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Paradise Street. Chapter Eighteen.

I am a writer, a customer care rep, a business administrator, a lover of life and a successful single lady who sees every child as hers.


Maggie’s had promised her husband to see the psychologist. And that is why she was in his office waiting for him.

Sorry for keeping you waiting Maggie. I had to receive this call outside.

Wait. How did you know my name? I hadn’t told you that before your phone rang and you went out.

I am one of your crazy fans. He smiled. I read your poems online.

Wow! Am flattered.

Don’t be. You more than that. Your poems are wonderful! Splendid! Marvelous! In fact am wowed. Damn girl you rock!

Really? My husband thinks am crazy.

What! He is the crazy one for calling you crazy.

Now that made me smile. It’s good to hear that.

I cannot believe I am seeing you face to face and in my office! You know what? Do me the honor of taking a great poet out.

Really? So fast?

Yeah. Please I can’t host you this great mind in this crazy office.

You know what? I love fast guys. She flirted.

Cool. Thank God am fast.

But doctor, I am married. She showed off her ring.

Please it’s Marcus. And it doesn’t matter if you are. Smiling, he continued. Or does it?

Okay doctor, am all yours. Going out sounds great than being in this crazy office. She laughed as he took her hand and close the door behind them.

It was three hours later before Maggie returned home. And as usual, Peter was already worried.

For God’s sake Maggie, why did you stay soo long?

What is it Peter? I went to see the doctor.

I know I know. So what did he say? And why are you just smiling?

I am smiling because I am happy.




Well because I am getting cured in a special way.

Wow really. Getting interested. I hope this works. Can I go with you on your next appointment?

No Peter. You don’t have too. Marcus has everything under control.

Hmmm Marcus! Is that what you call him?

Yes. And what’s wrong with that?

I thought it’s suppose to be doctor Marcus. And the way you called the Marcus with so much sensation.

For God’s sake Peter! You asked me to go see a psychologist. I did! Now what’s your problem?

Well it’s just that I know the excitement in your eyes. I have seen it when you write. And now I am seeing it in your eyes after seeing doctor Marcus.


So there is more to it. And you not saying.

Oh stop insinuating Peter.

Hmmm is all I can say for now. But don’t forget I am a prudent man. I know how to watch what is mine.

Am going to get some rest now. Baby needs it. She knew when she mentioned baby needs it; Peter will let her rest. How she loves this baby! She said to herself smiling.

Unlike Maggie, Nike craved for her husband’s attention. Ever since the day they started dating till now. She was tired of being in the hospital. She needed to go home to her kids and husband. As she came home, she thanked God she didn’t die. Her home was perfect.

Mummy, Mummy! It’s so good to have you back! Her children shouted.

Awww thanks honey. She hugged them tightly. How have you been dears?

Good mum. Titi went on. Mum, dad said you got bitten by a dog on your way to the store.

Really? Nike looked surprised.

Don’t worry mum, I won’t throw stones at Mr Greg’s dog again so it won’t bite me. Tunde promised.

Awww nice lesson dear. And very ironical Ayo!

What’s ironical in it Nike? Ayo asked from the other end of the parlor.

Well the dog happens to live in this house and is standing next to me now, and I don’t have to go to the store before it bites me.

Okay kids! Round table, round table. I need your audience. Ayo announces.

Okay dad what’s it? His son asks as they all come around.

I want to apologize for all the pains and inconsideration I have caused this family. From hence forth, I shall put all your emotional needs ahead of writing. So what do you guys have to say?

Well dad. As your one and only son, I forgive you.

Thanks son.

Well dad, next time do not steal my class teacher the way you stole Miss Felicia.

And as for me. Nike said. I will forgive you if you sit with I and the kids every evening to watch TV and play cards.

Okay. So am I forgiven?

Yes dear, you are

Good then. So how about I make breakfast for a start.

Please don’t burn down the house dad.

Don’t worry son. He won’t be entering the kitchen with his pen, phone or laptop. Without those, we are safe.

They all laughed and joined their mother on the sofa, while Ayo turned chef. While this family reunited, there was another family on the street fighting for a reunion.


