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Paint My Heart. Act Six

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.



NAOMI: Oh where is this board with the sign? ( looking confused)
It was right here! Now Felix thinks am crazy (mistakenly kicks a full paint bucket) Sweet Jesus! What have I done! Mr Alex will never forgive me, oh let me pack the paint into the plastic, oh no its not working I'm all soiled up.

BOSS: (walks in) what on earth!! Did you waste my paint Naomi!

NAOMI: Em, em, no I didn’t. (lying)

BOSS: Who did?

NAOMI: Mr Felix did.( she lied)

BOSS: What! Mr Felix? Is he around? (goes to the hallway) Mr Felix! Mr Felix!! Who is going to replace the paint you wasted? From whose pocket? For God sakes where is Mr Felix!

FELIX: Why are you screaming my name in my mansion?(walks out from the dinning room) Oh no don't tell me you saw a snake to?( looking Mr Alex surprised)

BOSS: (frightening) oh God!!! Snake? Where? (about to run)

FELIX: Hahaha why don't you ask Naomi?

NAOMI: (standing close to Mr Alex now) Em Mr Felix, my boss knows you wasted the paint when you were looking for the board with the the sign ''beware of snakes''.

FELIX: What! (rolling his eyes)

Boss: A board beware of snake? Are there snakes in the house Mr Felix?

Felix: The only snake I can see is the fair one in a red painting overall with a brush in her hand looking all soiled up in paint.

Boss: Mr Felix, you are paying for that paint you wasted and please don't call my staff a snake just because she spoke the truth, lets go Naomi. I cannot believe am starting my morning in such a mess. This old man doesn't need these kinds of trouble. (Walks out grumbling)

Felix: What a mess! Hey Dorothy I'm off, will be back for lunch, keep it fresh . (walks out leaving Naomi looking like a fool)

Maid. Yes sir. I will as always.

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Hey Dorothy I have been looking out for you. Please can I please get a shirt and shorts from you? Can't wear this to paint its already soiled. (Looking at her soiled over all)

MAID: But you still going to paint right?

NAOMI: Yeah, please give me an old cloth then. One you not using again.

MAID: Okay follow me to my room.

NAOMI. (Goes with her) Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

(Gets to Dorothy's room)

MAID: So this is it and don't thank me to much it was for my grandpa.

NAOMI: Was? Oh that means he is dead, so sorry.

MAID: Don't be, he was over hundred years.

NAOMI: Oh that's wonderful, its good he is dead now.

MAID: Really?

NAOMI: Oh I don't mean it that way. What I mean is he lived long. So his cloths can be inherited by me too. (Laughs sheepishly)

MAID: Naomi please go in the bathroom and change okay.

NAOMI: Oh yes(laughing) i should (goes in to change) so Dorothy I can see your boss likes his food fresh? Well can't see but I heard......

MAID: (hears doorbell ring, goes out without Naomi knowing) Opens the door and see's Mr Felix. Sir you forgot something?

FELIX: Where have you been? Have been ringing the doorbell! Where are all the servants! And you didn't check the cameras before opening up. You didn't even know it was I at the door.

MAID: Sorry sir, I went to help miss Naomi with a change of cloth, hers got soiled.

FELIX: Where is she? Just whom am here for.

MAID: In my room.

FELIX: Okay take me to her. (walks with Dorothy to her room and hears Naomi talking from the bathroom)

NAOMI: You don't have to be silent on me Dorothy, I know your boss can be harsh and sometimes sarcastic but I know he is a loving man, with a heart of love, ready to love. Do you know what his wife died off? Em let me guess, sarcasm? Dorothy you there?

FELIX: I do know what you are going to die off Naomi.(Felix answers)

NAOMI: (runs out) oh my God, Felix what are you doing here?

FELIX: To kill you with my sarcasm.

NAOMI: Oh God!!! I am so sorry Felix, I didn't mean it like that.

FELIX: Yeah I know, lets go. (Walks out of the room)

NAOMI. To where?

FELIX: (Turns to face her) is this your room Naomi?

