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Out of the Dust (Part Three)

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


Stranger spent some time walking around town. As darkness was approaching he came to a little square in the center of town with a large tree and a small park bench under it. He sat upright on the bench just looking at the stars and smiling. It was a short time later that his eyes closed for the night.

He was awaken by the sound of rain drops. He wasn't very wet, the tree gave him much shelter from it. He looked up in the tree and saw a little bird looking back at him. The bird was sitting in a nest. Stranger said, "Hello, my cute little friend. How are you doing today?"

The bird looked back at him, twisted its head from side to side. It let out a few chirps, giving Stranger a smile. Stranger replied, "I will have a good day too. Thank you for saying so."

Stranger got up from the bench, Stretched some, giving his aching muscles time to respond. Soon Stranger was on his way. He looked up at the rain, Heavens gift, he thought to himself. Without the rain, nothing would survive on earth. It is the life of earth he kept thinking.

It didn't matter if it was raining, Stranger walked around town. He was staying completely dry. The rain drops came close to him and just disappeared like he was a magician. He saw people walking by with their umbrellas over their heads. They just stared at Stranger.

He was in a lovely neighborhood when he saw a little girl of seven or eight years old sitting out on the front porch of their home. The front yard was surrounded by the nicest white picket fence, except for one blue slat that seemed out of place. The crying of the little girl was making Stranger feel like he was needed, although he didn't know at the time what the problem was.

Stranger walked to the porch and sat down on the top step. "What is your name young lady? he asked.

"My name is, Alice. Who are you?"

"They just call me Stranger. When I see a little girl crying I wonder what the problem is."

Alice replied, "Today is my birthday and it is raining. I was going to have my friends over and we were going to have fun in the backyard. Now it is ruined."

"I see," Stranger replied. "Is it going to rain all day?"

"Yes, it is," Alice said crying.

Stranger got up and looked out over the horizon. It was starting to rain heavier and he could see lightning off in the distance. "It doesn't look very good does it?"

Alice's mother Janet was now standing in the doorway. She looked out at Stranger as he paced back and forth for a few minutes. Janet heard what Stranger had done with Petunia. Janet didn't know if there was any truth to the story, but she had to keep looking.

A loud clap of thunder scared all of them and lightning frightened them. Stranger, stood tall looking out from the porch. He raised his two hands, bowed his head and started talking to himself. His hands and arms were shaking, soon, it had his whole body into a violent tremor. He kept talking and the rain, thunder, and lightening were not letting up. His pure white robe was flapping like it was in a heavy wind, but there was no wind. What was causing his robe to be moving like it was?

Five minutes it went on and the rain was slowing down, no more thunder could be heard. Stranger had his power tested to the max. He looked up into the sky, just as Alice took her first look. "Look mommy," she screamed. "Blue sky, I can see blue sky." Janet was standing in the doorway in total disbelief.

The line of rain was moving back away, it keep moving, showing more blue sky as it receded. It must have been ten minutes since Stranger first started when they could see rain drops falling from the tree leaves like crystal beads. Then it appeared, the most perfect rainbow as the sun was doing its magical thing.

Stranger walked over to, Alice. He said, "Alice you are going to have your party this afternoon just like you planned. Happy Birthday, Princess" Alice reached up to hug Stranger. She said, " I love you, Stranger."

Janet walked out onto the porch and hugged, Stranger. "I don't know how your did that, but it as incredible. Are you from heaven? The way you are dressed, you just appear like him. Are you him?"

Stranger smiled and said, " No, I am just a simple man that travels from place to place. I don't stay anywhere to long. I am nothing special, I am just a man, nothing more."

Stranger walked down off the porch. He had an appearance about him like he was much more than just a man. Alice and Janet kept looking at him as he walked out of sight. Alice asked, "Do you think we will ever see him again, Mommy?"

"I have no idea, really I have no idea."

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