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Paint My Heart. Act Four.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.


Jane walks in on Felix and Naomi again in the kitchen

JANE: Hey painter the charity date is over. Painter boss and colleagues are here so -shoot.

NAOMI: Wow, shoot. Like father like dolls. Thanks for the meal.( walks away)

FELIX: And thank you for not burning my house.

JANE: Oh dad, if she had burnt the kitchen, she would have painted this part for free.

Felix and Naomi look alike


Door bell rings an hour later.

FELIX: ( goes to open) hey Mark, what's up?

MARK: Am good and how is my patient doing?

FELIX:. Doing fine, apart from chocking a bit.

MARK. Chocking? How come?(putting his hand on Felix's forehead)

FELIX: Oh there's this painter who I offered lunch but decided to kill me for it. (Smiling)

MARK: Painter, where? O you finally decided to repaint after such a long time since after Mercy's death. That's good bro.

FELIX: (ignoring his last comment) Let me introduce you to her, she is very funny and talks too much.

Walks in on Naomi and the other painters.

FELIX: Hey Naomi, hi Mr Alex, please meet Mark my friend, and Mark meet my first date in seven years Naomi.

NAOMI: (falls her painting brush) date!

FELIX: What's you with dates? The first time i mentioned it, you dropped my tray and now you just dropped your brush. No wonder you stopped being a surgeon because you must have dropped instruments in your patients stomach and you feel so guilty about it that you turned into a painter.

NAOMI: Wow! Well I wouldn't have dropped instruments into my patients tommy because no one uses the word ''date'' in the theater. And am a doctor, not used to dating.

MARK: Okay that explains it all. Am a doctor and am single. Ten broken relationships. Girls think am a flirt and I hardly keep dates due to emergency calls. So when was your last date?

NAOMI: What! That is absolutely none of your business! I don't talk about my social life. I mean it's private. I should be respected as a lady when it comes to sensitive matters. Okay I think am talking too much.

FELIX: Let's go Mark, this lady surely does have a problem with dates.

{ Both walks out laughing}

BOSS: What was that Naomi?

NAOMI: Oh nothing, he just likes making fun of me.

BOSS: But when did you guys meet? Was it not just this morning?


BOB: ( one of the painters) Be careful Naomi. Those kids of his are monsters.

BOSS: Hey watch your tongue Bob. Don't want those two monsters to hear you and tell their father.

(All now laughing loudly)

Felix and Mark in the parlor minute's later.

MARK: So Felix how is your heart? hope you eating enough vegetables?

FELIX: Yeah Chewing them like goat

(both laughing)

MARK: So I can see you at last fell for a girl right? Hmm Naomi.

FELIX: Hmm. It's funny though when you call it falling. Am just messing with her, she makes me laugh, especially the way she holds her brush.

MARK: The last time I checked you were messing with Mercy's heart when you fell in love and married her.

FELIX: Yeah that's nine years ago. I was strong and agile but now I'm a dying man, can mess with a girl I would have loved but can't fall in love with her.

MARK: Naomi is a doctor, she would understand.

FELIX: Yeah, but a crazy one who decided to paint houses for no reason.

Mark: Lol, common man, lets check that heart.


Hours later.

NAOMI: Hey do you work here? ( calling the attention of the maid)

MAID: Yes am Dorothy the maid here.

NAOMI: How come I haven't seen you since morning?

MAID: I was sent on an errand, please who are you and how may I help you?

NAOMI: Oh I'm one of the painters here, we are through for the day and my boss asked me to tell Mr Felix. So where is Mr Felix?

MAID: In his room.

NAOMI: Please can you call him?

MAID: Okay. (goes upstairs)


JANE: Hey Naomi.

NAOMI: Hey little monsters, where is daddy?

JANE: Yeah big monster asked us to tell you bye.

NAOMI: Okay but why can't he do it in person?

JANE: Because you almost killed him today with your roasted bread, he needs to rest.

NAOMI: But he didn't eat it?

JANE: Did he have to Naomi? I mean the cloud of smoke was enough dessert!

