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Paint My Heart. Act Three.

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.


Next Day At Work.

BOSS: So Naomi, today begins our big project we have been talking about, we are repainting the interior of Mr Felix Elliot's mansion. He doesn't want the exterior painted yet because he is not really in the mood for some light, according to him (I really don't know what that means) So it will be the best project to teach you the power and choice of colours. You will be going with us everyday to paint and learn.

NAOMI. Wow! sir, am honored. Thank you soo much sir for this distraction... Sorry I mean retraction. You know to retract myself on good color pick.

BOSS: Thinking within (this girl must be going through some shit! I wonder what it is)
No am honored to have you, a doctor working in my company, so get ready.

At The Mansion.

NAOMI: Wow look at his mansion! Beautiful! O I love it here than that Mr Okeke's dog house project.( laughing)

BOSS: Yeah, yeah, now you see why we are all so excited about this project. Okay! go ring the bell while we off load the drums of paint and painting equipment’s.

(Naomi Rings Door Bell, Door Opens)

FELIX: Hi you, what do you want?

NAOMI: Well am Naomi and am here to paint your house with love.

FELIX: Oh boy, you are dead. (Hits his hand on his head) I told Mark not to send anymore ladies to my house, the one that came last week used a similar stupid line. I don't need a woman's touch in my life! Am not into women! Just take this 5k for your transport ( dips his hand into his pocket) and time, bye.(slams door)

{Naomi presses bell again}

FELIX: [opens]What!

NAOMI. I think you got it all wrong, I am Naomi from touch and paint ventures and we are here to paint your mansion.

FELIX: You are a painter? You paint? Why?

NAOMI: Oh you are not the first client asking me that.........(boss approaches)

BOSS: Hello Mr Felix! Longtime! (Extends his hand for a hand shake)

FELIX. ( shakes his hand) Hello Mr Alex, how you doing?

BOSS: Better than ever! ( smiling ) oh I see you have met Naomi. Although she is still on training. she is mainly here to learn.

FELIX: Oh I hope she doesn't paint anything in the mansion, except the dogs house and the kids swings.

NAOMI: Oh you are married?

FELIX: Yes but my wife is dead.

NAOMI: She's dead? she died of HIV? (She asked in fear, then gets herself)

(Felix and boss turns to look at her in surprise)

FELIX: Do you have HIV Naomi?

NAOMI: No no no! How can you say that.(embarrassed)

FELIX: Thank God. OK I will leave you guys to do your thing. My servants will show you around. (Eyes Naomi) Do not paint my mansion, just learn.(walks out)


At Noon

FELIX: ( walks in on Naomi) Hey Naomi the painter or should I say learner. Where is your boss?

NAOMI: He has gone to eat. His wife prepares him lunch and he goes home to eat.

FELIX: And you?

NAOMI: Naa I don't like eating out and besides I ate this morning.

FELIX: But a snack will help your tommy from disappearing through your back. It's so flat. Come to the kitchen and fix yourself something. I don't need another death in my house. ( sounding sarcastic)

NAOMI: {goes with him} okay I don't mind, i don't even want to die too. Not to talk of dying in a clients home, and a sarcastic one at that. (Talking softly) walks into the kitchen: checking out your kitchen......... Wow!! Nice! Kitchen of kitchens! Soo beautiful! I have never see this before ( trying to sound sarcastic)

FELIX.: (laughing) I know what you doing painter and you are not funny. So help yourself out. You can make toast bread.

NAOMI: Okay can I make tea too?

FELIX: In this hot weather? Why not make some fresh juice? You are really a snake, cold blooded animal. Okay you free, fix whatever you want. (laughing and goes out)

NAOMI: {talking aloud} how do they put on this stove now? ( puts it on) wow incredible! (Trying to sound sarcastic again) Okay i will put water on the stove for tea while i make the toast.

Felix Walks In Again, Now With His Daughters.

FELIX: Hey Naomi, you haven't met my kids. They have the right to know the lady in the kitchen. This is Jane and this is Janet, they are twins.

NAOMI: ( smiling) hey girls how was school today?

TWINS: (answered together) Fine.

JANE: And more prettier than you in that stained overall in our kitchen, dad who is she?

FELIX: Our painter.

JANET: Obviously.( looking irritatingly at Naomi's overall)

FELIX: (Laughing) Okay girls, go bath.

GIRLS: Okay daddy. (goes out and give Naomi a warning look)

NAOMI: Mr Felix, please hold on, don't go with the girls.

FELIX: Okay girls go on. (Girls leave) Ok am all ears.

NAOMI: I find this portrait very disturbing.

FELIX: What?

NAOMI: Yeah, a portrait of a snake in the kitchen is disturbing.

FELIX: Oh that! My daughter's favourite pet.

NAOMI: Oh my sweet Jesus! Snake your kids favorite pet? Do you guys eat snakes to?

FELIX: No because it's their best pet.(rolling his eyes)

NAOMI: Wow Mr Felix, I love your eyes! (Looking straight at him)

FELIX: Naomi are you trying to seduce me?

NAOMI: Oh my God! You are very funny.

FELIX: I should be telling you that because your bread is not just toasting but roasting and you can't smell a thing.

NAOMI: Oh God! oh God!( running about. Switches off and brings it out)

FELIX: And your water for tea is drying up.

NAOMI: Oh God! Oh no! But why are you just standing there? Can't you help switch off one?

FELIX: Is this a date? why should i help you?

(Janet walks in)

JANET: Dad you should help so your house doesn't burn down and we will not have to go live with grandma in that cage she calls a wooden house of love.

FELIX: Common Janet, you know how much your grandma loves that house, so don't speak of it like that and Naomi is in control of things, right Naomi?( looks at her)

NAOMI: Yeah my food is ready and the lights are out (coughs) care to join me?

JANET: Yeah, you can choke on that if you like. Definitely not me. Happy choking dad.{walks out}

FELIX: Naomi. What a nice impression you have given my daughter on our first date.( smiling)

NAOMI: (falls down a tray) date!!

FELIX: Do you have to destroy my kitchen utensils to?

NAOMI: (smiling) Am sorry, just that the whole date thing caught me off.

FELIX: Yeah right, like the whole ''I love your eye's thing caught me off.

NAOMI: (laughing) Okay you win. But what about a date with me in your kitchen? we eat the toast and drink tea.

FELIX: Yeah you mean your roasted toast and dried up tea.

NAOMI: (looks at the tray of food) oh (-smiling-) well you can sit and watch while I eat.

FELIX: Good. Now is my turn to ask you a question. So what were you doing before you started this crazy dream?

NAOMI: I am a doctor. Was specializing in surgery when I decided to go for this crazy dream of painting. (Laughs)

FELIX: Wait! You are a doctor?

NAOMI: Yeah.

FELIX: Ha ha,. Now I know you are crazy. No wonder you burnt a common toast bread. So why did you stop practicing?

NAOMI: Please don't want to go there.

FELIX: You live with your parents?

NAOMI: Yeah.

FELIX: Where?

NAOMI: You want to come visit?

FELIX: Yeah and bring you a cooking book on how to prepare toast bread without getting it roasted.

NAOMI: Very funny. You know what? Lets have a real date.


NAOMI: So I can give you the benefit of the doubt to display better manners that day.

FELIX: Lol. You do know am your boss?

NAOMI: No. Mr Alex Williams is, you are just a client and if you don't cooperate, I won't paint your house red.

FELIX: Better don't, it would be awful.

NAOMI: I didn't really mean the colour red but......

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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