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Paradise Street. Chapter Fifteen.

I am a writer, a customer care rep, a business administrator, a lover of life and a successful single lady who sees every child as hers.


Everyday had it’s own troubles around the world, but for people living on Paradise street; they created them and added to the existing ones. And Margaret was number one in such practice. It had been a long day for her running around for her latest book which deadline she was having issues meeting due to her latest condition. She knew she needed her sleep even if that would cost her some set backs.

Maggie. Peter called her out of her thoughts as he laid on the bed watching her. How did it go at the doctor’s today? He asked without knowing that she had gone a day earlier with so much haste.

Oh fine! I just have a fever. She lies convincingly.

Really? I was wishing you were pregnant.

Well stop wishing Peter and go to bed. She told him bluntly as she got under the sheets.

Okay. What about sex this night?

Am not in the mood Pete.


Because am so not it this night.

Wow! So not it? What really is wrong with you Maggie. Is there something you not telling me?

Goodnight Peter. And that was the end. No sex, no chats, no writing.

When day broke for them around 6:30am; the drama continued. And they both carried it to the super market when Maggie insisted on shopping for some personal items.

Peter for the love of God! Do you have to follow me to the super market?

What is it Maggie? Is it wrong for a man to accompany his wife to the super market?

But you are suppose to be at work! She blurted out for the tenth time.

Maggie I told you a hundred times! I got off today.

Picking an item from the shelve, she threw it at him. But when did you start this job that you now have off?

I am a treasured staff. He replied; and placing the item she threw at him back on the shelve. But what is with you Maggie? Everything I do seem to irritate you recently. You do know that it’s the symptoms of pregnancy right?

Don’t you ever use that word on me again! You know what? Just put all the items back on the shelve and let’s leave. I'm no longer in the mood to shop.

Mr and Mrs Thomas, Good morning. Came a voice form behind.

They both turned to see who had greeted them so lively but formerly. Doctor Rukky! Peter exclaimed so happy to see him, immediately extending his hand for a hand shake.

I am happy to see you Mr Peter. He said as he shook his hand.

Same here doctor. Wow I know you shop but it’s just strange seeing you here by this time; I mean you always in a hurry to get busy. He laughed.

Yes I know. But today I am on duty by noon. I just came to pick a few items. He dangled his little basket which contained two packs of cigarette, a pack of shaving sticks and some lighters.

Some shopping. Peter thought to himself. Maggie, you haven’t said hi to the doctor. He reminder Maggie who looked annoyed to see the doctor.

Hello doctor, what are you doing here? She asked hoping he could sense her displeasure and not mention her pregnancy to Pete.

Maggie! Peter called her to order. Sorry doctor, he apologized on her behalf.

It’s okay Mr Peter. It’s just one of those pregnancy signs.

Pregnancy? My wife is pregnant? Peter asked surprised.

Yes Mr Peter she is. Didn’t she tell you? She is few weeks pregnant.

Peter turned and looked at Maggie for some seconds. But it was not an ordinary look, he was observing her like a pregnancy text machine. Maggie, you lied to me! So you pregnant? Wow my God! Taking her into his arms he added; but why didn’t you tell me? Why did you lie to me?

Okay I will leave husband and wife to argue. See you next week Tuesday for your check up Mrs Thomas. Bye for now. And doctor Rukky walked away feeling satisfied.

Yeah bye wizard! Maggie shouted giving him a disgusting look as he hurried out.

Common stop that Maggie. He is the best doctor ever! He just gave me the best news ever! You know what? I am carrying you to the car.

Put me down Peter! Please put me down. Oh my God this is soo embarrassing! She lamented as he swept her off her feet to the car.

The Author


Maggie was not the only wife getting embarrassed today. Nike was next. As she saw someone she had never expected to see in her home, now in front of her door.

Ayo darling. She called out to her husband. What is Felicia, Titi’s class teacher doing here in our house?

Oh yes! She is now my personal assistant. He said without thinking twice.

Really? Since when? She asked wide eyed.