Dad open! It’s chichi, mum and the rest! She rang the bell again. Your five children are here. We told you today is your wedding remember? Kennedy bang this door abeg!

Dad, if you do not open this door now, we will break it down. Kennedy banged harder.

Hey hey! Who are you and what are you doing here? A voice called from behind the house, as they emerged.

And who are you and what are you to ask us that question. Kenneth asked.

We are police men, as our uniform shows. Mr Emeka put us in charge of his house. We were also giving the authority to arrest anyone we see breaking in. Just as we once arrested this woman. Pointing to Rose.

What! You had arrested my mother before?

Can you now see Chichi what your father has been doing to me? I only came to ask if he was hungry and these two men arrested me. She lied. She was also regretting why she forgot to return the flash she took his book from. If she had, he wouldn’t had traced it to her. She thought to herself.

God have mercy! Kennedy, Kenneth, Gloria, Francis. Let’s all show these two skinny men who we are. When we are done with them, they will never accept this kind of job again! They will never interfere in family matters again!

Madam abeg we dey go! Abeg we no come fight. Kayaode me I don waka o!

Abeg I dey follow you Kunle.

Get out of here! You should have stayed na. Fools! Let me see your hopeless self’s here again. Mum, go into the car; we are going to dad’s office. Am sure he must be there.

The drive was up to an hour but it appeared more than so because of the anticipation behind the visit. At last they arrived, and stormed the building.

Where is my Father? Chichi asked her father's faithful partner Mr Chris.

Oh my God not today. Look at me Rose, your husband is holding a big meeting now that will make this company the biggest…..

Oh shutup Mr chris! That’s what you’ve always done. Use my husband to get big shots and share the money equally. You don’t care if his family is torn apart because of your ambition. Go in there now and get my husband. Stop pushing my husband away from us! Stop making him turn his back on what’s more important.

I can’t call him now. You have to wait. Chris ignored the accusations.

Daddy! Dadddy! Chichi called at the top of her voice. Come out we are here.

Emeka! Rose shouted. The kids are here o! To get us married today!

Daddy! Daddy! The rest joined the call.

For goodness sake! Stop screaming. Stop, this is an office. Chris tried to quiet them down but to no avail.

What is going on here? The screams disturbed our meeting. An average looking man in very expensive suit approached them with that question.

Oh soo sorry again Mr Val. So sorry for the trouble. They are Mr Emeka’s family and need his attention immediately.

Rose! What on earth is this? Emeka asked looking too displeased.

Emeka, we told you yesterday didn’t we?

And you think you can force me to marry you? Rose.

Oh yes! Yes o! It is by force. I gave you 25years of my life. Gave you five beautiful children. And forgot about my profession all because of you. I thought if I divorce you, you will have a change of heart and know what’s more important but you didn’t. Maybe you need more force to make that sink into your thick Igbo head.

Daddy. Chichi came in. Please come now, we need to go sign.

Sign what Mr Emeka? Mr Chris asked.

Mr Chris, my family wants me to remarry their mother.

What! No no. You write more now and make more money for the company than when you were married. No you can’t marry again; we only do it once.

Emeka you see! You have allowed this man that works for you to ruin us. Oh you are a big fool! And look at me Emmy. Just look at me! Remember how we started? How we use to really love each other? And I still love you my crazy writer and I love our family. Don’t let writing ruin us any further. I won’t force a yes out of you. No I won’t . If you want to marry me again, you know where to find me. Turning to their children she said. Kids, please let’s leave.

Wait Rose! Do I still look handsome?

Yes. She answered shyly.

But? He winked.

But. She laughed and added. You look older.

Those were the exact words you said when I asked you out. You always didn’t like the ten years gap, but you loved me instead. Let’s go get married Rose.


Yes now?

Yes yes! I will marry you. Runs into his arms.

Yes! dad and mum are back! We did it! We did it! Their children shouted joyfully.

Mr Val coughs to get their attention. When you are actually ready to do business Mr Chris, let me know. I am out of here.

Oh no not again Mr val! Chris lamented in despair.

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