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P-139 Part 2


“BONES!!!” He exclaimed, looking around, noticing three piles of bones that lay in front of three paths that led into the woods. “Does this mean stay out of the forest or stay away from the town,” Damon mumbled, looking back at the town, and then he returned his gaze to the bones. “I’ll take my chances in there,” looking deeper into the woods, deciding if any of the paths were safe. “It seems that my presence on this planet is well known,” Damon muttered. “That’s going to make life a little more difficult.”

The Earthman grabbed a long grey colored bone, looking at its size, and then he tapped it on the tree, testing its strength. “This will make a decent weapon. At least for now,” he murmured, giving his weapon a look of satisfaction.

Dirt and branches flew through the air from another explosion, which made Wilkerson’s decision to stay off the paths an easy one. “Why can’t prison planets have cells. I would much rather be in a SuperMax prison over this place any day,” hopping into a patch of grass that ran along one of the paths.

After traveling through the forest for about an hour, Wilkerson found a huge tree. He looked up to see several limbs that looked like they could hold his weight. That’s the one I want. Wilkerson thought, looking around for anyone that may be hunting for him. Now I’ll be able to figure things out. He started to climb the tree, making his way to the limb he knew would help him.

This looks perfect. The man thought, stepping on the limb to test its strength. Yeah, that'll work. He looked exuberant over his current discovery.

Five humanoid figures caught Wilkerson’s eye as they were moving through the forest. Although it was difficult, because of the creatures camouflaged clothing. Platellians. He thought, watching one of the creatures stop below him.

“Come on out Wilkerson. No one wants to hurt you,” the Platellian yelled. That one must be the leader. Wilkerson thought, looking at the weapons that the creature held in its four hands. A squirrel ran into a shrub. The Platellian raised one of its weapons and then pointed in the direction of the squirrel. The creature lowered its weapon, realizing that the tiny animal was not what the Platellian was searching. “Wilkerson! I promise that no one will hurt you,” a tone of frustration was noticeable in the Platellians voice.

I am pretty sure that if I jumped down, you would... Wilkerson thoughts were interrupted, as a large black and white striped animal leaped from the bushes, landing on the Platellian.

Eligra’s are on this planet? Wilkerson thought, listening to the Platellian’s screams, which rang out through the forest. The long black and white striped tail swayed back and forth as the animal did not move from its prey. Slowly the Platellian’s screams changed to gurgling sounds as the Eligra dug into the humanoids throat. When the animal seemed satisfied with its kill, the beast lifted its bloodied nose and sniffed the air, grabbed the dead Platellian and then disappeared into the darkness of the jungle.

“Maybe it’ll find the others,” Wilkerson told himself, staring at the bloodstained ground lying beneath him. “That may have been a sign that things are going to start going my way, and now I can find some shelter and possibly get some rest.” Birds flew past him, and then the sounds of animalistic grunting sounds began to fill the trees.

Wilkerson looked in the trees, but could not see who was making the grunting noises. “I guess it’s time to move,” he said, jumping from his safe haven and landing on the ground.

When he dropped to the ground, he rolled and landed in the pool of blood left from the Platellian’s body. Damon pushed himself up from the ground, feeling a warm substance on his face, trying to wipe it away. He looked at his fingers, looking at the sticky substance. “Blueblood. Platellians have pink skin and blue blood. Who would’ve thought?” He muttered, scanning the ground for weapons.

“Hey look at this,” Wilkerson said excitedly, grabbing a bow from the ground, and then a few feet from the bow the man found a quiver. He looked at the bag. “…Eleven and twelve arrows.” He counted each arrow and saw that each one was connected to a wire.

The grunts seemed to get louder as Wilkerson finished getting the Platellion weapons from the ground and then he started to head deeper into the forest, hoping to escape from the grunts.

A B-79 plasma rifle rang out through the forest, hitting a tree limb. Another blue-colored laser ran through the air and hit the tree standing by Wilkerson.

“Oh, Crap!!!” Wilkerson exclaimed, watching the tree fall, and suddenly realizing that the tree was falling in his direction. “Can’t get away from the tree,” falling on the ground, Wilkerson waited for the tree to hit him.

As the tree landed, a voice rang out, calling him. Sighing heavily, Wilkerson looked at the tree limbs that lay around his body. Wilkerson turned over and looked at the trunk of the tree laying a few inches above him. “That’s another lucky break,” Wilkerson muttering finding a rock that held the tree trunk.

“Wilkerson! Damon Wilkerson!” The voice yelled out. I hope whoever that is doesn’t want to kill me. The man thought, grabbing his weapons and heading into the woods towards the mystery voice.

© 2018 Robert Beyer

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