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Paint My Heart. Act Nine.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.



BOSS: Oh Naomi and Bob it's so good to see you fine people alive, how did you manage to survive those monsters yesterday?

NAOMI: You left us boss, so why should we tell you?

BOB: Its okay Naomi, we are alive that's what matters. The maid, Dorothy came to our rescue.

BOSS: Oh thank God and i hope she won't leave us with those two monsters again today?

BOB: We better tell her not to. (I wonder why the other servants in this house are soo useless!

NAOMI: I am personally going to tell her that....

BOB: (cuts in) Hold on Naomi let me handle this (goes out in search of Dorothy)

MAID: Bob? (Sights him)

BOB: Oh the voice of the angel i am about to seek.

MAID: How is your back?

BOB: Fine, i am a strong man its just...

MAID: (cuts in) it's okay, can I get you guys juice?

BOB: Wow, yes angel.

MAID: Okay, let me go get it, wait here.(goes to the kitchen)

JANE: He wants the juice? (In the kitchen)

MAID: Yes and I hate what you monsters are asking me to do.

JANET: You gat no choice Dorothy, or else we shall tell daddy about that strange man that sneaks through your window at night.

MAID: Just shut up and be quick about it.

JANET: Bring out dad's sleeping tablet Jane, I hope you were able to sneak out the most powerful ones? The one that makes dad sleep for days when he is having his heart drama?

JANE: Yeah and I am sure its this one. (Handing it over)

JANET: (takes it and drops 5 tablets into the jar of juice) Dorothy take over from here.

MAID: (goes out to meet Bob) here you are Bob, its for you, Naomi and boss.

Bob: Wow! I never knew you love me.

MAID. Well you can never know a woman's heart. (hands him the jug)

BOB. So when do we meet to have a drink and chat. ( SMILING)

MAID. Yeah, but first take your drink and make sure you share it with Naomi and boss. Bye (walks away)

BOB. So can I have your number? (screaming after her) Oops women! Always hiding their feelings. Smiles and goes in to meet the others.

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NAOMI: So how far? Have you told her?

BOB: Well I didn’t have time for that because something more important came up. (winks)

BOSS: And what is that in your hand?

BOB: Juice boss, juice! And guess who gave me?

NAOMI: Who cares! Did you tell her or not?

BOB: Cool down Naomi, something more important came up. I just found out that Dorothy has been hiding her feelings from me and a jar of juice gave it away.

BOSS: Dorothy likes you?

NAOMI: Oh God! So we shall endure those monsters again today? Please tell her to take the kids with her whenever she is going out.

BOB: Hey Naomi, you worry to much, lets just drink this juice of love and later I will personally see to it that those monsters don't mess with us again.

BOSS: Pour me a glass, I need it to relax a bit.

BOB: Okay sir! (pours him a drink) and you Naomi?

NAOMI: (Reluctantly) Fine! A glass, but please deal with the monsters later.

BOB: Yeah! So how do you think I should woo Dorothy?

NAOMI: But why are you asking me?

BOB: Are you jealous Naomi?

BOSS: Hey shut up Bob, Naomi doesn't date, remember the word alone scares her.

BOB: (laughing) oops I just remembered.

NAOMI: Okay now let me surprise you guys. Felix asked me out on a real date, although we had two dates before now, but the real one will be today.

BOSS: Really? But he isn't around.

BOB: (laughing) maybe in her dreams.

NAOMI: Shut up Bob, my Felix is coming today, just watch.

BOSS: Haaa! Why do I feel so sleepy after drinking this juice (yawns) you know what guys, let me lie down a bit, while you guys continue.

BOB: Yeah, I feel sleepy too.

BOSS: You better stay awake and finish up, you should supervise the other painters working behind the house, while you and Naomi paint the remaining two rooms.

BOB: Yes sir.

BOSS: Good (goes to lie down)

NAOMI: So Bob, what will you say if I tell you Felix loves me?

BOB: I will say - wake up from your dreams Naomi!

NAOMI: (laughing) I am serious.

BOB: Me to.

Naomi: Okay fine. I love him but I am not sure of his feelings for me (yawns) oh God my neck, I am so tired. Bob you are dozing off!

BOB: Naomi please don't tell boss, I need to lie down a bit.

NAOMI: Me too Bob, but the floor is so dirty I can't.

BOB: Naomi, look at your overall, its stained with paint.(laughing sheepishly).

NAOMI: Yeah, okay let me join you, I need this nap. I just hope those kids didn’t slip something into the juice because I feel so tired just after drinking it.

BOB: Naomi.


BOB: Shut up.

NAOMI: Okay (sleeps off)



JANE: Janet come see, they have slept off! (laughing) see them sleeping like goats.

JANET: Okay time to work, drag Bob's right leg, let me drag the other up to Naomi, make it quick dad will soon be here.

JANE: Okay. Then put Bob's hand over Naomi's breast.

JANET: Yeah exactly, then lets drag boss to Naomi.

JANE: Yeah perfect! And put Naomi's hand over her bosses thing.

JANET: Common Jane that cruel. Lets just put it on his waist.

JANE: Okay fine, you are to weak Janet.

JANET: Common lets go, we are done here, dad will soon be back.



FELIX: (rings door bell) Hello!

JANET: Jane! Daddy is back! (opens the door and jumps on him)

FELIX: Hey sweetheart how you doing?

JANE: Hi Mr Felix.

FELIX: Hey number one monster, how do you do?

JANE: How do you do baby (laughing)

Maid: Welcome sir.

FELIX: Hey Dorothy, how you doing?

MAID: Fine sir.

FELIX: Where are the painters?

JANE: Oh dad some are painting outside but Naomi, Bob and Mr Alex are painting the sturdy, lets go inspect.

FELIX: Okay let me drop my bags first.

JANE: No dad give it to Dorothy, lets go inspect them first, please!

FELIX: Okay but why are you so eager?

JANET: Nothing.

FELIX: Hope you girls are enjoying your midterm break?(walking towards the sturdy)

JANE: Yes dad, more than you can imagine.

FELIX: You kids are...(opens the door and stops)what on earth!

JANE: Oh my God daddy! See Bobs hand over Naomi's breast and her hand on her bosses waist!

FELIX: What is this! ( laments in shock)

NAOMI: (jumps up from her sleep) God! Oh God!!! Who is that?

FELIX: Its Bob. (Replies sarcastically)

NAOMI: Oh Felix is that you?

FELIX: No its Bobs hand?

BOB: (wakes up) oh Mr Felix you back? We have been busy.

FELIX: Yeah, with your hand on Naomi's breast.

BOB: What!

NAOMI: I don't know what happened Felix...

FELIX: You know what Naomi, just make use of your hands painting my wall instead of hanging it on your bosses waist. Remember we have a date by 6pm.

JANE: But dad she can't go, she is not done painting.

BOB: I will see to it we finish on time. (Cuts in)

FELIX: Good (walks out)

BOB: Am sorry Naomi.

NAOMI: Its okay Bob (sad)

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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