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P-139 Part 3


“Wilkerson, hurry up if you plan on living,” a female humanoid commanded, shooting the plasma rifle into the trees.

The grunts quieted and in its place were moans of pain. Wilkerson stopped and turned his head to listen to the woods, as the grunts slowly returned. The sounds moved louder as they moved closer to the couple.

“Wilkerson! Move now or you’ll be dinner,” the female voice commanded, shooting more laser bolts into the treetops.

“I’m moving as fast as I can,” Wilkerson said, following the green colored plasma shots as they hit tree limbs and left behind the carnage. He jumped over a small grouping of shrubs and fell at the feet of an orange-skinned humanoid. Her purple dreadlocks fell on to her broad athletic shoulders.

“Here use this,” she said sliding a phasor to the man.

“Do you have another rifle? Don’t get me wrong, this is nice, but I think I need something with greater firepower,” he said pointing at her rifle.

“We don’t have time to talk about the size of our… “The female paused taking a shot into the woods. “Guns,” irritated by the comments. “Just get moving,” she repeated, pulling the trigger of her rifle multiple times before turning and running towards an opening, which led out of the forest.

The pair came to the end of the woods, and the woman put her arm out, causing Wilkerson to stop in his tracks. His gun slipped out of his hand and flew into the clearing. The pair watched as the weapon flew through the air and then exploded before it could land on the ground.

“There are several sets of booby traps that are protecting my house. This has helped me survive on this planet,” she said, tapping on two red-colored Jewels, situated on her face. Wilkerson stared at her, confused by all the different colored jewels on her body. “Okay, now you’re safe,” she said, stepping to a small wooden house.

“Since you know who I am, can you tell me who you are?” he said, following behind the woman.

“The names Milasant,” she offered as the couple stopped at the door, and she pushed it open.

“Okay… M-M-Milasant.” Wilkerson said, looking around the inside of the single-roomed house. “Why did you decide to help me?”

‘Why would you ask that?” Milasant looked at Wilkerson innocently. “I could leave you back in the forest, but I just wanted to help you,” giving Wilkerson a soft smile.

“This is a prison planet. No creature that lives here wants to help anyone unless they get something in return. So what’s in it for you?”

“There’s very little in it for me,” she said, moving her hands over the red jewels that turned off the security system when the couple had arrived in the clearing.

“I’m the most notorious assassin in the universe. How is it even possible that there’s not a small bounty on my head and why wouldn’t you want that bounty,” he said, looking around the cabin. “Plus, if you kill me, you get to brag how you killed Damon Wilkerson, the universes most wanted assassin.”

“Seriously, you’re notorious?” Milasant started laughing. “You’re kind of full of yourself. Although if I do kill you, it will give my reputation a boost,” she said, thinking about her words. “The bounty that is on your head is worth a billion credits.”

“I’ve got a billion credits, which I could give them to you,” he said smiling confidently.

“I didn’t mention that they’re a billion Trialion credits?” she watched the Earthman shake his head. With that many credits I could buy a small planet or a large moon,” she said, her canary yellow eyes twinkled with joy as she explained every possibility that she could do with the Trialion credits.

“Can I assume that you get the bounty whether I’m dead…”

“I thought about killing you, but then I have carry you through the jungle.”

“You obviously could’ve carried me through the…”

“I could carry you around, but I don’t want to work that hard. So I keep you alive and you walk through the forest,” she watched Wilkerson as he eyed her rifle. “You could try and get my rifle, but I don’t have a problem killing you at this point.”

Wilkerson heaved a sigh and found a chair, which he collapsed.

“Don’t be upset, I could’ve left you with the Tréonkey’s. They would’ve had you for dinner,” Milasant said, looking up and down Wilkerson’s body. “Although by looking at you they may just throw you back into the woods. I bet your kind of stringy and tough,” she said smiling while walking to the single window in the shack.

“Tréonkey’s” Wilkerson muttered looking to his feet.

Milasant stopped looking out the window and stood by the door. She motioned for Wilkerson to give her the rifle that she set down by him. Damon slid the gun by her feet. Milasant cocked the rifle as the door opened, letting a deep red skinned humanoid in the door.

“Hello Mila,” it said, looking at her.

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