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Paint My Heart. Act Sixteen.

I am a woman and a lover of women. An emotional speaker and a love coach.



Mark: Hey here comes the bride and groom! (everyone clapping)

Naomi: Thank you, thank you everyone.

Mark: Wow this red pajamas looks so nice on the couple, I have never seen this used for a wedding attire before.

Naomi: Thanks Mark. Mum how do we look?

Mum: Wow! You guys look like cult members.

Guest: Hahahahaha.

Mark: Okay lets be quick about this since we don't have much to say because I am not use to this. So say the vows.

Naomi and Felix: (say their vows)

Mark: So with the power vested upon me by the supreme court ''I pronounce you husband and wife''!

Guest: Wow!!!!!!!!! (clapping)

Mark: We have the newest couple in town- Mr and Mrs Elliot! Now please kiss the bride!

Guest: Yeah!!!!!

Mum: Yeah and die soon, I can't wait to have a proper wedding for my daughter (whispers silently)

Mark: Dorothy please bring in the pizza and wine, food time! So tell me Naomi, (SPEAKING LOUDLY) why did you go for a pajamas wedding? I mean many girls will kill to have a big wedding with a ball dress and especially when the groom is rich they will expect nothing less than that.

Naomi. Yes I... (CUTS AS SHE SIGHTS HER DAD WALK IN). Daddy!!!!! (runs to meet her father as he walks in)

Dad: My angel! (hugs her)

Naomi: Dad you came! And what is it with the suitcase?

Dad: I'm coming home baby! Naomi you taught me a valuable lesson. I shouldn't run away from people I love because I am sick or dying. Infact staying away from them will kill faster than the disease. Life is short, I need to spend it with those I love before I checkout.

Mum: Oh honey (going into his arms) thank you so much and I love you.

Dad: I love you too baby.

Guest: Hey!!!!!! (clapping)

Mum: (thinking to herself) oh I just hope Naomi didnt inherit the disease of her biological father. That stupid Martins didnt tell me of his disease before I slept with him.

Naomi: Mum, mum! Gosh what are you thinking?

Mum: Just wondering why you chose a pajamas wedding. (she lies)

Naomi: (ALL SMILES) I am sure everyone here is wondering why I and my husband decided to get married in a red pajamas. Well, I personally have enough money to sponsor my wedding even without the help of my husband. I could have hired a limo, bought a princess Kate wedding gown and done the most elaborate reception. But I chose not to do all that because I can. If I were poor maybe I would have wanted something big to prove that I am not suffering but it wouldn't really be what I want. So yes, I can afford all that now, but I chose not to. I always want to remember my wedding with my pajamas. This pajamas signifies our marriage bed, that's what today is all about. Felix is going to be the first and last man I will ever sleep with, so yes! Our matrimonial bed will be without defilement and anytime I look at my wedding pictures and see us in our pajamas, I am automatically reminded never to cheat on my
husband and my vows I shall keep. Thankyou.

Guest: Wow!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! (clapping).

Mark: So Felix do you have something to say?

Jane: (cuts in) I do. Dad please let me.

Felix: Okay.

Jane: Last night I had a dream that my father died and in his burial we all wore red and there was a DJ playing ''Paint my Love'' song. And I gave my dad a big hug in his coffin.

Felix: Gosh Jane I'm not yet dead and you dreaming of my burial? And there was a Dj in my funeral? Damn you are really a monster (laughing).

Jane: (Smiling) yes dad. But now I am no longer scared of losing you and I won't have that dream
anymore for I know now, you won't die again, at least not now, because we all have Naomi who paints hearts with love. It pains me grandma isn't here because of the timing but she told I and Janet to ask Naomi a question.

Naomi: What is it dear? (All smiles)

Jane: Come here Janet. (together) Mummy, daddy always say you paint his heart, how can we paint yours?

Naomi: Look at that! They just called me mummy. You two have just painted my heart sweethearts. (Goes over to hug them)

Mark: (with the camera in his hands) pose for the camera you three! (snaps)


And they lived happily ever after. Naomi gave birth to triplets. Three healthy boys! And Felix's health really improved after their marriage because love healed it.

The things love can do.

I am the Author, Jade Anibor. Pen name: Jade George Anibor.


© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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