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P-139 Part 4


“Umm…Grom…What are you doing here?” Milasant said, pointing her plasma rifle at the humanoids head.

“Did you think you could just leave me in the middle of the desert? Do you know the kind of vermin that live in the desert? They wanted old Grom S’Plant for dinner,” he said, not moving from the doorway. The creature continued his cold stare a Milasant before she lowered her gun and returned the cold gaze of the male humanoid.

“Grom…I thought…”

“Shut up! I see you have a new boyfriend,” Grom said, looking at Wilkerson.

“He’s not my boyfriend, but if you relax for a minute, and let me explain. This Earthman is our ticket to a better life, that’s off this planet.”

Grom looked at the man, stepping closer to Wilkerson. “Wait a minute. Don’t I know you?”

“Can’t say we’ve ever met,” Wilkerson said, sliding his eyesight between the two creatures standing in front of him. Something seems very off about this whole thing.

“Grom this is Damon Wilkerson,” Milasant said.

“Wait…What…Do you really think you have the greatest assassin in the universe just sitting here in your tiny little cabin?” Grom chuckled. I don’t think this guy is the real Damon Wilkerson.” Grom chuckled. “Wilkerson is this huge bloodthirsty monster. This Earthman is tiny. I bet the Tréonkey’s wouldn’t even waste their time hunting this human.” Grom hissed the word human and then hit Wilkerson in the face with the butt of his rifle.

“Hey! We do need him in somewhat good condition to get the bounty that’s on his head,” Mila said.

“Calm down, a little bruising isn’t going to be a problem. So what’s the plan to get all of us off this planet?” Grom asked, putting the muzzle of the rifle on Wilkerson’s cheek?

“Grom! Don’t do anything stupid.” Mila commanded the humanoid. Of course stupid is Grom’s specialty.

Without prompting, Grom shot his rifle at the floor, just missing Wilkerson's feet. “Are you going to just sit there Mister Killer,” Grom said, pumping his shotgun.

“Grom! Stop shooting at him!” Mila commanded, rushing at Grom. She jumped and landed on the humanoid, causing the both of them to fall to the floor. The impact of the couple made Grom’s rifle to go off.

Mila’s body jerked and then lay on Grom, her body lifeless.

Here’s my chance. Wilkerson thought, grabbing the bone he had hidden is pant leg. I’m glad nobody checked me for weapons.

Grom struggled to throw Mila’s dead body off him, pumping his gun. Wilkerson surprised the humanoid with the bone as the Earthman hit Grom's arms, causing the alien to drop his rifle.

“AHHH!” Grom grunted as he rushed Wilkerson. The Earthling moved slightly and then hit Grom across the back of his head, causing the bone to break in half.

Wilkerson looked at the end of the bone and looked at Grom laying face first on the floor. The man turned the jagged edge of the bone so that he held the bone like a knife.

Grom groaned and then yelled out in pain as Wilkerson stabbed the humanoid in the back. Wilkerson looked at his prey, and then he held his weapon in the air and stuck Grom in the skull, putting the humanoid out of its misery. Wilkerson stood over the humanoids body, trying to wipe the creature’s blood from his face, but he just smeared it across his cheek.

Wilkerson heard the sound of dirt hitting the lone window of the shack. “What now? “Wilkerson muttered, looking out the window.

A hover copter floated from the sky and landed close to the cottage. A humanoid jumped from the copter and moved to the shack. The magenta patches on the creature’s skin were a sign to Wilkerson who was walking toward him.

“Glad-Pex. I didn’t expect to see you for a couple of solar cycles,” Wilkerson yelled, opening the door of the shack.

“I have contacts in the prison that told me that your mission is progressing faster than planned,” Glad-Pex said, holding his hand out for Wilkerson to shake it.

The Earthman grabbed the aliens hand and shook it, glancing at the rings that were wrapped around all seven of Glad-Pexes fingers. “I was hoping for a couple of cycles to myself,” Wilkerson said, smiling at the leader of the sectors mafia.

“I think there’s a saying on our home world. There is no rest for the wicked, and you’re considered one of the most wicked,” Glad-Pex said, chuckling.

Wilkerson gave the mobster a slight grin in agreement. “Do you have anything for me?”

“To the point, that’s why I’ve always liked you,” Glad-Pex said, pulling a rectangular card from his pants pocket, and held it up in the air for Wilkerson to grab. “The extraction point is also on this card.”

“That is always appreciated but do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Of course you may.”

“Why kill Milasant? I get why you’d want to kill this idiot,” Wilkerson pointed to Grom. “But she seemed content to live out her days in this shack.”

“Don’t be fooled. Milasant was one of the most bloodthirsty killers in this sector of the galaxy,” he paused for a moment. “And she was getting close to a significant milestone for this planet.” Glad-Pex watched Wilkerson’s face. “You see, in this sector the prison population is kept in check by the prisoners themselves. If you kill one-hundred other prisoners you are instantly released into the universe,” the mobster stopped for a moment, and then continued. “She was at eighty-nine kills. Which means that she is close to being released, and there is no way that she could be allowed to live.”

Wilkerson looked down at Milasant. She’s that dangerous? He thought. I guess you can’t take anything for granted,” he said.

“Be seeing you, Damon,” Glad-Pex said, turning and walking to the copter.

“Be seeing you Glad,” Damon said, watching the humanoid enter the copter and leave the planet.

“Well at least I get to relax a little before I go home,” Wilkerson told himself, as he moved the chair near the window and just watched the serenity of the clearing.

© 2018 Robert Beyer