NAOMI: Hahaha you don't have to be sarcastic. {follows him downstairs right to where the rest are painting}

FELIX: Hey Mr Alex, can I take this snake to your complex to replace the paint I wasted? I will drive her back, just want to be sure that is settled.

BOSS: I will send someone to get it, just drop the cash.

FELIX: No I want to be sure it is bought.

BOSS: Okay, go Naomi, you know the right one not so?

NAOMI: Yes boss. (Goes out with Felix).



FELIX: So Naomi are you in a relationship?

NAOMI: Wow what a question?

FELIX: And you have the right to remain silent about it.

NAOMI: Well, I will tell you because you deserve the truth after the lie I told on you and the things I said about you...

FELIX: Hold on, is your ATM card with you?

NAOMI: Of course, I don't go anywhere without it.

FELIX: So which bank do you use?

NAOMI: GT bank, but why are you asking?

FELIX: Tell me your relationship status first.

NAOMI: (wow he is interested in me, she says to herself) well I am proudly single not in any relationship, my ex dumped me for.........

FELIX: I only asked you if you were in a relationship, please just save the rest of the story.

NAOMI: Okay sorry Mr rude man. But where have you been all this while? Since we saw last week Monday we are just seeing today.

FELIX: I work Naomi.

NAOMI: Okay so why did you ask me if I am in a relationship?

FELIX: Just wanted to know your state of mind on love.

NAOMI: Okay. Why?

FELIX: You see, you have been heartbroken but I have been loved. I met my wife when I was thirteen and we got married much later. The following year we had our twins and I lost her to death the very day she pushed them out. Today makes it 8yrs since my beloved wife mercy died. So Naomi please pardon my kids for being naughty today. And I know your heart was broken when you loved that man, that idiot who later told you he loves another woman even though you are so damn beautiful. He must have used that line right?

NAOMI: Yeah, you seem familiar with that line.

FELIX: Yeah, yeah, I have watched a lot of home videos. I hate what that man did to you Naomi, that's why I didn't want to hear the details. I feel like going to search for him and give him a punch.

NAOMI: Wow!!!!!!!!!

FELIX: Sounds like a movie right?

NAOMI: Yeah!!!!!

FELIX: Okay, I am about to act one. Here's GT bank, get out and stop smiling.

NAOMI: Okay what now? ( gets out) you have changed back to your grumpy self .

FELIX: Go to that machine and withdraw 35,000 naira for the paint, I think that's the price right?

NAOMI: Yes, but why should I withdraw my money to buy it?

FELIX: Naomi are you dump? You wasted the paint remember? Did you think I was going to take the blame and still buy it for you? No way Naomi. Go cash the money now and the rest of the secret can die with you. Quick I'm running late for work.

NAOMI: But it was not my fault. Your kids caused it. (Looking sad) okay, fine. I am bigger than 35,000. (goes to cash the money and gets back into the car)

FELIX: So lets head to buy the paint, I can see the sign board of your company over there, so lets go buy paint! (drives into the complex smiling like the devil)

NAOMI: Just pack here since we will be going back immediately.

FELIX: Okay, here we are, now get out. (parks and gets out of the car)

NAOMI: Hey stop being rude! (comes out of the car)

FELIX: Rude? I don't think you know what rude is, judging from how you have delayed me this morning. Where is the secretary? (Goes into the paint company)

SECRETARY: Over here sir! ( smiling and waving at the same time) Hey Naomi what you doing here? Where is boss? (Looking at her surprised)

NAOMI: Oh I came with the client to buy paint, the exact one we using for the mansion, its 35,000 right?

SECRETARY: Yep, pay the money and sign here. (Eyes Felix) Hello sir, you look good.

FELIX: (ignores the comment) Give me the receipt, I will do the signing, pay up Naomi, I gave you the money in the car remember?

NAOMI: (looks at him surprisingly) yeah you did.

FELIX: Signs. keeps the receipt and walks out.

NAOMI: Hey!!!!! Are you not driving me to the house? How am I suppose to carry the paint to the house? You said you were going to drive me back.

FELIX: Yeah I said so, but remember what I said in the car? I'm acting a movie and if I drive you back, the movie won't be interesting. So I have a better option. WALK! After all, I am a sarcastic man! Bye Naomi.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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