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Paint My Heart. Act Eleven.

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At Felix's mansion the next day.

Naomi: (Rings the bell) Hello!

Maid: (opens) Hi Naomi, thought your job here is done?

Naomi: No its not done yet, I still have to paint Mr Felix's heart. So how is Felix?

Maid: In his room resting.

Naomi: When is he coming down?

Maid: When he feels like.

Naomi: Why is his phone switched off?

Maid: How am I suppose to know why (Looking surprised)

Naomi: Ok can you tell him I am here?

Maid: No he said no visitors, including his two little monsters.

Naomi: Wow I thought I was the one who calls them that.

Maid: Even their father calls them that. (laughs)

Naomi: Okay so I guess I will just have to stay here till he comes down (her phone rings) oh my God my boss! (picks call) Hello boss.

Boss: (At the other end) Hey where are you? Have you forgotten we work on Saturdays too?

Naomi: Oh sorry sir, can't come today I am ill and at home. (lies) I really need to rest.

Boss: Oh sorry dear, rest your pretty head. I was thinking you were on your way here, wanted to tell you to stop at Mr felix's house for our cheque. But don't worry, I will just send Bob.

Naomi: Oh no sir don't send Bob, Mr Felix isn't in a good condition now.

Boss: How do you know that? (Sounding concerned)

Naomi: I just feel so.

Boss: Well I hope you are wrong Naomi because I really do need that cheque
urgently. I will send Bob, bye! (hangs up).

Naomi: Dorothy! Dora Please when Bob my colleague comes here, don't tell him
I am here. Mr Felix asked me to do a special job for him and they ought not
to know. (Lied)

Maid: Okay.

Twins: (walks in) Hey aunty Naomi.

Naomi: Hey little ones, hope you slept well?

Jane: What did you do to my daddy?

Janet: Yeah, since you went out with him last night he hasn't been able to get up from his bed.

Naomi: Oh I think your dad and I just had a really nice time and he just got a little exhausted.

Jane: Yeah, nice time indeed. That doctor Mark had to come to the rescue.

Janet: Just like how I and Jane had to come to the rescue when you and dad
were having that date in the kitchen and you almost burnt down our house.

Jane: You know what Naomi, I think you want to kill my dad and inherit his property.

Naomi: But how can I inherit his property when I'm not his wife?

Jane: We know you Naomi, the next plan on your list is a proposal.

Naomi: (laughing) wow you girls are......... (Door bell rings) interrupts them.

Jane: Janet go see who it is.

Janet: (opens the door) what do you want?

Bob: I am here to see your dad.

Janet: Oh yeah! So you can complete what Naomi couldn't do?

Bob: No we painted everywhere.

Janet: Not that you moron! She almost killed my dad last night and she is here again to see if he is dead and you are here to pick her up with your
van. Isn't that how assassins perform?

Bob: Wait, is Naomi here?

Janet: Yes, look at her there (opens door wider)

Bob: (enters) Naomi what are you doing here?

Naomi: Bob how come you got here so fast?

Bob: I was on my way down to the complex when boss called to say you are ill
and I should go for the cheque and I wasn't far off so I just drove in. So what are you doing here?


Naomi: Well knowing how urgently boss needs the cheque I decided to come down for it. (Lied).

Bob: Okay but how come you got here before me? (Still investigating)

Naomi: Please Felix is sleeping lets come back another time.

Bob: Ok then lets go. ( wondering what’s going on)

Naomi: Dorothy please tell Felix I shall come tomorrow for the cheque.

Jane: Tomorrow is Sunday Naomi, don't you worship God?

Naomi: I do in the morning, see ya tomorrow evening (walks out).

Bob: Let me take you home Naomi, you really have a good heart to have come all the way here for the cheque despite the fact you are ill. ( says it sarcastically)

Naomi: No worries Bob, I can take care of myself. (Sensing his sarcasm)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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