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Paradise Street. Chapter Eleven.

I am a woman and a lover of women. An emotional speaker and a love coach.


Maggie Thomas Okoroji just forwarded her complete book of poems entitled “The ten toes” to her boss. She sat in front of her dressing mirror missing Abuja and the company she worked for as a writer, when her husband demanded they relocate to Lagos; her boss told her she could work and communicate with them from home. Most of her research has been in Lagos. It has been quite an experience for her though; since the environment and people were quite new to her. Everything about her work was completely cliché free. It’s been one year now being in Lagos and she longed for Abuja. She couldn’t wait for the two years Peter her husband gave her, so they can both return back to Abuja. To him being away for two whole years from JGA Writing Techniques will make her sane again. She would have been less distracted from carrying out her family duties and bearing beautiful children.

As she stared into the mirror, she realized how more beautiful she had become. Her cheeks were fuller, her complexion more blended looking all creamy and bright. She stood up to observe her figure; imagine! It was rounder than before. Maybe it’s because she has been having lots of sex now. Being in Lagos made Peter the happiest husband, especially in bed. He had it almost every time he wanted now. And she felt it had made her hips grown larger. Peter had been right. The competition in the office was hell. Being around those crazy colleagues, fighting for muse here and there had gotten a toll on her. She loved her new look. She looked killing! Right about then, her phone rang.

Hello boss. She said smiling.

Hello Maggie, how are you enjoying crowded Lagos?

I miss Abuja and the company. She blurted out in her finest sexist voice. Then added; and I miss you too.

Yes I miss you too girl. We all do. The entire company does. But right now; the place I would love you to be in, is Lagos. God bless Peter’s soul for relocating.

Huh? Why do you say so?

Well because the biggest of all contract is in Lagos! I sent Mr Zack Danjuma the collection of poems and prose that you wrote when you were not yet married and he fell in love with them all!

Really? Wow. Maggie couldn’t hold her excitement.

And he has a big check for us because he is interested in is. He wants to turn your prose into scripts; shoot them and take your poems foreign.

Wow! Sir I can’t believe this! I mean am wowed! This is so great. She exclaimed throwing her right hand in the air; with her eyes beaming with excitement.

Yea! Really great for you and the company Maggie. So I have set a meeting with you and him today by 2pm.

Wow boss that fast! And am so happy.

But Maggie there is a problem. He paused.

What is it sir? She asked in a rush becoming afraid.

He doesn’t like dealing with married women, and since you wrote those poem and prose when you were still single and working for the company; I just told him you are still single. He ended the last line with a note that portrayed regret and desperation.

Oh that won’t be a problem sir. Maggie gave a laugh of a tough girl.

Really Maggie? Sounding like a fulfilled teacher, he beamed with a smile.

Yes Sir; I will discard the ring.

As she ended the call, she knew she had to bail on Ayo who had invited her to his daughter's open day. His wife had been ill for some days now and couldn’t afford to go with him. So he had asked Maggie to accompany him for a feminine touch.

Open days were usually fun with both parents being present. Class teachers would bring out all the students books for their parents to see their performance and ask one on one questions. Ayo felt two was better than one, but deep down he had this funny feeling that Maggie wouldn’t make it. So when he saw her call, he knew she wanted to bail.


Ayo drove his daughter down to school and proudly told her: Titi baby, daddy is here for your open month!

Not open month daddy, it’s open day.

Oh sorry dear, open day.

Has he walked into the school building with her, he desperately looked around and asked; so where is your teacher? I need to do this quickly and zoom out.

Look daddy! Here is she. Titi pointed to one little miss walking towards them.

Hello Mr Olawale, I am happy you came. I am miss Felicia, Titi’s class teacher.

Oh hello dear. Happy to meet you.

I am happier Sir. At least from now on, Titi's friends will stop mocking her about not having a father.

Well thank God for that. Ayo said. So let’s go straight to business; where are her books?

Come this way Sir. Walking over to her desk, and picking up some books form her table. She said exclaimed.

Here they are!

Hey Miss Felicia. What’s this am seeing? Pointing to a sheet of paper on her desk that had the title ‘Some poem'. A poem?

Oh yes Sir it is. I write poems as a hobby.

Wow please allow me read it.

Daddy! You are here to check out my books! Not Miss Felicia’s poem.

It’s alright Titi. Actually I was kind of hoping he would see it. We all know your father is a poet, so I was wishing he would help publish my poems.

Wow Felicia! You wrote this? Pointing the poem to her.

Yes Sir! In fact you haven’t seen my best. She added with all pleasure.

Seriously! Do you have it here?

Yes Sir. I came prepared. You can sit over there and read them while I attend to other parents.

Titi looked dismayed. She was just soo frustrated and disappointed in her father. She collapsed into the next available chair, wishing Mrs Margaret Thomas had accompanied her father as planned. She would have cautioned him. If only Titi knew what Maggie was up to, she would have known that being with her here in her school; would have saved Maggie even more.

