Paradise--A Scifi Romance Novel--Chapter 1

Updated on October 15, 2018
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Evelyn has published 2 novels, Justice Lost and Rescue, and 2 scifi/fantasy short stories in magazines.

Chapter 1

Ember's lips moved in time with hers. Sky tried to avoid the place on his lower lip which was split; she could taste the dried blood.

Desire built inside her, and she feared she might get carried away. She didn’t want to hurt him. Not after he had been attacked by her father for defending her. So a gentle kiss was as far as they could go.

But would a kiss be all she’d be able to do, even when he was healed? She wanted to give him all of herself, immerse in his love, be all that they had been together. Would they go back to their passionate abandon, or would there be tension between them? Would she fear his touch—fear that he would not hold back, as he had the last time? Not as if it was his fault…she had asked him to do it.

She lifted away from him, his golden-brown skin marred with red scars, branching from the central point on his chest where Sky’s father had hit him with lightning.

His golden eyes caught hers. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You weren’t hurting me. I barely noticed any pain.”

She caressed his shoulder, one of the few places free of lightning scars. “I don’t want to risk it. We’ll have to wait a while before….”

A jolt of relief shot through her. Followed by guilt. How could she possibly dread the love they had together? Perhaps she had forever ruined it by her foolish request…..

Part of her guilt was assuaged by the fact that she also ached for his touch—yearned for his embrace, his skin pressed to hers…. Contradictory emotions roiled inside her; she didn’t know how much more of this she could take.

“I don’t want to hurt you either. I mean—after what I did to you. It’ll take several days for the injuries to heal. And even then…” A furrow crossed his brow. “I…don’t know how you can ever trust me again. I hurt you. I’m no better than your father.” He closed his eyes.

She swept her palm to his cheek. “Ember, you are—infinitely better than my father. You risked your life to punish him for what he did to me. I mean, your anger, when you—“ Her voice caught in her throat. “When you found out about—I never thought that anyone would want to defend me. I felt worthless. And then—you made me feel—precious. Valuable.” Tears slipped from her eyes, spilling over her cheeks. “I still don’t see how you could love me so much. How anyone could want me, especially someone—so amazing. I’m not worth risking your life.”

He caressed her chin. “You are worth—everything.”

A tear slipped from her cheek to land on his chest. On one of the raw scars. She gasped. “Sorry! Does that hurt?”

“Not with the salve.” He lifted his hand to her cheek and softly brushed away the tears. “I want to give you so much. All that you deserve. But I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to wait for a while before we…go all the way again.”

“We have to. It’s our honeymoon.”

“We don’t have to do anything. Remember what I said when we first were alone? We didn’t have to consummate the marriage on the wedding night. The only thing that matters is what you want.”

“What about what you want?”

“I want you to be happy. If it made you happy to never make love again for the rest of our lives, I would savor the memories, and I would immerse in the glory of your presence, if you still wanted me at your side.”

“Ember—I never want to be further from you than this.” She caressed his cheek with a trembling hand. “I want you. More than ever.” She leaned over, kissed his chest, careful not to touch the scars. His muscles, beneath his smooth skin—so firm, glorious—Her stomach flipped over; she was almost sick with longing. She made herself lift away from him before she got carried away. “We’ll wait for a couple days while we get better. But as soon as I’m healed, and as soon as your scars don’t hurt anymore, I don’t want to keep myself from you. I don’t want anything to come between us—especially what I did. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine—and my father’s.”

“Sky, it wasn’t your fault at all. After what—he did to you, it’s no wonder you couldn’t deal with it. You thought you could erase it with more pain. That still doesn’t make sense to me—but that’s no excuse for what I did. I hurt you. I lost control. That is unforgivable.”

“I forgive you.” She kissed his cheek. His mouth, so near—so enticing—

“Thank you, Sky.”

“You are worth everything. Any amount of pain.”

“You shouldn’t have to endure it. Especially not because of me. If you feel the least bit of discomfort, tell me, and I’ll stop. I’ll do everything I can to make up for what I did.”

“I will too. I mean—I should never have asked you to hurt me. I just—want everything to go back to how it was.”

“We have this chance—two weeks all to ourselves. We’ll be able to start over. I want to take this time to get to know you. Just—immerse in our time together, not think of anything else. Give you all of my love. There will be no pain in this paradise.”

It sounded amazing. She wished she could shed the bit of apprehension—but she knew, when the time came, she’d give herself to him. She wanted him too much to hold back. She only hoped she didn’t flinch or anything so he wouldn’t hesitate—he’d give her all his love—so she could totally enjoy their honeymoon, after they healed. And as they healed, she could get to know him in other ways…give him fleeting kisses and touches as a foretaste of the passion to come, all the better for the waiting….

She allowed herself the indulgence of kissing him on the mouth. She meant a brief kiss, but his lips were so enticing.

She slid her hand into his silken hair and he responded to her movements, leaning into the kiss, pressing his lips firmly to hers…..

He was amazing, exhilarating. Thrills raced over her back and arms. His lips opened to allow her entrance, and she touched his tongue, a brief hint of his taste—

More. She wanted more. Ah—my Ember—She ached, a deep pain where his lightning had burned her—but she didn’t care. His lips met hers in a frenzy of motion and light, the gold tone of his skin flashing, his eyes blazing into hers, his hair black as midnight—She ran her hand delicately down his side, skipping between scars. He gasped, and it made her want him all the more.

She devoured his mouth and plunged into bliss, desire fueling her, racing over her skin, she couldn’t get enough of him—more wonderful than any nectar she’d ever tasted—more intoxicating than any drug—

Longing surged through her and a cold-heat danced over her skin and snapped across her fingertips and a bright blue arc zapped from her lips to his.

He cried out.

She scrambled away from him, horrified.

I hurt Ember! But how? My lightning is nothing. I….don’t usually have much of it, even when we’re making love—

“Ember! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay.” He sat up. “It wasn’t bad….” He touched his lips, his trembling hand denying his words.

“My lightning is usually so weak—I mean, I’ve never even learned to hold back, because it wasn’t enough to matter.”

He ran his hand gingerly over his side, where her fingers had sparked against his scars.

New scars laced across the others.

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