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Paint My Heart. Act Thirteen

I am a poet, and researcher of human interrelationships. I believe in the power of humility and the law of attraction.


The next day at Felix's mansion. Sunday 9:15am.

Naomi: (rings the bell)

Twins: (both open the door) we have been expecting you. (Smiling)

Naomi: Do you monsters have to open the door together? I mean do you do everything together?

Jane: Do you have a twin sister?

Naomi: No I am an only child.

Jane: Then you won't understand even if we explain ''why''.

Naomi: Okay so where is Felix? I mean your father?

Janet: Felix is sleeping.

Naomi: Okay, but didnt you all go to service this morning?

Jane: Are you here to pray for us? Because we really do need it.

Naomi: Really? Why? What did you girls do?

Janet: Why? You call us monsters! So we need prayers.

Jane: And as for what we have done? You will find out on Monday when you come for your stupid cheap cheque.

Naomi: Oh my God, that doesn't sound good.

Janet: Goodbye Naomi.

Naomi: Oh wait! I bought this for your dad. See, flowers! When he inhales it, he will feel my love and be fine.

Jane: Oh yeah? Can you inhale that please.

Naomi: (smiling) okay (inhales and sneezes)

Jane: Aunty Naomi, when will stop trying to kill my father? (cries fakely) Now you want him to sneeze to death. Our mother died giving birth to us, do you want to make us fatherless to?

Naomi: Oh no Jane honey, how can you say that? I know I am not so good with kids but I can be your .......

Janet: Mother? (Cuts in sarcastically)

Naomi: No......... Friend.

Janet: Thank God!!! I would have collapsed if you had said mother.

Naomi: Why?

Janet: Why? (pointing to the flower in her hand) because why has yellow flowers and a green branch. Bye Naomi. (Slams door)


Monday At Felix's Mansion.

Maid: Good morning Miss Naomi ( Greets as she opens the door)

Naomi: Hey Dorothy, please where are those monsters? They promised to give me a terrible surprise today ( looking around)

Maid: Oh! the thing is when they warn you in advance, then its a good surprise. But if they don't warn you then its a terrible one.

Naomi: Huh, but they asked me to pray for them.

Maid: Yeah, its called ''prayer of thanks''.

Naomi: Hmmm okay, I am here for the cheque.

Maid: Yeah Mr Felix said you should wait in the sturdy when you arrive. And I must confess you are quite early you know?

Naomi: Yeah I couldn't sleep. (Whispers)

Maid: Yeah I know. The same way I know you are not just here for the cheque (winks)

Naomi: Yeah (winks back).


Naomi: (talking to her self) But why is this man keeping so long to come down? (pollutes the air- poo!) Oh my God someone is coming! Why did that person choose now? (fans the air)

Felix: (enters) Hey painter.

Naomi: (Jumps around) Wow! Hey big man, what are you carrying? And thanks for avoiding me for two days. After the last time I saw you dying, I had the right to know if you were okay you know. (Glad to have seen him)

Felix: Hmm, that's why the twins made me promise to bring you breakfast because they said you have really been hard on yourself since that incident happened. So I made breakfast to apologize.

Naomi: Wow! So that's what they meant when they said I will find out on Monday! Thanks.

Felix: And don't worry its not salad.

Naomi: Oh my God!!! This is really a prayer of thanks. (Stares at the meal)

Felix: And if you don't come take this tray from me, I will dump it on the chair. God! You just standing there looking at me with love eyes and smiling.

Naomi: Oh no don't put it on the chair I just polluted on it.

Felix: (laughing) you know your sense of humor is really inhaling. You know what? I will sit on the chair and inhale the odor (laughs) come eat from my lap.

Naomi: Why not put the food on the table?

Felix: Because I want to watch your every spoon at a close range. So painter don't be shy, come eat from my lap. (Seats on the chair and beckons her)

Naomi: Wow French fries! And ketchup.(eats) hmm delicious, you prepared this?

Felix: The second promise I made to the twins was to prepare the food myself.

Naomi: Wow! Here, take a fork bite.

Felix: No I can't.

Naomi: Why not? Don't tell me you have charmed this food.

Felix: Do I have to? You are already in love with me (smiles). Well a fork will reduce one day from my life and I might give up now.

Naomi: (laughing) see who has a sense of humor now. Ok explain what you mean.

Felix: It means I am dying Naomi. I have got heart failure. I did a heart transplant 5years ago and later last year I slumped again and this bought heart is failing more rapidly than the original. Any moment
from now, I'm checking out of this world. (Winks)

Naomi: What a story! Wow I'm so scared! I hope I am not going to get a heart failure to by eating your fries. (laughing)

Felix: You know getting you serious is really a difficult task. Here! Look at the doctors report ( hands her an envelope from his pocket)

Naomi: (reads it) Oh my God Felix! When were you going to tell me this?

Felix: When I am about to check out.

Naomi: You know when you use the word ''check out'' it make me more sick! Do you know our one month anniversary is this week! And my fiancée now is telling me he is about to checkout of this world!

Felix: Fiancée? Anniversary? Naomi when di.....

Naomi: Oh forget that! What you just told me now is a whole lot worse than fiancée and anniversary.

Felix: Naomi I am tired of people feeling pity for me. When I saw you painting, you did it with humor and emotions and that's what I need in my life. So instead of painting my walls, paint my heart. I will die
soon, I know that. My heart is in pain and sadness, but you painted it with humor this gone few weeks and it has been blissful, I am now courageous to die in joy not with sadness and pity. When you told me
you are a doctor and have stopped Practicing because of your dads sickness, I felt it was a good way to make you love that dream again by helping a patient die joyful and you know its a whole lot better than
needles. Paint my heart Naomi, not my walls. Be my joy, my muse to a happy death.

