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Out of the Dust (Part One)

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


The wind was blowing fiercely as people looked off into the distance as the edge of the dust storm got closer and closer. Strange as it was the dust storm stopped right at the edge of town.

It was unheard of, normally the dust storm would roar through town like a freight train. The dust just kept bouncing back and up in the air like it had hit a giant wall. People just kept staring as a man walked out of the dust. He was a rather tall man, with long hair and a beard. He was dressed in a pure white robe. As eerie as it sounds there was no dirt on the man's robe, It was pure white just like it had come out of the wash.

He looked around and took in the sights of the small town. It seemed peaceful enough and made him wonder why he was there. He saw a little boy standing in the middle of the street bouncing a ball. He walked over to the boy and said, "What is your name?"

"My name is, Tommy," the little boy said.

"It is nice to meet you," the man said to him. "My name is Stranger."

Tommy said, "What kind of a name is that? Don't you have a real name?"

The man just smiled and rubbed his hand over the boy''s head. Stranger said, "I think I'll go over and talk with those two men sitting in front of the store over there."

"No point in it," the young boy said. "They lost their hearing in a mining accident many years ago. They won't hear a word you say."

Stranger smiled and walked over to the two men. He nodded to them and shook their hands. Stranger turned to look at Tommy, then turned back to the two men. He laid one hand on the top of each man's head. Stranger bowed his head and started to say something. The little boy couldn't hear what was being said. The men were feeling warm and it was like a soothing warmth was spreading over their body. It went on for several minutes then Stranger removed his hands.

The two men looked at each other and jumped up. They hugged each other and were talking a blue streak. They turned toward Stranger. One of them said, "How did you do that. It is a miracle."

Stranger just smiled and said, "It was my pleasure."

As Stranger walked away the men were hugging each other and were talking and talking. Tommy just stared in awe with his mouth wide open. Tommy turned around and looked up and down the street. He was the only one that had seen what had happened.

Stranger saw a sign that read, Petunia's Restaurant. He kind of smiled and walked toward it.

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