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Paint My Heart. Act One

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.


The Edwards residence.

Naomi stands in the kitchen with her parents.

NAOMI: Dad look at your nails! For a doctor, they are too long, let me cut them for you.(dad stops her) what dad? I do that for you always!
Ok I get its been long, I don't have time for you like before because of my job, you know how it is like being a doctor and since am specializing to become a qualified surgeon, it's practice, practice, practice.

DAD: Its not that Naomi and besides you just started specializing in that area so you should practice enough.

NAOMI: But dad, please for the love of my beautiful soul, you do know i will be performing surgeries? you know cutting people up? So no matter how long it has been, I can still cut your nails you know, I can always do that right.(checks her time) oh am getting late, gat to goodbye.(runs out)

MUM: Matthew don't you feel we should think this through?

DAD: Mary we discussed about this, I am telling her this evening, she has the right to know, I brought this to our family, I will take responsibility for it.

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6pm in the evening at the Edward's.

NAOMI: Hey folks what's up? (hugs them both) dad isn't mum looking pretty? common give her a kiss. What dad? what’s up with you two? you guys no longer say ''hey tiger, dolphin needs caressing.
You people have been acting strange for the past one month.

DAD: There is something you need to know Naomi. I and your mum are getting separated.

NAOMI. WHAT!!!!! Are you guys crazy? Why? Oh God please do not say why because there's no way am going to accept that ''why'' or even reason with that ''why''.

DAD: Am dying Naomi, I have been infected with HIV.

NAOMI. What! DAD! HOW? And you better start answering that ''how’ ‘because I want to know!

DAD: I was trying to protect one of my HIV patient from killing himself with a knife after I told him he had HIV, he already cut his wrist when I got there, so out of impulse I grabbed the knife, I didn't notice it cut me until i later saw a cut on my arm. I was so scared, after a month i went for HIV test which was last week and it came out positive. That's why i haven't been touching your mother since last month.

NAOMI: Oh God daddy (crying) my father with HIV? No no , you should have been more careful dad! Oh no.

DAD. Am so sorry Naomi, that's why I can't stay here anymore, am afraid I might pass it to you guys.


DAD. You love cutting my nails, your mum loves kissing me, she might make me sleep with her, I don't know baby, am going crazy here! I brought this to our family so I have to end it.

MUM: Matthew I have been saying that you need me more than ever now, you need us, you are a doctor, you know how to be careful on what not to do, we can do this together.

DAD. No! I have made my decision. My flight is tomorrow, I’m leaving for south Africa. Lets go to bed.

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Next day 6:30am at the Edward's.

Naomi: What is that dad? A suitcase?

Dad: We are not doing this again Naomi, I said am leaving! I love you sweetheart, and am doing this to protect you, I will always be part of your life. Bye (walks out)


Mum: You have been home for days honey, are you not supposed to have started practice again? You are lagging behind in your practice. Naomi am talking to you!

NAOMI: No mum am not going.

MUM: Why? You always wanted to do this, to be a surgeon.

NAOMI: My dreams have changed.

MUM: You don't just change your mind Naomi, after six years in school and now you want to practice, you just quit?

NAOMI: So what mum? Look at dad? after giving his all to the hospital, look at what happened to him! Look at what happened to his career and our family. So yes mum, throwing away six years is nothing to be compared to how medicine made dad throw away our family. I hate medicine now! I have no passion for it anymore, anytime I think of it, it reminds me of how ruined our family has become.

MUM: So what do you want to do now?

NAOMI. I want to paint.

MUM. Paint?

NAOMI: Yes paint. I want to paint and forget my problems.

MUM: But you don't know how to paint.

NAOMI: I will start training tomorrow at Mr Alex' painting company. Yeah mum, the same old Mr Alex you never liked. He has been our neighbor, a friend of dad, and I have always gone over to learn painting from him whenever I was on a holiday. And you never liked that skill for me, but now you see it's paying off. And that's what I want to engage in for now till I get rid of my fears. Am going out to buy a painting overall. Bye mum.( walks out)

MUM: (in shock) For the love of God, from a doctors overall to a painting overall? What's happening to my family?

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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