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Paint My Heart. Act Eight.



Jane: Good morning Naomi, why are you so extraordinarily happy this morning? Oh wait let me guess, today is Thursday and my father will be coming back tomorrow.

JANET: She deserves to be happy Jane, she has waited for a whole week for Felix.

NAOMI: Aren't you going to school today?

JANE: Nope we are on mid term break, Thursday and Friday. I am so happy we can torment you today and tomorrow before father comes back.

JANET: Hey look at snake!

NAOMI: (screams and jump) oh my God where!

JANE: (laughing) scary cat.

NAOMI: What did I do to you kids, why can't you just stop giving me heartache?

JANET: Watch your back Naomi. (walks out with Jane)

NAOMI: Oh these monsters! Felix baby please come back quickly.


JANE: Wow Naomi where are your colleagues? Gone to eat? Why don't you come prepare toast again in the kitchen? (Mocking her)

NAOMI: No, no, I brought food.

JANET: Wow so you can bring food and you decided to disturb our father the other day?

JANE: Why did you hide your food flask under the empty paint bucket?

NAOMI: Oh my God!!! How did you know it's there? Did you put something in my food?

JANE: Ask Google.

NAOMI: What did you put in my food you monsters?

JANE: Hey stop accusing us, why not open the paint bucket and take your food flask.

NAOMI: (opens the paint bucket and sees a black cat staring at her) God!!! (She screens)

NAOMI: Oh God!!! (runs and hits a paint plastic and the whole paint wastes) oh God not again!

JANE: But what is wrong with you Naomi? You see a portrait of a snake you scream, now you see a black cat you still scream, so you are afraid of both wild and domestic animals? (Laughing)

NAOMI: Oh no no ,this monsters won't kill me. (grasping for breath)

JANET: (calls the cat) Come here kitty, kitty. Naomi your food is in the drawer, that's where it is supposed to be not under a paint plastic.

JANE: Stay away from Felix! Bye for now. (walks out with Janet)



BOSS: (walks in) oh God what happened here Naomi! Who wasted the paint again? Mr Felix isn't here?

NAOMI: I did again.

BOSS: What do you mean again?

NAOMI: I wasted the first one and put the blame on Felix, now his kids are making me pay for it, please boss I will replace it tomorrow.

BOSS: Okay crazy doctor. But you look pale, didn't you eat your food?

NAOMI. No i don't want to.

BOSS: Naomi please it's high time you confide in me. What really is going on? Why are you here? Talk to me. (Looking tired and puzzled )

BOB: (cuts in) This really is funny, are u scared of eating to? Please bring the food let me eat it for you.

NAOMI: Its in the drawer. Boss please not today. Let's talk some other time. (Looking tired)

Bob: Oh thanks hon, (brings the food out of the drawer) the food i ate outside was just to small (takes a full spoon of rice) hmm, hmm, what on earth is this? (spits it out) is this not Cantor I just cracked with my teeth! Why did you put Cantor in your food?

NAOMI: Now you see why I didn't want to eat it, I knew those monsters must have dropped something inside since they know where i kept the food.

BOB: But this is serious o! (Annoyed )

BOSS: Please lets hurry up and finish up for today I'm not comfortable with those two monsters around, why didn't they go to school?

NAOMI: They are on their midterm break.

BOSS. Oh no, and since you have wasted the paint Naomi, our work has been cut short for today and prolonged for tomorrow.(beckoning the other painters who just returned from lunch to hurry in and continue)

NAOMI: I am so sorry.(cries)

BOSS: Its okay, don't cry, lets just do that side of the wall and go home.

NAOMI. Okay sir.

BOSS: Hurry up Naomi I am leaving now!

NAOMI: Okay boss, just a minute! I'm arranging things.

JANET: (walks in on Alex) Mr Alex are you leaving now?

BOSS: Yes monster.

JANET: Okay pass through the back door the front door is bad.

BOSS: Okay (whispers silently) only God knows why you are being nice to me now.(heads for the back door)

NAOMI: (comes out) boss!

JANET: (she answers) He is not here! Just open the front door and get out.

NAOMI: You two monsters! Don't worry i shall deal with you tomorrow, i will come prepared for you guys.(as she hold the door knob, her hand glues there) did you put glue on the knob? My hand is stuck. The sleeve of my overall is suck. O God what is this!

JANET: Jane! Release the cat now! (Screams)

NAOMI: No,no,no!no! I hate cats especially black ones(opens the door and screams) boss, Bob! Come help me please! This kids glued the door knob and my hand is stuck on it! And my sleeve!

BOB: Don't worry Naomi, I'm coming to get you!

JANE: Really! Bob is coming for us? This is so interesting.

BOB: I am coming through the back door, hold on!

JANE: (pours soapy water on the floor towards the back door) time to disco!

Bob: Okay I am.......... Haaa!! (staggers and lands on the floor.) gbo-sa!!!!! Oh my back, my back, I am dead. I think I am dead! (Cries)

JANE: (laughing)Not yet Bob, because you still talking.

NAOMI: Bob! Bob! Are you okay? Boss! Boss! Please come help us Bob is down!

BOSS: What! Bob is down? Sorry Naomi I can't come, I gat to get back to my wife alive. See you tomorrow and I hope you guys survive this!(drives off)

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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