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Our First Encounter ( Chapter 5 of Forêt)



Chapter 5

As our eyes meet and he walks closer I begin to lose all words, I can do nothing but stare at his beauty. He’s right in front of me, he says hi and asks me for my name. I hesitate for a second then finally start to stutter out my name, “I’m a Al-Alex.”He smiles, “nice to meet you I’m Henry.”

She stars at me with big beautiful green eyes, long curly light brown hair and beautiful skin that glows, she’s perfect. These past few months I have felt like I’ve been looking for something anything, to make my life a little less meaning less. Now I know what it is, love.

We stand in silence for a couple of seconds till final Henry asks me if I need any help. Of course I do I have been wandering around the forest for hours I’m tired and hungry and on top of that I don’t have a clue where I am. I just have been so distracted by Henry’s beauty it made me forget all my problems, just in a couple of minutes. I’ve seen many people but none of them were quite like him. His beauty, which is weird because guys shouldn’t be beautiful, but he is and on top of that he has strange markings all over his skin. Tattoos but different somehow like he was born with them or somehow they were apart of him, but there beautiful. I can’t help but smile, ever time he talks, he speaks with a British accent but it’s somehow different somehow maybe an older British accent or something. Everything in this world is somehow different but yet the same, old but new, not as advanced but some how more advanced and I want to explore it.

As Henry stares at me I remember he asked me a question, “Yes I’m lost I have been walking around the forest for hours and I really need to find my way back home, Can you help me?” Henry smiles a beautiful bright smile and replies in his odd British accent, “Yes of course you must be exhausted, please come in”. As I followed Henry into his amazing mansion I start to notice his garden it’s beautiful, green grass everywhere, butterflies and flowers I bet there’s not another place like this on earth and it just makes me want to stay longer. “I know you must be tired my maid Abby will give you some fresh clothes and show you to your room so you can get some rest, dinner will be ready eight,” says Henry. I checked my phone for the time but it’s dead, I look around and find a grandfather clock. It’s only 2 pm here, but I’m sure it should be night, weird. Abby shows me to a room it has a huge bed and giant window overlooking the garden and the forest, everything in the bedroom is so colorful and modern, way cooler then my room back home. Abby takes some clothes out of the closet and hands them to me then shows me where the bathroom is so that I get clean up. I have so much dirt on me from sitting in the forest. I can only imagine how I look to Henry; a horrible mess there goes my first impression. I get myself cleaned up in the bathroom and sit my dirty clothes on the dresser then climb into the soft bed. I really needed the sleep, I instantly start to fall asleep, and the only thing I could think about as I drifted off is a Henry’s light grey eyes.

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