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Paradise Street. Chapter Five

A novelist, a poet, a love coach, and a motivational speaker.


Maggie where on earth have you been? And where are you coming from?

Peter please don’t start with that tone. I know where it usually leads to.

Really you do Maggie?

I told you I will be going over to Ayo's place remember? But if you want to tear your lungs out, fine go ahead.

And for how long? Did you plan on sleeping there?

Common Peter what’s this? Some data? You need data right? Well for starters Ayo’s family is very loving. I am so amazed by their understanding. He has a wife and two lovely kids who just make working at home as a writer passionate.

So what are you driving at now? What is that suppose to mean? That am not understanding?

Are you?

Yes I am. And I understand from the front end that a wife is supposed to have dinner with her husband. And the back end is for her not to spend so much time with someone else’s family while her husband’s sits alone at home. And the end point is for her not to keep on ignoring his calls and switching off her phone so he cannot reach her when she is staying out late.

Babe, you know anytime you begin using those programming words; you just want to make me run back to where I am coming from.

Then you better start running because I am going to use it more often throughout this week. Guess what baby, the App I just completed has been launched!

Oh my God! Running into his arms. Honey, and you just telling me?

Sweeps her into his arms. What took you so long to come in here? He asked smooching her as he hugged her tightly. Lets server our bed tonight; it’s been a long time it connected with these clients.

Look at this bad programmer! Put me down Pete, put me down! Laughing hard.

I will when we get to our bedroom.

What do you want to do in there?

What do you think?

No put me down.

I won't, relax we almost there. He smiled as he took the stairs in two's.

Why are you such in a hurry? Put me down now.

Don’t worry we already there. One, two, three and there we are. Throws her on their massive soft bed. Smiling as he watched her sink in, and getting almost ready to join her, as he hurried his hands on his shirt buttons.

Wait hon, let me close the curtains. Gets up to the windows. These windows are just too extra large, and with all this light. And you would be taking off my cloths big man; don’t think am undressing myself.

Walking over to close the curtains she caught sight of Rose, standing across the street staring right at their window as if she knew what was about to happen in there; Rose waved at her. Maggie replied by closing the curtains.


What on earth does she think she is! I Rose the queen of the writers wives, waves at her and she just draws her curtains like some pretty young princess who has no manners. Well let me just get down to business. Am here for that crazy man Emeka and that’s what am going to focus on. Not on some chic who cannot stay with her husband but follows men about calling herself a born poet.

She talks bitterly to herself as she opens the gate, then finds her way to the front door; opens and goes in to wait for her ex husband: Emeka.

It wasn’t up to thirty minutes she had done that, when she heard the gate opened. And after some few hard steps; the front door flung open, and the lights turned on.

Where are you coming from Emeka?

Jesus! Looking around towards his dining table where the noise came from, he saw his beloved ex wife standing so beautifully as ever, in a silk purple dress that suited her light skinned complexion with full hips, no make up on; just like how he liked it when he wanted some good kissing. Her long black shining hair parked up, with some few grays in front that made her look like Nigeria’s own queen Elisabeth at the age of fifty two.

How did you get into my house?

I am your wife.

Ex wife.

Look at the time. She said ignoring that painful reality ‘ex wife'.

Rose we are divorced remember? How did you get in here? And am sure Linda has something to do with this. That woman handles her husband like a puppet, and I am sure with her help you got my keys duplicated.

You ask to many questions, yet you have refused to answer any of mine even though I asked first. I am going to give you just one answer and leave you to find out the other yourself. How did I get in? I came in through the duplicate keys I made. And please leave Linda out of this. That woman already has her barren issues to deal with. And if you want to know what I am doing here, go to your room and find out. I'm out of here, bye.

She walked passed him like the queen she really is. Yes, his queen. He could smell her fragrance as she passed; and it took him a hundred resistance quotes he had written; to resist her. As the door slammed, he knew this night wasn’t over for him.

Running to his bedroom, his mind told him to hurry to his shelve of books. Those were the only valuable items she could visibly lay her hands on, that would make him crawl on his knees and do her biddings.

Oh my God! This artificial Rose what have you done. Flipping through his books. Oh boy you don die! Where is my book? The only copy of my work “The Crocodile’ I have already presented the other sample to the company and I am suppose to submit this one tomorrow. Rose! Rose! Where are you! Running down the stairs like a violent child he got outside in time.

I am outside Emeka! What is it? Are you looking for this? opps the crocodile right. Showing him the book in her right hand up in the air. I think the crocodile needs some water. Running off with it towards her house.

Give me that book you artificial Rose. Running after her down the street and screaming.

Why should I give it to you? She stops to ask as she gets into her compound panting. You told me point blank that writing is your passion and you chose it instead of me. So if you want your book that is your passion, come for it. Can you run?

Come back Rose, come back and just give me that book. Stop am tired of running, just stop.

Dad! Dad! What’s going on with you and mum? Asked their thirteen year old who just stepped out of the house.

Oh thank God you came out my precious last born. Just look at how your mother has been punishing me. Making me run round the street with my book in her hand. Pointing to his book and sulking.

Mum please, give me the book.

Here is it darling. You know I can listen to you all day instead of your father.

Really Rose! You just handed her the book just like that? So you can listen to your thirteen year old daughter instead of me?

Yes Emeka! Because unlike you, I put my kids first.

My sweet daughter Gloria, give the book to your precious father. He sulked, sounding so tired and just wanting this nightmare to come to an end.

Come for it dad! Running off like the wind with the book in her hand.

Hey Gloria! Where are you going? Stop running, stop!

Unlike you dad, I put mummy first. Catch me if you can and get your book.

