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Paint My Heart. Act Seven.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.


MRS EDWARDS walks into the hospital her husband worked once worked before he resigned and decided to leave home.

MRS EDWARDS: Hi I'm here to see Mr Martins.(speaking to the front desk person)

RECEPTIONIST: Mrs Edwards long time, Mr Martins is in his office. Please ma, why have I not been seeing doctor Edwards lately?(smiling)

MRS EDWARDS: I'm also here to ask Mr martins why my husband isn't here.(walks out on the receptionist and finds her way right into Martin's office)

MRS EDWARDS: (Flings door open)

MARTINS: Oh Mary, how you doing! What took you soo long to appear?

MRS EDWARDS: I am as sad as an HIV victim. And I know you have been expecting me.

MARTINS: Mary you should take it easy with Matthew you know.

MRS EDWARDS: How come you can't talk him into still working here? Isn't there anything he can still do as a doctor? Even with HIV?

MARTINS: Yes a whole lot he can do pertaining to Aids. He can counsel them and treat them. And lo and behold! We gat them many here.

MRS EDWARDS: Do you have Aids Martins?

MARTINS: Of course not. (Laughing)

MRS EDWARDS: Then why can't you treat Aids victims and let my husband work in your position? He didn't have HIV when he was attending to the HIV victim, so why are you discriminating against who he is allowed to treat now or not to treat?

MARTINS: Your husband wasn't supposed to counsel that Aids victim Mary, it wasn't his duty to rush to save a suicidal Aids patient, that's why we have trained security guards, but he chose to, not my fault.

MRS EDWARDS: So he brought this upon himself? Is that what you are saying?

MARTINS: Mary please do not put words into my mouth.

MRS EDWARDS: You this bastard! I slept with you so my husband would get to the position he is in this hospital and you are happy to watch him fall before your very eyes.

MARTINS: Be careful how you talk Mary, or your husband might hear, the walls have ears. I did you and your toy boy of a husband a favor. He was not even into the medical field when he came here looking for a job. He was just a cleaner....

MRS EDWARDS. No he was not! He had studied auxiliary nursing then and was planing on going to the university to study medicine.

MR MARTINS: What difference does it make?
All he did was clean up the mess in the hospital when he came. I did him a favor. This is a mighty hospital with branches all over Africa, U made him gain grounds here and groomed him too.

MRS EDWARDS: Speaking is her heart (but you and him will never know who the real father of my only daughter and child is. I shall protect that secret till I die. After all many secrets have been buried under the ground and they are dining with Korah and his men)

MARTINS. Is there anything else you want to say Mary? You too silent.

MRS EDWARDS: No I am done, you are to cold to feed, you should take your drugs.

MARTINS: Mary, only you know about my illness, so please lets keep it that way.(winks)

MRS EDWARDS: There are a lot of things I know that you don't. So yes, lets keep it that way.(walks out)

MR MARTINS: Will always love you Mary!

12:30pm at Felix's Mansion

BOSS: Hey Naomi, I'm going for lunch, care to join me at my house?

NAOMI: No thanks sir.

BOSS: Okay I'm out.

FELIX: (Walks In) hello Mr Alex you on your way out?

BOSS: Yep going to eat, bye for now.

FELIX: Yeah enjoy your meal!

BOSS: Thanks. (LEAVES)

FELIX: (Turning To Naomi) Naomi how was your walk?

NAOMI: Beautiful, I had time to reflect on how I can pay you back for your cruelty.

FELIX: Really? How?


FELIX: Wow, you are crazy about me!(dances) But we are not having the date in the kitchen.

NAOMI: Yeah we still painting that place.

FELIX: Lets have it at the backyard.

NAOMI: So what's for lunch?

(They both walk to the backyard)

FELIX: Green.

NAOMI: Green what?

FELIX: (opens the bowl) wala!

NAOMI: (lol) just salad and green vegetables? What are we? Goats?

FELIX: With you behaving like one(laughing) just joking.

NAOMI: I know, you sound like my dad.(smiling)

FELIX: Hmmm, no wonder you have this thing for me, so where is he?

NAOMI: In south Africa.

FELIX: Doing what?

NAOMI: He is a doctor.

FELIX: Okay, he works there?

NAOMI: Don't know, not heard from him since two weeks. He use to work in a hospital here in Lagos but he left his field and decided to go to south Africa.

FELIX: Hmmm, like father like daughter.

NAOMI: Well I don't have HIV. So it isn't actually like that.

FELIX: What! He has HIV?

NAOMI: Yeah, he got it when he was trying to save a suicidal Aids patient at the hospital. He got angry for ruining the family and left us instead.

FELIX: Oh my God Naomi, you are going through so much.

NAOMI: Yeah, now you know why I turned into a painter. I just want to paint my life red but since I can't I decided to paint walls to feel better. I look at the walls and I say - This is my heart, yes paint it.