Maggie Thomas walked majestically into the reserved bar that was picked for their meeting. She saw someone that fit the description of Mr Zack sitting on a huge chair; which looked extra large with his rather too little body in it: facing her. Legs crossed, with a glass of wine in hand.

I am sure you are Maggie. She asked like a statement.

Yea sir I am. She replied in an effort to sound casual and single. Why are we the only ones here? She asked.

He ignored her question. You are right on time beloved! He exclaimed in his northern accent. Right on time with the right dress on.

Thanks Sir. She flashed him a smile.

Yes. So we are going to be quick about this. I have seen your work and as you have heard from your boss; so it is. But I don’t know if you have other writers in mind to introduce to me?

Of course Sir, I do. But what is going to be my gain in making them shine?

Hmmm simple! The same gain that Mr Phil your boss will get for your work when we shoot it.

Wow! Cool Sir. So anything I need to sign?

Nope. All has been signed by your boss Mr Phil. I just wanted to meet you in person. But when you get me those other writers, then we will have some signing to do.

Okay sir. She begins to stand up from the chair he had offered her with his hand.

But wait Maggie, I heard you were single? He asked doubtfully.

She sensed his tone. Yes I am single. Then added; recklessly single.

Wow I love that! Recklessly single! Do you like my table Maggie?

Yes sir. It’s like a writer’s. She lied.

Beautiful! I love that: Like a writer’s. So can you this recklessly single writer dance on my table? After all you called it a writers table. Can you?

Of course Sir. After all am recklessly single. She smiled.

Getting up from his chair, Maggie realize that he wasn’t only very short and tiny, but he also limped. This creep. She whispered.

I love Rihanna. I dream of her daily. Tell me which of her song should I play? He asked as he got to his CD player.

Fading Away is fine.

She climbs on the table as the song began, and dances. Hope I am doing well? She asked him.

Now that’s my Maggie! Roll it girl, roll it. He screamed like a creep. Roll your waist down on the table. Fade all your stress away on my table. Wow! Roll your boobs on the table too. Yea kiss it. Yeah you are indeed a writer. Writers are the best dancers. Wow! As the song ends; he claps like a crazy fan.

Wow Maggie that was great!

I told you sir; I am recklessly single. Gasping for breath. Good day sir, turns to leave so as to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

But she was stopped half way out by her top fan.

Wait Maggie! Who owns this ring? It dropped from the table to the floor. He asked picking up Maggie’s wedding ring that had dropped from the pocket of her jumpsuit.

Freezing and turning around slowly. She told a lie that could end her marriage. That’s not mine. Am single. It must be for one of your client’s.

Oh yes. It must be the cleaners ring. Bye Maggie. He waved her.

As Maggie walked out into the open air, she blasted the air.

What the hell! My husband will kill me today. It must have fallen out my pocket when I was dancing. I better come up with a plan to convince Peter that I lost it. I need to call Ayo, he must help me out.

As she got into her Benz SUV that Peter had gifted her, she dialed Ayo's number; but Ayo was not in the mood for anything other than Miss Felicia’s peoms in his hands. He ignored her calls.

Wow Felicia, I have been reading your poems it’s so splendid. You know what?

What is it Mr Olawale?

I want to publish your poems.

Wow Sir! Do you mean it?

Yes. Now go print them out neatly and send them through Titi. But let me give you my phone number first.

Okay sir let me have it so I can ring you now.

Wow Felicia I love you, love you! This is so wonderful! I am feeling so excited.

Gosh daddy please stop saying that! Titi lamented. My friends are listening. How can you be saying you love my class teacher? And you haven’t even checked my books.

Oh Titi you worry too much. Am here now. And now your friends know you have a daddy. Do not worry about your books, I am sure they are wonderful! Right Felicia? Staring at her for approval.

Yes sir. Titi is my best student.

You heard that Titi. Now tell daddy bye! He pecked her and walked away.

Titi's daddy is in love with Miss Felicia! Titi's daddy is in love with Miss Felicia! The students sang and laughed.

Shut up you fools! Shut up! Oh God. I will punish dad when I get home! Just see how he has embarrassed me.


Maggie later got in touch with Ayo and booked an appointment at Emeka's residence for 6pm. She later called George whose wife was due to give birth anytime soon; and George was glad to have a valid reason to escape Linda's pregnancy complaints. Then Emeka was the last to know that a meeting was to be held in his home by 6pm. He was a divorced writer; what other plans will he have than having a quiet house to himself by evening. She knew he would be home. And it was a done deal.

Emeka was glad to receive her by evening. Hello Maggie come in.

Hi Emeka, how you dey?

I dey o. So what’s the gist? He couldn’t wait for her to sit before he asked.

There is one big sponsor in need of investing on your prose. He wants to make scripts out of them and shoot a film.

Wow Meg that’s great news! And for a news like this; we get some fruit juice to bring out the life in us. He laughed. Can you please get it from the fridge? He asked as he cleared his crowded table of books.

