thank God! I can’t believe coming out from there.

Wow son! Thank you son! you just gave me another line! Coming out from there. Now listen to these guys: “your mouth smells like rotten eggs, coming from there are the children of bacteria”. Pointing to his son.

Dad why are you pointing at me? Am I a child of bacteria? Tunde asked, enjoying the fun.

Yes, yes! Another line again! I am a child of bacteria because I kissed you.

Wow Ay I love your family. They are like figures of speech. Imagine this: “ Your mouth smells like rotten eggs, coming from there are children of bacteria; because I kissed you” . Wow splendid. Maggie knew she has found her family, she concluded in action; by lifting her legs and placing them on the couch.

Son please go to your room. Your father is in his crazy writer mood. And tell your sister to pack up her dolls, dinner will soon be served.

Alright mum. Tunde gets up to leave feeling dissatisfied that the fun was really over too quick. Was it because of the new writer visitor in their midst? We always had this kind of fun every time here with dad. He wondered.

Maggie are you going to join us for dinner? Because George has to go home to eat Linda's food or else hell will break lose. And Emeka has an appointment by 8pm with his editor.

No thanks Ay I have to go home to dish Peter’s food. He messaged me a while ago that he is back. Thank God I prepared the food down before coming here. If not, he would have suffered what he has always suffered from: waiting for food. She ended by laughing sheepishly due to guilt.

Yes! George. Ayo, Meg, I have to take my leave now. Emeka said as he got to his feet.

We leaving with you. Meg answered for she and George.

Walking them off to the door, Ayo made arrangements for their next discussion and told Meg that she was invited anytime.

With a polite nod, Meg walked into the streets with the other men.

Emeka I have been wanting to ask you; was it that hard being married and being a writer?

No way! Laughing hard. It’s one of the easiest, In fact I enjoyed being married as a writer. Rose was the one claiming it’s hard. That’s our madness. She loves it. She divorced me but still can not let me be.

But why did you choose to still live on the street so close to her after the divorce?

Why would I let her win? She wanted me away from my friends. She thought the divorce will make me go somewhere less crazy. Well I can’t because I love it here. Besides, it makes me keep an eye on the kids and on her too. Once in a while they call me in for some handy work, and they can easily be around me. I have to make sure no one is messing with my woman and kids. When George offered to sell his bungalow; I didn’t think twice. He had built it for his mother, but she couldn’t live there again due to family issues. Linda and his mother can’t stand each other. He sold it to me and bought a house somewhere else for her.

Linda says am crazy, but I listen to her more than my own mother. George said out loud. Meg, those women we married to; are just complainants. Don’t pay attention to them okay.

Do I even have that time? I am always with you guys. I am on your side. Writers stay together.

I have to run now before Linda comes here and makes a scene. Bye Meg, see you later Emeka. He shakes them and leaves.

I like George. He listens to his wife. All men should.

Yea, and that’s why I gave Rose a divorce. She really needed me to get out of her life. She calls me “my crazy”. I don’t know if that is a compliment or not because she says it in a very angry way.

Good evening Mr Emeka. A greeting coming from inside a car interrupted them.


Trying to figure out who greeted him, he suddenly recognizes a face he knows so well. Oh Faith! How are you? You don born? Looking at the babies on her lap.

Yes Sir. I born twins o.

Twins! Wow thank God for safe delivery.

Yes o I thank God o. I have not seen that stupid man. I waited in the hospital just pilling up bills that he will not pay. My brother had to arrange this taxi to come pick me.

But did you both quarrel again?

No o. Me ke? With this belle I respect myself. It must be his diabetic wife. I don’t know what he is still doing with her. This is the third issue am having for him, and am still living with my mother.

Faith e take it easy! Na you find trouble go o, and na you dey wish the women dead.

Did he tell me he was married!

Don’t worry, I will come and find you something for the twins okay. Just go home now, we will talk later.

Okay sir, thank you sir. Will be expecting you. Bye Sir! She shouted as the taxi man impatiently drove off.

Wow what was all that drama? Meg asked wide eyed.

Welcome to Paradise street; Emeka laughed out loud. This is how I get thoughts for my books. You now see why I can’t leave? He winks.

Maggie! Peter interrupted their discussion as he waved to them across, beckoning her.

Damn! I have been cutting his calls. Never knew he would come out looking for me. I have to go face my own Paradise street madness. Bye Emeka.

Emeka watches her leave, and then looks over to Peter. He remembered when he and Rose just got married. Then he said to himself: I know they will survive. Just like I and my Rose.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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