FELIX: Yeah you hate medicine for ruining your family, i get it.

NAOMI: I opened up to you because you opened up to me this morning.

FELIX: Yep, we both said a lot.

NAOMI: Can we just stop speaking and be silent?


NAOMI: What is your silence saying now?

FELIX: Its saying you have a halo over your head. So what is yours saying?

NAOMI:Its saying '' hug this man and don't let go''

FELIX: Hahahaha you really do love me Naomi.

NAOMI: Shut up, just hold me.(both laughing and hugging)

BOB. (WALKS IN AND SEES THEM HUGGING) my mind told me they would be here. No wonder there has been tension between them, I wonder where this will lead to.(WALKS INSIDE SLOWLY WITHOUT THEM NOTICING)

NAOMI: Oh I need to get back to work, I'm sure my boss and the other painters are back by now.

FELIX: Okay let me walk you in.


BOSS: Welcome Naomi, hope you ate well? Thank God you are here, please grab me that brush. Back to work! ( ignores Felix)

NAOMI: okay.

FELIX: So your job here is almost done? Getting Mr Alex's attention.


FELIX: So your job here is almost done right?

BOSS: Yes, but we shall be through by next week so be ready to drop the cheque.

FELIX: (his phone rings) hello Mark.

MARK: Hey Felix, so you coming for your checkup today right?

FELIX: Oh can't make it today, i have a date. Lets see how next week will be.

MARK: You playing with fire you know?

FELIX: Hahahahaha bye man( hangs off and walks out of the room)

BOB: Sorry Naomi, its quite unfortunate.

NAOMI: What do you mean by that?

BOB: He is having a date this evening, we both know what that means to your little red heart.

BOSS: Hey leave Naomi alone, she is just trying to get us a fat cheque.

NAOMI.: What! (Mouth wide open)

BOSS: What? I'm not deaf, I heard you and Felix laughing from the backyard. (boss and Felix laughing)


JANET: Hey painters, what's so funny?

BOB: Hello little dolls.

JANET: Oh please, we heard you the other day when you referred to us as monsters.

JANE: You better be happy that we like that title, or else we would have reported you to our father.

JANET: So you guys through for today right?

BOB: Yes monsters.

JANET: Okay papa monster.

NAOMI: (laughing) i love the sound of that. Papa monster .

BOSS: (trying to be nice) My pretty dolls you didn't even greet me, how was school today?

JANET: Fine. And we got you a gift.

BOSS: Really?

JANE: Just open your palm and close your eyes.

BOSS: Wow this sounds interesting. (Opens his palm and closes his eyes) can't wait to feel it.

JANE: (opens a can and empty it on his palm)

BOSS: But why is the gift moving?

JANE: Open your eyes sir.

BOSS: O my God!!! Earthworm! O God, you monsters!

JANE: (laughing) now you talking Mr Alex, finally you remember our names, I was wondering why you have been calling us dolls. After all, you know our history. Bye ( twins walk out laughing)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------

TWINS. Hello dad! ( bumps into Felix on their way to their room) you home! (Runs to hug him)

FELIX: Hey angels, how was school today?

TWINS: So cool.

FELIX: So was the joke you played on Naomi today funny?

JANE: Dad we didn't do anything.

FELIX: Hey you girls are my kids, I know you.

JANET: Okay we get you dad, you like Naomi.

FELIX: That's not what I asked you. Was the joke funny?

JANET: Yes dad it was, made us laugh all the way to school.

FELIX: (laughing) it made me laugh to, you need to hear what I did to her to.

JANE: Wow dad feed us in!

JANET: Wait! You love her dad right? Because you don't play pranks on people you don't love.

FELIX: Wow so that makes the three of us, you started the prank first.

JANET: Yeah she is pretty like mum.

FELIX: Hmmm what else?
(Distant chats and laughs fades off)


After some hours.

MAID: Miss Naomi. Please can I see you?

NAOMI: Oh your shirt and shorts right?

MAID: Oh no you can keep that, Mr Felix already paid for the cloth, i was surprised when he gave me 10,000 thousand naira and said I should get a new shirt and short. I am so happy, when will you borrow my cloths again?

NAOMI: He gave you 10k for this rags you borrowed me? And he allowed me use my money to pay for the paint? (Shocked)

MAID: Oh take this note, he asked me to slip this into your hand. Thank you again miss Naomi, you are the best! Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NAOMI: (Opens the note and reads to herself)
Hi red,
I am travelling for a business meeting, will be back next week Friday. Please lets have our third date, Friday evening 6pm at the dinners when I come back.
Don't worry, I will come with something red because I know how much you love red. Bye, Felix.

NAOMI. (screams) YES!!!!!!!!!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -------------------------

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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