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The ship sat at the edge of the planet. “P-139 this is transport 141 waiting for clearance.”

A creature dressed in a black uniform marked with the words prison guard waited for the reply.

“Transport 141 you’re approved to transfer your prisoners,” the voice said mechanically.

“Very well transport, 141 out,” the guard said.

“Damon Wilkerson, welcome to prison planet 139, your new home for the rest of your life. Which will hopefully be a very short one,” a thin guard hissed to the lone prisoner, yanking at the prisoner's shackles.

“Okay okay, I’m moving,” the Earthman said, falling forward, hitting his head on the door of the ship.

“Ha ha Earthman can’t walk,” the guard said, ridiculing the man, striking his prisoner with the butt of his plasma rifle.

“Hugh,” the earthling fell to the floor of the ship.

“Earthlings are so weak.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” the earthling said, spitting blood from his lower lip and glaring at the creature that struck him.

“Don’t look at me scum!” the yellow-skinned guard said, backhanding the earthman, keeping the man on the floor. The earthman paused and kept looking down at the metal floor. Keep your cool Damon. He thought, tightening his lips in frustration.

“Stand up,” the guard said, hitting a red button that sat next to the door.

“Prisoner Wilkerson, move to the gate,” a mysterious voice commanded.

Wilkerson looked around the hallway and began to take small steps until he reached the white colored metal gate, and then stood motionless in front of the door. A red colored scanner started to run across the man’s body stopping at his eyes and then scanning his retinas. The white gate clanged open, giving way to a forty-foot hallway. “Prisoner Wilkerson move to the next gate,” the voice commanded.

This is a really long hallway. I wonder where I’m going. Wilkerson thought, his shackled legs slowing his pace, as he made his way to the red gate and waited.

“Put your feet in the feet painted on the floor,” the voice commanded. Wilkerson searched the ground and found two faded white footprints. He moved to them and waited as the red gate clanged open. As the gate opened two muscular guards walked up to Wilkerson and stood behind the Earthman. “You don’t look so tough to me,” the seven-foot tall guard snickered, hitting Wilkerson sharply in his ribs. “How can you possibly be the most wanted man in the universe?”

“Most of the time I’m not shackled,” Wilkerson said, holding his hands in the air.

“Shut up!” the guard hissed, hitting the prisoner in the ribs again. “Move,” the guard said, shoving Wilkerson into another cage. The cage was nine feet tall, and the metal bars formed a rectangular box around the man. As he looked at the metal bars on the floor of the six foot by six foot, he noticed he was able to move.

“Stand in the middle of the cell,” the voice commanded, as the shackles unlocked and dropped to the ground. The cell jerked slightly and then began moving upwards.

“What the…”Wilkerson said, watching the cement floor shrink from under his feet. “I could have used some warning about this world. He thought when a strip of sunlight pierced the darkness, making Wilkerson move his head.

The cage jerked to a stop, and the metallic door slid open, letting the man escape to a small town. What the…this place looks like an old-time western, without… He thought as he noticed a shadow jumping from the roof of one wooden building to another building. Wilkerson squinted as his vision adjusted to the brightness. More shadows moved around on the rooftops. I don’t have any weapons so if I’m going to make it through today I better find something. And I better find it fast.

“Prisoner Wilkerson, get out of the cell,” the booming voice commanded a second before the walls of the cage began to slide closer to Wilkerson. The prisoner sighed heavily and jumped out of the cage before the cell walls slammed together. “See you soon,” the voice said, joyfully.

Wilkerson looked up from the ground and saw a grouping of trees sitting at the edge of the town. Hope I can get to the woods over there. He thought, and then he looked down at the dirt road.

As the cage disappeared into the ground, five arrows flew through the air and landed around Wilkerson's feet. A few seconds later red laser beams ran down the wires and hit the arrows causing five small explosions.

“Great, I really don’t need this right now,” Wilkerson said dropping to the ground, trying to block dirt that was thrown into the air.

“Wilkerson,” a voice came from the building marked saloon. “Come on I can help you,” the green humanoid said, shooting a phasor at the shadows running from rooftop to rooftop of the buildings across from the saloon. Wilkerson looked at the creature and took one step in the direction of the beast. Five more arrows hit the ground, blocking the Earthling from the building.

“Great!” Wilkerson huffed, the arrows exploding. “Guess the woods is my only choice,” heading to the woods.

“Wilkerson, you’re going to die if you head into the woods,” the humanoid said, firing its phasor in the air randomly.

“Can you really trust that guy Damon,” Wilkerson muttered. “There’s not really a great choice, just head to the woods. At least you’ll be able to find shelter.”

An arrow hit the dirt at the edge of the street and exploded. Wilkerson blocked the soil from his face as he made his way into the forest. Another explosion caused Wilkerson to jump behind a shrub. Gotta get away from them. He thought squatting behind a bush. Another arrow flew through into the shrub and began to burn. Wilkerson moved away from the bush and fell into something that he knew could save his life.

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