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Paint My Heart. Act Twelve.

I am a love coach, and an expert at developing the law of attraction in any relationship.



Mrs Edwards: (phone rings) (picks up) Hello who is on the line?

Mr Edwards: Hello Mary it’s Matthew.

Mrs Edwards: (Jumping up) honey you have been avoiding my calls, why on earth have you been doing that? And this is a local number, where are you?

Mr Edwards: I'm coming home Mary in 30mins, just wanted to make sure you home. And your questions shall be medically answered when I get there.

Mrs Edwards. And what do you mean by medically answered? I am asking you why you haven't been picking my calls and you are talking about answering me medically. Honey what's going on? Are you dying baby?

Mr Edwards: Mary dear, please I am coming okay.

Mrs Edwards: Okay till then, bye. Hangs up.

(Door bell rings next)

Mrs Edwards: Who is it?

Naomi: Mum it I Naomi.

Mrs Edwards: (opens door) Naomi why are you home by this time? And who is this? (pointing to Bob)

Naomi: He is my colleague, Bob is his name.

Bob: Hello ma.

Mrs Edwards: Hello.

Naomi: Mum remember I was ill when I left for Mr Felix's house and because I saw how urgently my boss needed the cheque I just decided to go get it. But he had already sent Bob and he met me there and then brought me back
because I am ill. ( winking at her mother to agree with her lie)

Mrs Edwards: Oh (wondering when they had that conversation) yeah, yeah true dear.

Bob: Okay Naomi take your medication and get well soon, I gat to go now bye and take care ma.(leaves disappointed)

Mrs Edwards: Yeah bye Bob.

(Goes into the house with Naomi)

Naomi: Don't ask!

Mrs Edwards: I would have but there is something more pressing on ground. (Rubs her palms together) Your father is on his way here so help me make carrot juice that's his favorite.

Naomi: Mum are you serious or joking? You mean at last dad is coming home? (Wears a broad smile)

Mrs Edwards: Honey I find it hard to believe but he just called and said so. (crying) at last everything will go back to normal.

Naomi: Yeah (crying along)

Mrs Edwards: (Holds her hand crying harder) And you too will stop painting and go back to being a doctor. (Wipes her tears) Now go to the kitchen and prepare the juice while I sit in the living room and wait for him.

Naomi: Okay mum. (Leaves for the kitchen)



Mrs Edwards: (opens the door) Matthew! Honey! (hugs him tightly) who is this! (pointing to the woman beside Matthew)

Mr Edwards: Oh honey this is Jennifer Stone, my psychiatrist.
Mrs Edwards. Are you crazy too? (Surprised)
Mr Edwards. Mary please can I enter into my house? (Turning to the doctor) please come in doctor
Naomi. Oh daddy! My sweet daddy! (runs to hug him) welcome home.

Mrs Edwards: (opens the door) Matthew! Honey! (hugs him tightly) who is this! (pointing to the woman beside Matthew)

Mr Edwards: Oh honey this is Jennifer Stone, my psychiatrist.
Mrs Edwards. Are you crazy too? (Surprised)
Mr Edwards. Mary please can I enter into my house? (Turning to the doctor) please come in doctor
Naomi. Oh daddy! My sweet daddy! (runs to hug him) welcome home. And who is she? (Referring to the doctor)

Jennifer: Hey Naomi I am Jennifer Stone, your dad adores you so much. How you doing?

Mrs Edwards: Matthew please start talking. (Looks worried)

Jennifer: Although your husband is a doctor there are certain things he can't handle, like the state of the mind because its not his field. ( taking a sit by the wave of Matthew’s hand)

Mrs Edwards: So my husband wants to kill himself? was that how you came into the picture?

Jennifer: No. I am a dentist, he came to my clinic.

Mrs Edwards: I thought you are a psychiatrist? Oh for teeth! (Sounding annoyed)

Jennifer: Very funny. Well I sudied psychology and work in a government hospital, but later on I had this flare for teeth so I said ''why not go back to the university to become a dentist'' so when I was done, I
opened my own private dental clinic.

Mrs Edwards: So where did you meet my husband?

