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Paint My Heart. Act Fifteen.

I am a poet, and researcher of human interrelationships. I believe in the power of humility and the law of attraction.


Mary At Touch And Paint Ventures.

Mary: (SEATED IN MY ALEX’S OFFICE) Mr Alex I am highly annoyed with you! How could you have allowed this to happen?

Mr Alex: But what was I to do? She called to say she needed some days off to prepare for her wedding and honeymoon and when I asked who the guy is, she said Felix Elliot! The same guy we just did a job for. I am still in shock Mrs Edwards.

Mary: I will always blame you for this Mr Alex! Because you took her there, you should have known something was going on! And besides Naomi is a doctor and you know that, so for her to just turn painter you should have known she is going through some emotional issues and marrying Felix is just out of outburst of anger. She is just trying to hurt I and her father.

Mr Alex: Well Mrs Edwards I have no business with your family issues! And whoever my staff chooses to marry isn't my concern! So please accept your negligence as a mother and stop blaming me for it.

Mary: (Looking angry) Just give me the address to that Felix's house. I just have to go along with it and pray he dies soon. I cannot lose my only child forever, no I can't. I must win this.

Mr Alex: (Writes it down) this is his address and I wish you the best in this battle.

Mary: Thanks Mr Alex for not being there for your staff who is going through an emotional breakdown, if anything happens to her I will never forgive you (walks out).

Mr Alex: Hahaha you surely are as crazy as your daughter Mrs Edwards! You will never forgive me for allowing my staff marry? I have never heard such before.

Bob. (runs out to meet Mary as she leaves the office surrounding) Mrs Edwards! Mrs Edwards! Hold on please.

Mary: Yes can I help you?

Bob: No I can help you.

Mary: How?

Bob: Take me to live with you, adopt me.

Mary: Adopt you as my driver or house boy?

Bob: No ma, as your son. Since Naomi doesn't know what she has and have been enjoying, I do. If you adopt me as your son, I promise you I will be loyal and will never give you headache.

Mary: Are you drunk?

Bob: No ma I am not. And my names are Bob Adams, I left the village in the 70's in search of greener pasture but ended up here for years. Ma if you adopt me, you shall never regret it, I shall give you a daughter in-law and have many grandchildren bearing your name.

Mary: Hahahahahahah this is comedy. You left the village in the 70's? Even if I want to adopt you, you do not pass for my son because you are to old to be my son, look at some strands of gray hair on your head and your old face.

Bob: Ma no o! I am a young boy o. Its just suffer that made me like this and the gray hair is due to too much thinking. I promise you by the time you start feeding me well all this will change. Infact then you will be proud to tell people ''that is my son'' yes that is him. Hahahahahahah so ma, what do you say?

Mary: Goodbye (walks out)

Bob: (shouts after her)Well ma if you cannot adopt me as a son what about me being your azonto! I heard your husband left you, I can take over o! If you marry me I will do the whole house work for you and repair anything repairable! (haa this woman self no fall for anyone. Bob! See as you miss golden opportunity.(hisses and goes in)


Mary At Felix's Mansion That Same Day.

Mary: (rings the doorbell) who is here! Please open up!

Maid: (opens) yes? Who are you?

Mary: A bereaved mother. Is Naomi Edwards here?

Maid: Yes

Mary: I am her mother.

Maid: Oh come in ma!

Mary: Thank you.

Naomi: (passing by) mum! What are you doing here?

Mary: Oh baby how are you? ( RUNS TO GRAB HER)

Naomi: I am fine! Much better being here with Felix.

Mary: Unfortunately I know. Baby I am here to tell you I will support and I love you so much. I know I am supposed to be ashamed of my adultery and yes I am, but it brought you my most precious gem into this world and I don't want to lose you.

Naomi: Oh mum, you don't know how much these words mean to me. Just wait until you meet Felix and you will know why I am this crazy about him, he is so sweet mum. He has been saying he won’t marry
me without your approval, even after I told him what happened. He just wants me to calm down then we go see you.

Mary: Hmmm so when is he dying?

Naomi: Mom Common! Well the doctors says he has few months or years to live but I .........

Mary: (cuts in) wow thank God, so when is the wedding and the burial? Because very soon you will be over this madness. ( looks around disgustingly)

Naomi: Well I will answer the one of the wedding because that sounds less sarcastic. We are having the wedding this week Saturday.

Mary: But its just few days from now, how do you plan to prepare?

Naomi: We are having a pajamas wedding! Oh God I am soo excited. Felix and I appreciate so much the value of having a pure marriage without staining it with adultery. And I didnt say that to hurt you mum.

Mary: Don't worry its okay, just keep talking.

Naomi: So we will be putting on red pajamas and my hair will be pony tails, we will be having the reception in our massive living room and the joining will be done there too, and for food we will be
ordering pizza and wine, we are having just a handful of guests. So how do you see it?

Mary: Do you really want to hear my opinion?

Naomi: No. Actually that was a rhetorical question.

Jane: (walks in) Hey aunty Naomi, who is this? (pointing to Mary)

Naomi: Hello Jane, meet my mother. Mum meet Jane, Felix's daughter.

Mary: How are you Jane?

Jane: Much better than your daughter. At least I know my parents, even though one is dead and the other is dying, at least I know who my mum and dad is. (Sorry heard you sobbing in dad’s arms
yesterday) winks at Naomi.

Naomi: Jane please you do not have ......

Mary: (cuts in) Naomi please you don't need to explain anything to the child. Child please where is your daddy? Take me to him.

Jane: Promise me you won't kill him, just because you don't want your daughter to marry him, after all I don't want her as a step mom either.

Mary: I won't kill him for your sake.(smiling)

Naomi: Mum please you don't have to assure her. (Laughing)

Mary; Naomi, this child seems to know more than you do. Common Jane lets go, take me to daddy.

Jane: Okay.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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