NAOMI: Hey common, I'm like an aunty to you, show some respect.

JANE: Okay aunty Naomi, can you go now?

NAOMI: Yeah better, I am leaving. Say me hi to your dad and be good kids. (walks out)

Seconds later outside the building.

( Naomi helping park things in the company's truck suddenly see's Mark approaching her)

NAOMI: Mark what are you doing outside?

MARK: The same reason why you are outside.

NAOMI: Very funny. Yeah we are through and going back to the office to close for the day, we shall be back tomorrow.

MARK: Okay you sound so excited about coming back tomorrow. (Smiling)

NAOMI. (Smiling) what, you want me to die? Or you want to have my job? Am coming back.

MARK: Tell me doctor to doctor, why did you forsake medicine?

NAOMI: I couldn't tell Felix, what makes you think I would tell you?

MARK: Oh Felix asked? bad guy.

NAOMI: What do you mean by bad guy?

MARK: Well Naomi, it is important you know Felix doesn't give a crap about why you left or about any ''why's'' in your life. He just asked for asking sake or to know what to say to mess with your head.

NAOMI: Wow! Then why are you asking?

MARK: Why? Because I'm single, searching and childless.

NAOMI: O Yeah, now I know why you are still single and childless. Bye. (Walks off)

MARK: Okay don't say I didn't warn you, bye. (gets in his car and drives off)

Jane comes out of the mansion seconds later.

(Janet runs out of the mansion seconds later)

JANET: Hey aunty Naomi wait!


JANET: Please don't mind Jane. This is my dads number he is in his room, just call him, he will come out.

NAOMI: Oh Janet I love you more. Thanks.

JANET: Really? And I'm not a monster?

NAOMI: Of course not, who said you are?

JANET: Okay call dad now.

NAOMI: (dials number)

Hello Felix. She said happily. ( but an old lady's voice answered)

GRANDMA: (Felix's mother) Who on earth is this?

NAOMI: Oops I'm sorry but I want to speak with Felix, I am at his house outside and Janet his daughter gave me this number as his.

GRANDMA: Oh you these hopeless girls always disturbing my son! This is the twentieth girl my grand children are giving my number to, so you want to snatch my son from me right? And swallow his money? You gold digger!

NAOMI: Oh no ma, you are getting it all wrong, are you Felix's mum?

GRANDMA: Where you deaf when I called him my son? And what are you doing in his compound?

NAOMI: Oh I came to paint the mansion.

GRANDMA: When did women start painting? And why are you still looking for him? Do you need to paint him to? Now getting the hell out of my sons house! And I will save this number and call you from time to time to warn you because you really seem stubborn and determined to dig my sons money, get out!!

NAOMI: Oh am sorry ma, (cuts call quickly)

JANET: (laughing) am I a monster now?

NAOMI: A monster, a monster, a monster! Gosh, why did you do that?

JANET: You just said it, ‘I am a monster' and you know what? I love the sound of it from your lips, bye Naomi.

Inside the mansion an hour later.

FELIX: Where is Naomi? And her colleagues?

MAID: Sir she said she was leaving and I should tell you but was stopped by Jane and she asked for the message to be delivered herself to you.

FELIX: Jane! Jane! (Calling out)

JANE: Yes dad.(runs from no where to him)

FELIX: Where is Naomi?

JANE: Oh the painter? She's gone.

FELIX: Did she send you to me?


FELIX: But Dorothy said you asked her to deliver Naomi's message to me.

JANE: Yeah from Dorothy not Naomi, Naomi didn't send me, Dorothy did.

FELIX: And why didn't you tell me?

JANE: Well because a message from a maid isn't relevant, how can I disturb my dads precious sleep over a maids errand? Gat to go dad bye! (Runs away)

FELIX: Dorothy, (facing her) why did you allow Jane to deliver the message?

DOROTHY: Well sir, it's because it was from the painter, not one of your boss or business partners, so i thought it wasn't important.

FELIX: Are you guys crazy in this house? I'm not yet gone and you guys behaving like this? What a mess!

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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