As she ran into the house and slammed the door, his heart sank. This was really the end. It was either he begged Ross on his knees or he is ruined. Rose honey…

Oh please! She interrupted him. I prefer artificial Rose better. Save the honey thing for Faith!

Who is Faith?

Really Emeka! The same Faith who has been giving birth for a married man. The one who just had twins. You’ve been around her too often nowadays. You think I didn’t notice?

Oh please Rose don’t tell me you jealous!

Why should I be? She shot back.

He knew he couldn’t argue with her. Now was not the right time. He needed his book and he had to focus.

Rose, I needed stories from her to complete my Novel ‘The Crocodile. He confessed. Some of the crazy dramas in her life suited a character in my mind. So I needed to get close. She was just my muse.

You sick bastard! You drew close to a woman to use her? You are worse than a crocodile! You should write a book on yourself! It would make bestseller. And it will be your first and last bestseller. With that, she shut the door.


As Emeka walked down the street past Faith's house, little did he know he was also the topic of discussion in her home. Staring at her building were a light bulb shone, Faith was sitting on her old worn out mattress sulking and blaming her mother over all her misfortunes as usual.

Mama faith as she is called lived in a low cost three bedroom apartment with faith and two of her other children. She had gotten enough of Faith's wayward life, and was in the mood to blame her for the death of her husband; that is Faith’s father and youngest son in revenge.

It is now Emeka I hear in this house. Every time Emeka. Another married man, shame on you! So you feel you have gained something in this life by giving birth to four free children for a man who never married you and has no desire to.

Mama abeg, don't even go there. When I was bringing the goat meat and bags of rice and cash, did you care to ask if he was married then? Did you not know that it was Mike that was giving it to me?

How will I ask if he is married when I do not expect you to date a married man. I trained you well. I felt he is a single man who loves you and your family to send gifts to you. Or did you tell me he is married?

How will I tell you what I myself didn't know then? He never told me he was married, there was no sign of it and he was talking about marrying me. How would I have known he was hiding something like that.

Why wouldn't you know. Where you a baby then? You were in the university! A mature girl with brains. How could you have allowed him deceive you. Okay when you knew, why didn't you stop.

Look mama, there is no need going over old story. I loved mike to a fault. That same school you are proud to say I went to, was sponsored by Mike. He did everything for me in school. I never got a penny from you or dad. Instead I sent money home. Then before I knew what was happening I took in, had the baby before I knew he is a married man. Well, why not have all my babies with him, I thought. I don't like the idea of having children for different men. I just wanted to have three. I never knew my third pregnancy would be twins. She immediately bursted into tears.

Her mother was not touched. She had seen those tears make the same mistakes it cried over for. You are ringing your mouth you went to school, school that you did not finish. What is your gain now? You should have just stayed at home, at least maybe one man would have married you and that useless married man wouldn't have seen you. You are my first daughter! You could not even help your father but no! he died in poverty. And your younger brother laboured to his death. You are so useless Faith.

Yes mama! I am useless like your husband. If you too had married a good man, you would not have raised us in poverty, dad won't have been so poor, and he won't have abandoned us for seven years! Only to return with fake tears that he made a mistake, and then he became another mouth for us to feed. Whose fault is that! Mine?

I know you have mouth. Very big one at that. At least I was a married woman. And had all my children in marriage, not out of wedlock. Where is your mike now? He is at home nursing the same wife he said he does not love. The same one who gave him five big children. The same one he called a sick diabetic woman that he would soon chase out. He is at home taking care of her, and as not come to see you since you gave birth. Look at you; so scared to have gone to his house. You would have gone there now! Let his children beat the hell out of you. It is when you get to me, that you can have enough energy to ring your big mouth.

No problem, thank you. At least he pays half of our rent. How would we have afford to live in one of the cheapest flat on Paradise street? Your first son is there wasting his life doing petty trade. He is now there in his room sleeping like a fool while you judge me.

Excuse me? Her brother emerged from the behind the door. Who are you calling a fool?

Please don't raise your voice so the twins don't wake up.

Faith, I do not care if your twins wake up. If you had been responsible like your younger sister, you won't be in this condition.

Excuse me! Shutting him up with signal using her hand. Was I not the one who encouraged her to marry that man? At least I helped her make the right choice when she was left in doubts. So I helped her.

You helped her choose husband and you couldn't choose for yourself. Just look at you; thirty three and still single with four children for a marriage man.

It is married man olodo! Dump man. Not marriage man.

I don’t care. Mrs I go school born degree. He shouted back.

Eddie that is enough! Their mother shouted out.

Mummy please do not shout at me. He screamed. If not I will stop contributing for food! I pay my part of the rent, make my own contributions for food and try my best not to get into anybody's way, still you still tolerate this girl insulting. Look faith...

Abeg keep quiet! Don't call me. You have no shame. You are the first born out of five children. Are you not supposed to be married and living on your own? You can't even take care of your mother, you terrorized your youngest brother till he died and...... Ooooo look at now! you have woken the babies! She suddenly blurted out at the cry of one of the twins, putting an end to her argument.

Within a second, both her mother and brother had disappeared, leaving her to carry her load alone. The fourth born, her younger brother was always kind to her and came to her rescue at the sound of the other twin. He was the same one who paid her taxi fee from the hospital to the house. The same brother who made a call to the father of her children demanding the hospital bill which that one reluctantly transferred part of it to his account; making excuses with his wife's sickness. Sunday was a very calm young man, very responsible, moderate in appearance, with a semi education and low paying job. But despite all; he gave his all to his sister, who always in turn had his back.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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