Naomi: But you know the needles are doing a good job making you look good even though you are dying. (Laughs)

Felix: Common Naomi lets dance, I'm going to put my favorite song ''Paint My Love'' by Michael learns to rock. And as we dance, we will envision scenes in our minds of what we want to come true. You ready?

Naomi: Yeah, You first. (Stands on her feet as she puts down the tray of food on her lap)

Felix: (plays cd) pictures them in a beach and Naomi making him laugh and both running with bikini. Your turn Naomi.

Naomi: Pictures them playing and dancing under the rain really socked. Your turn Felix.

Felix: Pictures them cooking and dancing in the kitchen. Your turn.

Naomi: Pictures him proposing at a nice restaurant and taking her into his arms. Your turn.

Felix: Pictures her teaching him how to paint and splashing paint on him playfully. Your turn Naomi.

Naomi: Pictures them getting married and she running towards a red car. And he lifts her into his arms to the front
door. Your turn Felix.

Felix: Pictures her watching cartoon and beckoning him to bring the toast to the parlor to eat. He watches her laugh with all purity.


Naomi: Felix!

Felix: Yes I know, they were wonderful pictures right?

Naomi: Yes and I will make sure I paint it. Felix let me paint your heart my way.

Felix: Ok painter.

Naomi: The dinners 6pm today, and I promise I won't sing that crazy song I sang the other day so you won't faint.

Felix: (laughs) okay then its a date.


At the dinners 6pm.

Felix: Wow red dress, red hair, red table cloth, red candles, red wine and I hope that is a fruit wine?

Naomi: Of course it is baby, I don't want you to checkout on time. And we are not eating today.

Felix: Why?

Naomi: I love you Felix and I know you love me too but your heart is just to weak to say it, so I have said it. And relax big man! You are a beautiful man and I am not referring to your looks although that is dashing too I must confess. But that wasn't what attracted me to you, you just get to me. You are like the strongest of camels, liike the blazing sun, your love steams and like the heavens you watch over me, like... Like....
Like... Oh God, I think I have forgotten the other lines! Can I bring out the paper I wrote it on?

Felix: (laughing) don't worry this is enough, my heart almost gave up because of the powerful expressions. Wow all that for me?

Naomi: No that's just the injection for the marrow, the one for your heart is about to appear.

Felix: Opps I hope my heart can survive that one.

Naomi: (she stands up) Hello everyone, I need your attention please, I mean I am wearing a red dress, red wig, red table cloth, red candles, so of course it means something is about to happen, so watch.
(goes on her knees, holds felix's hand) Felix Elliot will you marry me please, let me be your wife so I can paint your heart every second of the day.

Felix: Naomi are you crazy? (Shocked)

Naomi. Yes, yes, I am crazy, crazy in love like Beyoncé, so please be my J-z.

Felix: This isn't funny Naomi, God! I can't believe you even bought a ring. (Looking at the ring)

Crowd: Say yes to the girl man! Can't you recognise a love visa when you see one?

Felix: Yes I can and it has widowed in few months stamped on it. (Laughing but serious)

Naomi: You just have few months? Okay now slid the ring on quickly we don't have time to waste, marry me Felix!

Felix: Naomi, I can't do this to you, you are a very young talented woman with so much to offer. I can't make you a widow and step mum of eight year old monsters. I've got just few months to live Naomi and there is nothing the doctors can do about it! God! You are making me feel so guilty (sobs silently) I can't do this to you.(walks out)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NAOMI IN HER ROOM THAT NIGHT AROUND 8:30. On the phone with her father.

Naomi: Dad I did what you told me to do, I followed my heart. He is a widower with two girls but I love him and yes we have known for a short while but I know what I want and we don't have enough time.

Dad: Did you make your feelings known to him?

Naomi: I did dad, in a very romantic way but he turned me down.

Dad: Why? You are a very beautiful young lady and very talented too. But what do you mean you two don't have enough time? Is there more to this story that I don't know?

Naomi: No dad, just that.(she lies)

Dad: You know what? I shall stop at the house to see you tomorrow evening and we shall talk about it.

Naomi: Okay bye dad, muah! (ends call) (now talking to herself) oh I can't tell my father that the man I want to get married to will die even before him who has HIV. He has a heart disease I know, but I don't
care, I love him and want to at least bear his surname before he dies. I just need few months to paint his heart and be his wife.

Mum: (knocks her door and comes in) Hi honey.

Naomi: Mum can you tell me what I need to do to convince a man to marry me?

Mum: Did your father call? (Ignoring her question)

Naomi: Yes, but why did you change the subject?

Mum: Because Its a stupid one. So when is your dad coming home?

Naomi: He said he will visit tomorrow.

Mum: Yes!! You have just made me happy, hope he isn't coming with doc?

Naomi: Nope, he said Jenny needs more help psychologically than him. She is going through a mental breakdown due to her husbands infidelity bla bla....

Mum: Thank God! You don't know how happy I am to hear that.

Naomi: Mum you are sounding selfish, don't you at least feel sorry for her?

Mum: No. you know what? I will answer your stupid question now. To convince a man to marry you, sing to him his best song in a tempting way. Stupid answer right? Muah! Love you baby, bye (walks out)

Naomi: Wow! Mum is a genius.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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