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Paint My Heart. Act Two.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Naomi at training.

BOSS: Hey Naomi, I find this your red overall so funny, anyway I know it is your third day in this paint company with us. You have not told me why you suddenly decided to paint houses. Whatever skill you learned from me during your short vacations were just the basis. But notwithstanding, I will help you blindly in whatever way I can because you still like my little girl.

NAOMI: Thanks boss. Please just help me ease my pain till am ready to talk about. And uncle Alex, please don't me calling you boss, i just want to sound professional.

BOSS: It's okay dear. You are getting it just fine and am so impressed, so since the other painters are not around I have a small task for you.

NAOMI: Really! Sir, please what is it?

BOSS: You are going to paint Mr Okeke's dog house.

NAOMI: Oh my God! I hate dogs, I'm afraid of them.

BOSS: Well he hasn't brought the dog home yet but will be bringing it home today, so he wants the dog house painted.

NAOMI: Okay sir, but which color did he choose?

BOSS: Here is his house address go there, and he said you should choose a colour and paint from your heart with love. So just pick two 4litres paint in the store, you know the price, its just a dog house and tell him how much the paint is. Charge him for labour too; so I can know how you are improving on quotation.

NAOMI: Wow sir, am so happy am doing this, don't worry sir, I will do a great job, I will paint from my heart with love.

BOSS. That's my Naomi.

At Okeke's house the client.

NAOMI. Hello sir,

MR OKEKE: Hii what do you want?

NAOMI: Am from Touch and paint ventures, my names are Naomi Edwards and I'm here to paint your dog house.

MR OKEKE: Oh you? But why are you the one painting?

NAOMI: Well, because i want to paint everyone's property with love and you know love is lacking in this world. So a female painter, is an extra touch.

MR OKEKE : Ok female painter. The cage is at the back, just drop the bill and your phone number, will call you by 4pm when I'm back.

NAOMI: Yes sir.

MR OKEKE: Hope it is a nice colour miss extra touch( looking at her left hand) I can see you are not married, maybe later on when I return I can pick you up for a drink. You too beautiful to be doing this you know. We can talk and I can connect you to bigger stuffs...

NAOMI: ( cuts in) Sorry sir I just love painting.

MR OKEKE: Alright then, I can give you bigger contracts that can fetch you better cash, and your boss will be happy with you. Just do a good job on the dog house. I cannot wait to see the color you will use. I just want to keep myself in that suspense.

NAOMI: You will love it, it is the colour of my heart


4pm at Okeke's house.

MR OKEKE: Hello is this Naomi Edwards on the line?

NAOMI: Yes sir.

MR OKEKE: You know when you said you were going to paint the dog's cage with the colour of your heart, I never knew it was your literal heart you were to.

NAOMI: Wow! You love the red dog house sir? I knew you will love it.

MR OKEKE: Even my dog hates it, immediately it saw the cage, it ran back.

NAOMI: Oh no!

MR OKEKE: O yes! of all the colours, you chose red? To paint a dogs cage? you know what? Am sending my maid to give you the money for the red job done because I am afraid if you come for it, my dog will sense you painted it and eat you up.

NAOMI. Oh my God!!! That bad?

MR OKEKE:O yes that bad! I had to call a street painter to quickly come do something on the cage. Now my dog cannot sleep in it tonight because it won't dry now. If not because I like you Naomi, I won't even pay a dime for your job or paint. Mr Alex has been a good friend of mine and I don't want you to lose your job so am over looking it. But your painting style was professional anyways. Buy am not going to take you out for dinner again because I need to cool off with the extra stress you have given me today. Maybe some other time.(cuts line off)

NAOMI: Am soo sorry Sir, I thought.... ( realising he has hung off) huh? Who does he even think he is? Am a doctor not a painter! Stupid thing, talking of taking me out. Thank God I painted the dog cage red! Hahahhha goat. I don't even care! I have painted, I have painted and I deserve my cash.

Naomi's residence in the evening.

Mum: Hey Naomi, how was your day?

NAOMI: Sweet and bitter but that aside, did you call dad today?

MUM: Yes, but a woman answered and said dad doesn't want to be disturbed and he is not dead.

NAOMI:Oh so now he switches on his phone and gives it to a woman to answer? who is she?

MUM: She said she is the landlady.

NAOMI: His landlady?

MUM: She sounded very old, said she advised his to put on his phone, so we don't think he is dead already and she volunteered to answer his calls.

NAOMI: But why is dad.........(phone rings) oh its my boss, hold on mum.

Hello sir.

BOSS: Hey red.

NAOMI: Oh he told you. You asked me to paint with love sir and red is my favorite colour and it represents love, so i chose red for the dog's house.

BOSS: Naomi I think you know how to paint but you don't know how to choose colours, so we shall start that lesson from tomorrow and just a tip: you don't paint a cage or property with your favourite colours you paint what will look best on that property, or else you will start painting all properties red! See you tomorrow. (ends call)

MUM: What was that?

NAOMI: The sweet and bitter part of my day; I chose a wrong colour.

MUM: Naomi, do you still want to continue with this painting thing? I thought you will be tired of it by now, your course mates have been calling the house saying, they have been trying to reach you but you have been avoiding their calls. So i told them you went for a trip with your father and left your phone at home, but when you are back, you will resume.

NAOMI: Mum please stop telling them that. Tell them the truth. Tell them am now a painter till God knows when. You know what? I will tell them, it's high time they even know, that i am a painter now.

MUM: Naomi stop, for Gods sake, stop this madness. You need therapy not painting. Let's go therapy together, let's talk over things, am here for you Naomi. I cannot watch you ruin your life and career.

NAOMI: Please don't even call me Naomi again, for i am no longer Naomi but Mara. Everything I have has been taken away from me, my dad, my dreams, medicine which is my passion and now my boss is complaining about my work, so please stop calling me Naomi, am going to bed, night mum.

MUM: (shouts behind her) Alex the painter can never be your boss, I reject that for you! If you do not stop going to that stupid’s man's paint company; I will have to visit him and warn him to stop corrupting my daughter's mind with his concoction he calls paint!

NAOMI: (pauses) Don't even try that mum. You just might lose me forever. Touch and paint ventures is the only place I find solace in right now. It's the only thing I can think of now to paint this sorrow off my heart. You just don't understand. You have never understood me. Only dad does. (Walks off)

MUM: ( breathes out heavily, crying softly) but am your mother.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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