Out of the Dust (Part Five)

Updated on April 6, 2018
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I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..

Stranger was meeting many people in town. There were so many nice people and he got to know them very well. There was never a day that went by the he didn't have a long conversation with someone.

It had been a nice day and darkness was coming over the town. The moon and the stars looked so pretty in the sky. He never got tired of the sight. There was more to it than just taking in the beauty. As he continued his walk he heard loud noises coming from one of the alleys.

Someone was yelling, "Stop, please stop."

Stranger entered the alley and saw that two young men were beating on a middle aged man. Stranger yelled, "Let him go."

The men looked toward Stranger and one of them said, "Mind your own business." He pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed it toward Stranger. "I am not going to tell you again, turn around and walk away."

Stranger said, "I have no intention of doing that. Are you going to shoot me son?"

The youngster with the gun shot at Stranger again and again, and again. Six shots in all rang out in the alley. Stranger was moving his hand at lightning speed. The young man just stood there with his mouth wide open as Stranger walked toward him. Stranger opened his hand and showed six bullets to the young man. He just stared looking at Stranger's hand. Finally he looked up at Stranger's face and said, "How did you do that?"

Stranger said, "You two just stand right where you are." He helped the middle age man get up and asked him if he was alright.

"I think so," he said. "One of those punks have my wallet."

Stranger told them to hand it over and the one man handed it to Stranger. "Here you go sir. Why don't you go on your way while I have a long talk with these two young men."

The middle age man thanked, Stranger and walked away.

The two young men just stood there as Stranger said, "Do you realize how ashamed of you I am? You are two young men that chose this path in life. I can not believe that this is what you want to do with your lives. Is this really how you want to continue in life?"

One of the men said, "We were just having some fun."

"Look, you were beating that man and you stole his wallet. Don't you dare stand there and tell me you were just having some fun. What is wrong with the two of you?"

One of the men said that he didn't know. Stranger asked the other one and he had pretty much the same answer. Stranger said, "Those answers are not good enough for me. You two men have evil in you. I am going to get rid of that evil. I want you to lead lives that you are proud of and will help other people."

Stranger told them both to get down on their knees. One of them said, "Are you going to hurt us?"

"Just the opposite," Stranger replied.

The men got down on their knees like Stranger had asked them to do. Stranger placed one of his hands on each of their heads. The boys felt a sensation like they had never felt in their lives. Their bodies were feeling warm and a light pleasant glow was forming around their bodies.It went on for minutes, the glow was getting brighter, the warmth was feeling like it was taking evil from their bodies.

After Stranger felt that it had been a long enough time he removed his hands from the heads of the two men. The men stood up with a feeling like they had been changed. Stranger asked them, "How do you feel?" Both of them said they felt like a change had overcome them. Stranger replied, "Good that is what I want to hear."

The one man handed his gun to Stranger and said, "Will you dispose of this for me. I never want to see it again." Stranger took the gun with a smile.

"I am glad to hear that. The next time I see you and I will see you, I want to see you doing something positive with your lives." He told the men that they could go and they walked away, turning their heads looking back at Stranger as they left the alley.

Stranger dropped the gun off at the town sheriff's office, just saying that he had found it. Which in a way he did.

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      • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

        Larry W Fish 

        10 months ago from Raleigh

        I'm glad that you are hooked, Dennis!

      • pagesvoice profile image

        Dennis L. Page 

        10 months ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

        I've taken the bait and am hooked on finishing this series. I like the direction it is going in.

      • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

        Larry W Fish 

        12 months ago from Raleigh

        Yes Chris, hold that judgment for a little while yet!

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 

        12 months ago from Lowell, MA through the end of May, 2019.

        Humble, seeks no praise, helps others, motivates evil people to change. He's either Jesus or Mr. Rogers. But I will withhold judgment.

      • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

        Larry W Fish 

        12 months ago from Raleigh

        I'm glad you are enjoying the story, Linda. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had some powers like Stranger possesses?

      • AliciaC profile image

        Linda Crampton 

        12 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Stranger continues to be a very interesting character! I don't want the story to end, but I'm looking forward to eventually discovering why Stranger has his powers.

      • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

        Larry W Fish 

        12 months ago from Raleigh

        Glad you enjoyed it, Flourish. Sometimes we all need to keep some things secret.

      • FlourishAnyway profile image


        12 months ago from USA

        I especially liked the ending. I was wondering where that gun was going to be discarded. I like that Stranger left some pertinent facts out.

      • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

        Larry W Fish 

        12 months ago from Raleigh

        Glad you are getting questions in your head, Eric. No, the sandstorm has died down. He is still sleeping in the park and still has his little bird friend there. He is a strange man, hence the name Stranger. He will not be leaving town anytime soon.

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 

        12 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        Wonderful. I still haven't figured this stranger out yet. Did I miss something or is that wall of a sand storm still just hanging out outside of town. Is stranger still sleeping in the park?

        I guess I will have to stay tuned as the story reveals more ;-)

        Thanks for a new great chapter.


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