Yes she is crazy! He ignored the when. And yes I love her! And you know what? She is passionate about releasing that dangerous political article with me. He smiled broadly like a ten year old who was still inconsiderate of peoples feelings.

Honey. Have you ever thought of how this business union between you and Felicia will affect Titi?

How? He asked not still getting it.

Well for starters, Felicia is suppose the be at work now, handling the students their examination papers but here she is. And this whole thing will distract Titi.

Oh my dear Nike. You worry too much.

And I warned you Ayo, if you try to release that dangerous political article and put our family in harms way; I will commit suicide. I will rather kill myself than watch you ruin this family again. I am tired of running! We got to this street just like yesterday. The kids can’t change school soo soon again!

Nike I am sorry. He said but didn’t look it. We are having a press conference today on that article, it shall be released today. But do not worry, things won’t get too messy okay. He kissed her. I have to go. Bye baby. He turns and leave.

Ayo! Ayo! She called out. You really don’t know what I can do right? Don’t worry, I shall prove to you today that I am a writer’s wife.

While Nike was trying to prove a point to her husband that she can be bad; George was trying to prove to his wife Linda that he can be a good husband.

Wow! Wow! Yes! I got it! Yes! Yes! He exclaimed.

What is it George?

Oh Linda, my sweet Linda. He lifts her in the air. I just got it.

George please put me down. She cried out. I am heavily pregnant!

Hon the second bit of my script I have been searching for all this while is right under my nose and I just didn’t know.

Well you can continue in your madness. I am going to the hospital now. Today is maternity day. She announced as she sprayed her fragrance.

Oh wait Linda. Let me go with you, and as I walk with my beautiful wife, I shall smell the last bit of my script. It’s remaining just one scene and it shall be completed.

Really? You will accompany me to the hospital? She asked smiling beautifully. Wow I am loving this script already.

While Linda was loving being spoilt by her husband; someone somewhere wasn’t. And loud voices could be heard as they argued.


Maggi you don’t have to unpack the stuffs. Leave it here I will unpack them. You are pregnant remember?

Peter leave me alone! Maggie screamed.

You don’t have to be stubborn with my baby growing in you. He continued as he lifted the items to the kitchen cabinet. He had shopped for extra items, In fact everything he thought she needs and wants.

Okay okay I agree with you. The baby needs every comfort and relaxation. You know what honey? Go upstairs and set me a warm bath, am coming to join you soonest.

Awww that’s my Maggie. Peter suddenly acting girly gave Maggie a kiss and went off to do her biddings. Immediately he leaves she picks up her phone and makes an urgent call.

Hello Mr Danjuma, I got your message.

But where have you been? I sent you that message an hour ago.

I am sorry. I went to the Super market with my…. My self. She immediately remembered to Mr Danjuma, she is single.

Okay Maggie you better come here fast. Someone just sold a book to me that’s worth millions but took peanuts for it. So I want to release the film fast and since you do scripts, I want you to be here so we can turn this into scripts and shoot it fast.

Okay sir, am on my way. She hangs up, grabs her car keys and purse on the kitchen cabinet, walks out slowly; gets into the car and zooms off before Peter could say ‘ Jack Robinson’.

Peter definitely heard the car zoom off but didn’t want to believe it was Maggie. So he called out comfortably from the bathroom top.

Maggie! Honey love! Your bath is getting cold. Come quickly I can’t wait to have you in the top! He screamed. Then his phone rang, a call from work.

Hello Janet.

Hello Mr Thomas. Am sorry to disturb your day off, but the boss wants you to meet with a prospective client at rhythms hall. He has a deal for us and you are the only one who can handle it.

Okay Janet. Am on my way. He called out to Maggie, but she was no where to be found. He called her cell but it was busy. He had no time to linger, he would keep trying her line, but he knew her too well; she must have gone out. He took his car keys, got into his car and rode straight to Rhythms hall. As he drove he kept on trying to reach Maggie's line, but there was no response from her.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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