Jennifer: He came to my dental clinic complaining of a tooth ache and when I was about to check it out he said ''please be careful I have HIV and I said oh! I feel like sticking my tongue into your mouth. ( now laughing)

Mrs Edwards: Oh how hilarious. Matthew dear, if she had stuck her tongue into your mouth, you do know I will be sticking a divorce paper there to right?

Jennifer: Oh I just said that to calm his nerves. HIV patients are tensed and scary so they need to be calmed down and a joke did it.

Mrs Edwards: Matthew, you left this home because you were afraid you would infect us. But now look at you sitting so closely and at ease with this strange woman.

Naomi: Okay dad come with me, we need to talk privately.

Jennifer: Naomi, matters of the heart is best left for a psychologist. There's little or nothing you can do.

Naomi: Oh no there is a whole lot I can do. You see like you, I am a very versatile person. I am a surgeon and a painter. All I have to do is perform surgery on my dad's brain and remove whatever crazy words
you must have put there, and as a painter I will paint I and my mother back into his brain, which obviously you have removed. Let's go daddy. (Leads her father by the hand to her bedroom.


Mrs Edwards: Back off from my family.

Jennifer: Mary I Am not trying to steal your husband, you do remember he has HIV right?

Mrs Edwards: Yeah and you wanted to stick your tongue in his mouth.

Jennifer: I said that was.........

Mrs Edwards: Oh cut it off Jennifer, if you want to help as a good psychologist tell my husband to come home! To his family! He needs us and we need him too. Look at my daughter, from surgeon to painter.
Stop pushing my husband away from us, what is he doing with you? Is there a cure for Hiv? Answer me Jennifer!

Jennifer: Not yet.

Mrs Edwards: Then tell my husband to come home and let me nurse him, I know how to take care of an HIV patient without being infected. I need to spend time with him before he says goodbye forever.

Jennifer: Okay, you want to know the truth? I will give it to you. My husband had AIDS. I left him because unlike your husband, he got it through adultery. So I left him alive to die. But when I met Matthew, I fell
in love with him because he is so kind, sweet and faithful. And the way he got infected melted my heart. So yes Mary, all I want is to be there for him till he dies, so please go ahead and stick the divorce papers
into his mouth! And be fast about it because my dental instruments are dying to pick them out and make Matthew sign.

Mrs Edwards: Bitch!! (Getting up and moving towards her)

(dad and Naomi walks in and interrupts them)

Mr Edwards: Naomi I love you, be a good girl and take care of your mum okay.

Naomi: Yeah dad, I love you to.

Mrs Edwards: Matthew where do you think you are going?

Mr Edwards: Sorry Mary, (walking towards her) I didn’t come to stay. I will be sleeping at a hotel, will call you later. Love you.( gives her a peck)

Mrs Edwards: Don't you step out of this house Matthew! And where is this fat fool Jennifer going to?

Jennifer: Bye Mary. (Walking out with Matthew)

Mr Edwards: (Pauses) honey I came here so we can discuss things I cannot explain, and I wanted doctor Jennifer to.........

Mrs Edwards: (cuts in) wow! Doctor Jenny.

Mr Edwards: You know what Mary , the least thing on my mind now is love! I am dying! That's something I need to worry about. Bye (walks out)

Naomi: Mum calm down, dad still has some issues to deal with and you know it isn't easy for him to.

Mrs Edwards: Jennifer is about to steal your father.(looking fearful)

Naomi: What? Jennifer! How? (Looking surprised)

Mrs Edwards: Your dad is so attractive that even with Hiv he can still unknowingly attract a woman.

Naomi: Mum please (laughing) not Jennifer! She is fat and pale, but look at you all dolled up.

Mrs Edwards: So what were you discussing with your father? (Changing the subject)

Naomi: Hmm it’s about work and some issues I'm going through, nothing that will interest you.

Mrs Edwards: But what did he say?

Naomi: That he is trying to fix things and come home.

Mrs Edwards: When?

Naomi: Ask him when he calls, he didnt say. Mum, dad gave us a surprise visit, that is something. What if he hadn't come?

Mrs Edwards: Well then he shouldn't have come (walks out angrily)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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