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Paint My Heart. Act Fourteen.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.


Naomi at Felix's office the next day.

Naomi: Hello secretary, I am Naomi from touch and paint ventures. Mr Felix asked me to come look at his office today, to see how many gallons of paint will do to paint it. (she lied)

Secretary: Oh he wants to paint his office before he dies? Oh how touching. Go through that hallway facing you, his office is the fifth by the left.

Naomi: Oh so everyone knows he has heart failure? (Surprised) thanks dear. (About leaving)

Secretary: Not really my sister! It was his personal doctor Mark that told me. He is trying to woo me; so I just used him to get news on the boss. Please don’t tell him I know okay. It just slipped. Wait! I should alert him first before you go in.

Naomi: No lets not disturb his heart with meaningless calls, let me just walk in; you owe me this one.

Secretary: Yeah you are right. Hmmm poor man. (Signs)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naomi: (knocks the door to Felix’s office)

Felix: I am in a meeting Bisi. With the directors (thinking it’s his secretary)

Naomi: (opens the door) Hey Felix. ( Enters)

Felix. Naomi! (Surprised) (all turn to stare at her)

The Author


Naomi: Felix this one is for you. (she starts singing paint my heart, by Michael learns to rock)

From my youngest years,
To this moment here,
I've never seen,
Such a lovely king,
From the sky’s above,
To the deepest love,
I've never felt, crazy like this before.

Paint my love,
paint my love,
Its a picture of a thousand sunset,
Its the freedom of,
A thousand doves,
Baby you should paint my love.

Second verse.

Being around the world,
Then i met you boy,
Its like coming home,
To a place I've know.


Third verse
Since you came into my life,
The things before, all faded black and white,
Since you came into my life,

Everything has changed.


Directors: Wow!! Wow!! (clapping)

Naomi: (kneels down) Felix please marry me and let me paint your heart before you checkout.

Felix: Naomi, are you a well woman? Because you are acting crazy.

Naomi: Yes, yes I am disturbed, I am disturbed by your crazy love burning inside me. Please let me explode it on you.

Felix: On me! So you really want to send me out of this world quickly? (Laughing)

Director: Hey common Mr Felix! What the heck? Marry her and enjoy your few months on earth, kiss it goodbye with this beautiful woman, she is proposing to you, what do you have to lose?

Another director: Yeah, you have been lonely for seven years and you are leaving two kids behind, girls for that matter! Let her take care of them. And take care of you to before you die.

Another director: Mr Felix, at least with her around now, you can die at home instead of wasting away on a hospital bed.

Naomi: Felix be a good boy and listen to this well meaning people.

Felix: (silent for some minutes) yes, yes, yes Naomi, I will marry you. God! This sounds crazy! (Laughing)

Naomi: Don't think about it, just feel it (laughing)

They go into each others arms as the board of directors clap.

I am Jade Anibor


Hours later at Naomi's residence the same day.

Naomi? I came to see her. ( asks as his wife approaches)

Mum: What about me?

Dad: You are doing fine, you don't need me.

Mum: Is that what you think Matthew? Do you know how much I love you?

Dad: Yeah love me enough to cheat on me?

Mum: What! Cheat on you! Me?

Dad: Please Mary don't play innocent, I know about Naomi.........

Naomi: (approaching the doorstep) I need to kiss mum for her advise, now I'm getting married! (pauses as she hears loud voices from inside, then eavesdrop)

Mum: You are infertile Matthew! You knew because you are a doctor! But you hid it from me!!!!! And you expect me to sit and live childless?

Dad: I don't want to know who the father is, it will kill me faster than the AIDS. So please don't say it.

Mum: So this separation isn't all about the AIDS right? It has a lot to do with stored up grievance over my adultery. But I am not sorry I did it because you lied to me all these years! You knew you are infertile and
you knew Naomi isn't your biological daughter and you hid all that from me. Gosh! Matthew how do you sleep at night?

Naomi: (walks in) mum, dad isn't my real father?

Both looks at her surprised.


Dad: Baby I am so sorry you had to hear of it like this.

