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Paint My Heart. Act Ten: Intermission.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.



NAOMI: Work was so slow this week, it crawled its way in, couldn't wait for Friday to come.

FELIX: At last my mansion is looking new again, you people did a nice job. I told your boss to send one of you guys for the cheque tomorrow.

NAOMI: Okay. So this is our third date in three weeks, what then are we? Painter client thing, or just friends, or better still a couple!

FELIX: Do we really have to tag this miss red?

NAOMI: Speaking of red, you don't have anything red on you, I thought you said you would?

FELIX: (brings it out) see, red handkerchief. If you want me to have red eyes, bring a bottle of Jack Daniels.

NAOMI: No, no, I love your dark eyes. (LAUGHING)

WAITRESS: (approaches)Hello Mr and Mrs, what are you ordering?

NAOMI: Wow! Mr and Mrs, Felix how do you see that?

FELIX: Just give me fruit salad.

NAOMI: Oops.

WAITRESS: .And you ma?

NAOMI: Ma? Please I am a lady. Just give me fries and let there be something red on it, like ketchup.

WAITRESS: Okay ma (walks away)

NAOMI: Gosh! Ma again!

FELIX: (laughing) take it easy ma.

NAOMI: You and your fruit salad, why are you so obsessed with your fitness? I love you the way you are.

FELIX: And why are you so obsessed with red? You will look better in other colours you know. (Smiling)

WAITRESS: (come with their order) here you are sir and ma, please enjoy.(walks away)

NAOMI: Gosh! This woman with ma!(sips her wine) so my Felix, my boyfriend. Naa not boyfriend, you are to old to be called a boyfriend. If you like eat salad from now till forever age will still tell.

FELIX: Yeah it will. (Nodding his head smiling)

NAOMI: So now what next?

Felix: I will take you home when you are done eating.

NAOMI: You know if we keep doing our dates your way, I will get fat eating this(pointing to her fries) and it will be less fun. Let me give you magic.

FELIX: Wow sounds funny, so how is it going to be magician?

NAOMI: Follow my steps.


NAOMI: Yes now!

FELIX: But we aren't through eating.

NAOMI: Felix we didn’t come here for food. We came because we wanted magic, now lets go get the magic. And besides you have lots of those green things at home.(walks out) follow me business man!

FELIX: Okay doctor, oops painter. (Smiling gets up and follow her lead)


NAOMI: (calls security) hey we want to take a stroll can we leave our car parked here for 30mins?




Felix. Where are we walking to magician? We have been trekking for 10mins.

NAOMI: No where. Lets just keep strolling, me holding your hand and the stars watching over us and of course me making you laugh.

FELIX: Speaking about stars, I can't see any.

NAOMI: Yeah, but don't worry, the cloud watching over us is also fascinating.

FELIX: Naomi its about to rain, lets go back.

NAOMI: Or we look for shelter its already dropping. Oh rain! Run! But wait why are we running? When we can dance under the rain?

FELIX: Naomi I can't.

NAOMI: Hey come on, what are you salt? Chicken? You know what, I have been rehearsing a song for our anniversary next week (laughing) and I knew when I use the word anniversary you will give me that look! Okay just wait till you hear it.(sings)

FELIX: (holding his chest) Naomi!

NAOMI: Hold on Felix I'm not done yet (increases her voice)

FELIX: Na-o-mi (he slumps)

NAOMI: (runs to him) Oh God Felix! Is my song that bad? Felix stop playing! Oh mine (she slaps him) oh God! O no! (puts her ear to his chest) oh no! (she starts to revive him by placing her hands on his chest and pushing in and out) Felix common get up! Somebody help! Help me! Oh God!!! Taxi! Taxi! Stop please! Stop!

TAXI: (DRIVING BY STOPS) yes where are you going?

NAOMI: Hospital! My friend is dying, help!

TAXI: Dying? Madam abeg I no dey carry person wey dey die o!

NAOMI: If you dare move that car, you will have an accident on your way home and your kneel will be in your eye! So choose?

TAXI: Na wa wetin happen na, you be witch?

NAOMI: Come help me lift him now!



FELIX: Call--- call-- m-a-r-k (SPEAKING FAINTLY)

NAOMI: Mark? Oh your doctor friend, but why?

FELIX: Damn it Naomi, call mark! O! O!(TRIES TO SCRRAM IN PAINS)

NAOMI: Okay okay I have heard you, but I want to take you to the hospital first...

FELIX: (hits her lap) N-O-W.

NAOMI: Okay, okay, where is your phone? Oh here it is! Mark, Mark (scrolling down his contact) here you are! Mark. Okay I am dialing his number now just stay strong.

MARK: (picks call at first ring) Hey Felix man!

NAOMI: No its Naomi.

MARK: (Not too surprised) Oh the doctor turn painter? What are you doing with Felix's phone?

NAOMI: Felix just slumped and I am in a taxi taking him to the hospital, but he keeps on saying - call Mark, call Mark!

MARK: Naomi please listen to me very carefully, take Felix to his home, he has everything he needs in his room, I am on my way there.

NAOMI: But he is dying! In fact I just revived him and you saying I should take him home?

MARK: I am his doctor, do not disobey my order. Take him home now!


Naomi. Taxi just park here please.

TAXI: Okay ma. (Parks)

NAOMI: (comes out) oh thank God Mark you are here already.

MARK: Yeah, just drove in, where is Felix?(opens the car door) Felix! Felix! Wake up man!

FELIX: Hey Mark.

MARK: How you holding up?

FELIX: Like a chicken (laughs faintly)

MARK: Common give me your hand(brings him out of the car) can you walk?

FELIX: Not really.

MARK: Hey taxi guy please come help me hold his other arm.

TAXI MAN: Okay sir(holds Felix's arm)

NAOMI: What is going on Felix? Mark something! Felix!

FELIX: Na-o-mi ple-ase

NAOMI: (stands in their way) if you don't tell me, you won't go inside. Gosh! Felix almost gave up on me, I need to know what's.....

FELIX: Nao-mi go.. Home. (Replies faintly)

MARK: (pushes her aside) please you wasting my time here (rings door bell)

MAID: (opens door) oh God Mr Felix!

MARK: Excuse me Dorothy,(takes Felix upstairs)

MAID: Oh God what happened to him Miss Naomi?

NAOMI: I don't know.

MAID: But you two went out together.

NAOMI: How did you know that? (Looks surprised)

MARK: (Screams from upstairs) Dorothy please get me a big bowl!

MAID: Okay sir! (runs off)

NAOMI: (runs to meet Mark) please tell me what is going on!

MARK: Ask Felix when you see him, I am his doctor! I am not allowed to disclose such things. You of all people should know that.(walks out)

NAOMI: Oh God, oh God!!! What can I do?

JANE: (runs out) what is all this noise about? And what are you doing here at this time of the night Naomi?

NAOMI: I brought your father home.

JANE: Why? Shouldn't it be the other way round? He taking you home desperate woman! (Looking angry)

NAOMI: Jane please I don't have time for your questions, and Felix is right I should go home, see you tomorrow Saturday.

JANE: I am not done with you young lady!

NAOMI: Wow! At last! young lady instead of ma.(walks out)

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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