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Paint My Heart. Act Five.

I am a passionate writer who believes in the power of love. I happen to be an author of some romantic comedy books alongside this.


At Touch and Paint ventures, a week later.


NAOMI: Wow I never knew painting that mansion would be so stressful, we have not even seen Mr Felix again since the first day we got there.

BOSS: He is a big business man, he has things to see to, he was just there that day to show us what to do.

BOB: What Naomi? Are you missing him? Why don't you ask for his phone number?

NAOMI: From who?

BOB: Ask the maid or those monsters.

NAOMI: Why can't you ask the maid for me? I saw you eyeing her yesterday, it will be an opportunity to talk to her and ask her out straight.

BOB: Oh please I have a girlfriend.

NAOMI: Oh please, the one with the half past four eyes? That looks at my brush and say ''hey Naomi''

BOB: Well at least I have a girl that says hey to you, do you have a guy that says hey to me? Does any guy even call you? Do you even have one?

BOSS: Hey Bob show Naomi some respect, she is a doctor working with us painters.

NAOMI: Oh thank you so much boss for reminding him.

BOSS: Oh yeah you welcome. Emm please take this paint, it's hardened, do something to it.(hands her a 4litre gallon of paint)

NAOMI: What should I do? ( taking it)

BOSS: Cure it, you are a doctor! ( Says it out loud)

(everyone laughing, including the other painters who engaged on painting the mansion and the few left behind)

NAOMI: That's not funny.

BOB: But we are laughing. (Giggling)

BOSS: Naomi, you can go straight to Mr Felix's house tomorrow morning okay. Be there by 7:15 am, I will be coming there straight since we left the paint there. We shall use tomorrow for the kitchen so there's no need coming to the office first. You hear that everyone? Only the secretary will be here to open up, with other office staffs.

ALL. Yes sir!

BOSS. Goodnight all.

(Everyone dispatches)

Naomi's house that evening. 7:20pm.

NAOMI. Hey mum!

MUM: Hey painter.( replied sarcastically cold)

NAOMI. What if I told you I am in love?

MUM: I would ask if the man has HIV?

NAOMI: Mum stop, this isn't funny (laughing) did dad call?

MUM: No, I did, and his landlady picked the call and I told her if she picks my call again, she should tell my husband I will be sending him a divorce letter.

NAOMI: That was harsh mum, dad is sick and depressed, please be gentle with him.

MUM: Okay doctor, oh sorry painter.

NAOMI: Lol, oh please don't vent on me now.

MUM: So how is it at the mansion? You guys have been painting that house now for over a week, aren't you tired?

NAOMI: No am not. It's so nice painting that mansion, in fact i didn't tell you I had a date last week, on my first day in the mansion.

MUM: With your paint?

NAOMI: Very funny, nope, with Felix the owner of the mansion.

MUM: And his wife?

NAOMI: Oh dead.


NAOMI: Lol, you know that was the same question I absently asked; well he has two kids, twin girls and .........

MUM: Okay stop talking.

NAOMI: Mum what is it? (laughing)

MUM: Nothing.

NAOMI: You through cooking?

MUM: No.

NAOMI: Mum please don't tell me there's no food?

MUM: There isn't.


MUM: Hmm let me see. Your father, my husband got infected with HIV and became depressed and decided to leave home, and abandoned his duties as the head. My daughter and only child turns from doctor to painter and I the wife and mother decides to forsake her duties and become a scriptwriter.

NAOMI: A scriptwriter? What you writing about? ( looking surprised)

MUM: Our story, I'm sure a movie house will love to act this, so please I need more scenes.

NAOMI: You really need more scenes?

MUM: Yes.

NAOMI: I think i am going to get married to a widower who has two monsters as kids, and I will become their step mother and .........

MUM: ( cuts in) Okay stop talking the movie is over. I think I better turn cook than a writer. Go wash, food will be dished in a second.

NAOMI. Hahahahaha. I got you there! ( runs off to wash)



MAID: (Opens the door) Welcome Miss Naomi. Saw you coming in from the cameras, you look great!

NAOMI: Wow! Thanks dear. Thank God you received me, those kids have been giving me heart ache, are my crew here?

MAID: Not yet.

NAOMI: Okay, let me go arrange some stuff in the room we are to paint today. (walks off)

MAID: Okay.



NAOMI: (screaming and running) Help!! Help!! O God snakes in the house!

FELIX: ( bumps into Naomi) For God sakes Naomi. Is that your good morning? What snake in my mansion?

NAOMI: Yeah I saw it. (Looking scared and glad to see Felix)

FELIX: Where?

NAOMI: In the room we are about to paint.

FELIX: (walks in there) where is it?

NAOMI: Actually I saw it written on a board in the room, it had this sign BEWARE OF SNAKES.

FELIX: On a board? Naomi are you crazy? I thought you actually saw a snake! So where's the board?

NAOMI: It was on the chair, I saw it! (Looking at the now empty chair)

FELIX: Naomi if you love me just say it, stop using stupid childish tactics to get my attention. (walks out)

NAOMI: But I saw it, I mean the board with the sign ''Beware of snakes''. Where is it? (Looking around surprised)

JANE: (hiding in the hallway) Yes! We did it.

JANET: ( coming to meet Jane to alert her) Jane the school bus is here, where is the board? Did it go as planned?

JANE: Of course! Do you not trust me. The board is in my school bag.

JANET: (Hugs her ) Yes! Everywhere is clear now, dad has gone upstairs lets run, yea that was a nice prank on Naomi.

JANE: Yeah sis, we are good!... (Heads for the school bus)

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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