There was a knock on the door and he opened for the other two gentle men; George and Ayo.

Hello gentlemen. He greeted.

If I hear! They both replied laughing loud. Gentlemen indeed!

Where is Meg? Ayo asked.

Here I am! She approached smiling with a tray of juice and glass cups.

Oh and our day has just begun! George said.

Wait Meg. Ayo looking straight at her left hand as she held the glass she poured the juice in. Where is your wedding ring?

Yea. That discussion was for the three missed calls I gave you earlier in the day.

I hope you and Peter are not getting a divorce like I and Rose? Emeka asked concerned.

No, no. Never! Nothing like that. Why would you ask something like that?

Because that’s how it starts. The ring gets missing.

Okay everyone, hold up your glasses! George who was not in the mood for marriage sermon's changed the subject. Now let’s drink to this gathering. One two three go!

As everyone drank their juice according to George’s command; Maggie was the first to spite it out.

Gosh what the hell is this Emeka!

Yea mine tastes sour. George added.

And smell awful too. Emeka, is this juice expired? Ayo asked staring at the glass.

Guys wait, are you thinking what I am thinking? Maggie asked giving out an awful look.

No way! It’s urine, it’s urine! Emeka said jumping and running off to his sink to rinse his mouth with water. The others follow suit; coughing and putting their fingers into their throat to try vomit.

But what is the meaning of this Emeka! Maggie finally asked.

Oh damn am so sorry. I haven’t changed the locks to my door yet. My kids must have done this, they have been messing with me ever since.

No wonder the seal was broken when I brought it out of the fridge. I just overlooked it since it’s in your home. And it’s damn cold I just wanted to drink it.

Don’t blame yourself Maggie. It isn’t your fault. I shall deal with Rose and those kids today! Emeka shouted.

Please I have to leave. Maggie said. Let’s postpone this meeting. I have to go brush my mouth before I kiss my husband.

Me too. My wife is with child. George followed suit.

Me three. Ayo added. And this is the last time we meeting in your place Emeka.

Emeka left his house along with his friends. Apologized again to them and marched off to the duplex he once shared with his ex wife; Rose.

Rose! Rose! He banged the door. Come out here you this artificial Rose.

Really is that our father looking for our mother? His children asked themselves for within.

You this two little rats! Gloria and Francis; if I get you eh!

Really you want to get us dad? They shouted from inside.

Yea! So much! He responded.

Okay! We are opening the door now, come in.

He marched in only to be poured dirty dishes water right at the corridor. With a scream of a mighty man; Emeka fell to the ground. Lamenting.

O my God Emeka you have suffered. What crime did I do to bring this kids to this world? He asked himself pitifully as he sat on the floor in a pool of dirty water.

Your crime is forsaking us and divorcing our mother because of your stupid writing! Gloria answered him.

But I still take care of you all! He replied.

Money isn’t everything dad! Francis snouted. Is it money that writes your books? If you would have cuddle us the way you cuddle your books; we would have loved you more than how your books love you. Francis finalized. And that was how that night was over for Emeka.


As Maggie came out of her bathroom, Peter her husband was laughing hard.

Honey it’s okay. You have brushed your teeth more than twelve times this night.

Peter you don’t know what it was like to drink those children urine. It smelt like a million goats! I have even taken some antibiotics for bacteria and running stomach.

Sweetheart it’s okay. Let’s just have our Bible reading and go to bed. Today is about lying. And ….. Wait hon, where is your ring? He asked just noticing her vacant finger.

Oh my love! I thought you would never asked. Fakes a cry, then continued with a lie. It was stolen honey.

What! I wanted to ask but this your urine drinking night made it escape my mind.

I have been having a bad day babe. Some young boys blocked me and requested for my ring. It was a quick one, so they fled before I could scream.

Oh my God Margaret, I hope they didn’t touch you? He asked grabbing her by the shoulder.

No thank God. Now feeling sorry for him. Am fine hon. She added.

But which area did this happen?

Please I don’t want to talk about it Pete. It’s so sad I had to lose that expensive ring you bought me.

It’s okay honey. Hugging her tightly. You are more expensive and more treasured than that ring. Will order for another tomorrow.

Oh thanks honey.

So let’s complete our Bible reading so you can go to bed now. Today is about lies.

What lies?

Yes Maggie can’t you see it? Pointing to the verses.

Oh God why today? Talks to herself.

Anyways we’ve never lied to each other before, so there is no need talking too much on this. So Maggie just read the verses for tonight.

What? Me? I have eye problem.

Okay I will read. That urine really did something to you. Smiling.

No please don’t read it Pete. My ears are hurting and have got a headache, I need to sleep.

Feeling sorry for her. It’s okay love. Go to bed okay. I love you from my skeleton to my flesh. Kisses her.

Goodnight baby. Poor guy; she says to herself. He loves me so much.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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