Mum: Naomi baby, daddy will always be your father, its just that...

Naomi: (cuts in) stop it! Stop right there! I don't want to know who the man is because it will kill me faster than dad's AIDS. I am going to my room to pack. (walks upstairs)

Mum: To where honey?

Dad: Let her be for now.

Mum: You see what you've done? You should have stayed with doctor Jenny! Why did you come back? To destroy us more? If you hadn't gotten infected with HIV would you have opened up about Naomi? Tell me Matt! Tell me!!!!!

Naomi: (comes down) stop screaming at dad mum, its not his fault he got infected with AIDS and its not his fault he couldn't produce a child. I am going to my fiancée’s place, he needs me there.

Mum: Your fiancée?

Naomi: Yes, Felix Elliot is now my fiancée.

Mum: But when did this happen? Where's the ring?

Naomi: Well I don't have one now, I was the one who gave him.

Mum: Why? ( looking terrifyingly shocked)

Naomi: Because he is to sick to do it.

Dad: To sick? What do you mean?

Naomi: He had a heart transplant years back. The new heart is also now failing. So we want...

Mum: (cuts in) we? Who are we?

Naomi: (ignores her)So we want to rush the wedding to next week Saturday and I am going to his place to take care of him.

Mum: Naomi are you crazy? You know what? Lets all cool down. I know you are troubled now about a lot of things but going ahead to marry a dead man is ridiculous!!!!!

Naomi: Felix is still breathing mum, he isn't dead.

Mum: Are you sure? You better call him to make sure he is still alive! And wait isn't it the same Felix you just got through painting.....

Naomi: (cuts in) Yes mum it is! So what?

Mum: But you don't really know him! He is a widower with two crazy children! You always complain about them and the worst part of it, is that is dying!

Naomi: Is dad not dying?

Mum: Oh please I and your father have been married for 28 years not few months and we have been enjoying ourselves as husband and wife...

Naomi: (cuts in) hmmm (rolling her eyes) I don't think only dad was enjoying you.

Mum: Oh cut it off Naomi!!!!! And don't give me that shit! If not for what I did you wouldn't have been born so you better thank me.

Naomi: Dad how did you manage to live with this woman all these years? Gosh mum! I should thank you for committing adultery? Oh God!!! I can't believe you are my mother. Felix may be dying, but he is a
whole lot better than you!

Mum: (slaps her) how dare you!

Naomi: (laughing) that didnt hurt a bit. I wish you can give me a hundred of that slap and tell me you didnt cheat on dad and that he is my real father. But you can't! So I won't stop laughing.

Mum: Stop it Naomi! Stop it! Matthew say something! (crying)

Dad: Leave me out of this Mary.

Naomi: Yes dad stay out of this! After all you knew you weren't my real father all this while so nothing has changed. I am still the daughter from a strange man you don't want to know. Did you ever love me

Dad: Naomi stop, you are killing me.

Mum: Matthew I hate you! I hate you so much! (Facing him )

Naomi: Wow!! The guilty one is resentful. What an irony.

Mum: Naomi you can say whatever you want but you are not leaving this house to go marry that dead man!

Naomi: Watch me! (heads for the door)

Mum: So you want to become a loosed girl right? Going to spend time in a mans house you are not married to? Wow! Like mother like daughter, that makes two of us. So you have no right to judge me.

Naomi: Mummy, the hot mummy, who can get any man she wants. Well I am not like you and will never be like you. You know why? Because to me, love comes way before sex. Felix needs love now and care not sex. I will be sharing the guest room with his maid. His maid will be our chaperone, and I will be taking care of my Felix while preparing for our wedding. So please don't ever say like mother like daughter again! I can't stand you again mother, please forgive me but its the truth. I need to get out of here to clear the air and assist in taking care of my ''dead fiancée'' as you put it. Bye mum.(walks out)

Mum: Matthew say something! Sop her!

Matthew: Why? She's not my biological daughter, and she knows that now. So I am going to be the good guy and support her because at this point, she won't listen to ''otherwise'' from me. Bye Mary. (Walks out)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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