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Origin: The Story of Jacob: Book 1, Chapter 4

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Good old dark cloud


Chapter 4: The Good Old Dark Cloud

“We wake up to the noise of factories, trains and vehicles rather than birds singing”

It is on a Tuesday morning and our Jacob gets up early as he has been doing for the past few weeks. He puts on one of his black turtlenecks shirts and heads towards a small section of the room that has now become his kitchen in a rather better room than the one he previously stayed in - his new position in the business has awarded him some generosity from the owner.

He fixes himself a simple breakfast and then proceeds to set “right” everything that looks out of place and thus make sure he leaves the room as neat as possible. After dressing up, he picks up his black backpack, puts on his favorite pair of blown leather shoes and leaves for another day of work while listening to “the song”.

As had become his routine over the past few weeks, he first passes by the bar to hand over assignments and collects his payment before walking on to one of the other motels where he has been given a small office on one corner behind the establishment.

While it may not seem like much, it is a nice office that our protagonist has managed to fix in to a decent room for all his work.
In it is a pair of wooden seats, a metallic office table with a desktop computer and several cabinets for all the paper work. On one corner behind one of the cabinets is also a small, convertible bed for the "just in case" days. Apart from these, there is nothing else worth mentioning.

It is a few minutes past 11 and just as our protagonist is returning from a nearby store where he gets his snacks, he sees two men standing near the office, one of whom is the motel manager. The other, also a tall, well groomed individual who appears to be in his mid fifties appears to be the owner of the motels if the unusual behavior of the manager was anything to go by.

"So you are the one who's been suggesting all the changes??" enquired the tall, well groomed individual as he drew out his hand for a hand-shake.

He was the type that grew a smile as his eyes sunk deeper in to their sockets creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere as he spoke.

"I am Hudson, the owner" he continued as they shook hands. "This" thought our protagonist "is a pretty straight-forward kind of boss" as he just smiled not really sure what to say to the man.

The introductions go on for another minute or so followed by a longer conversation in the office.

Throughout their conversation, our protagonist finds the man to be not only quite interesting in the way he approaches matters, but also genuine in the way he presents himself in general.
While it is evident that he was almost losing interest in the motel business altogether, it was also clear that he made something out of himself in various other businesses in his time.

This man, he is exactly what the boys want to be…

As time passes, the mist starts to clear out as it starts drizzling. It is at this point that the man picks up his grey flat cap he had earlier placed on the table as the manager stood preparing to help him with his coat – the meeting had come to its end.

“No, no, you just sit and carry on with the good work son” says the man as our protagonist is just about to stand and see them out. This does little prevent him from standing, but the man insists; this time with that good old smile.

“We’ll catch up later” concluded the manager, who had up to this point said very little as the two walked out in to the drizzling weather.
Our protagonist merely stands at the door as the two get in to a “really nice car” and drive off.

With a grin on his face for the task that lay before him – to bring changes to the business – he returns to his seat as he pulls one of the files (one he had previously been showing the man) to really start the work. The grin however slowly fades away as the memories and thoughts of “beloved” start penetrating his mind.

Hours pass by…

A few minutes past 7 and our protagonist is closing up. As has become part of his routine, he passes by the bar to meet up with the boys for the day’s assignments before getting to his place to work on them and get some well deserved rest.

The third guy in the group always tried to get him to stay a bit and hang out, but this was not his thing. He was never really been a “people person”. He therefore finishes his drink and snacks, puts on his raincoat and leaves promising to have the work ready the next morning.

A few minutes past 8 and our protagonist is crossing the road to get to the establishment that has now become home. As he approaches the other side of the road, his mind suddenly takes him back to the dream of the chain-bound woman. There is no special reason for this, but his mind has gone back there. He tries to remember the details of the dream, but only makes up the chains and the horrified look on her face.

Before he gets a chance to think more about it, a small van suddenly stops behind him and he is immediately struck by some sort of an iron rod or baseball bat at the back of the head –

He is unable to make out what is happening around him as he falls backwards in to the hands of someone pulling him in to the van. He struggles to draw out his hand towards a couple that is by now quickly retreating from the scenario for help, but finally blacks out.

His file, currently on the ground where he dropped it, finally gives in to the wind and releases its content, most of these being papers…

In to the Dark

He struggles to open his eyes, but has woken up to excruciating pain, which is understandable considering the current state of the back of his head.

The darkness that surrounds him makes it impossible to tell the “time” or where he is, but finally learns that he is in a moving vehicle.

He tries to sit up, but learns that both his hands and legs have been tightly tied making any attempt to move incredibly painful.
The van comes to a stop

“Well all fun for me then” says someone as he comes to the back of the van and turns on the light.

“Well, look at that; he’s up already” he continues as he carelessly drags our protagonist out of the van by his hair.

Full of fear and confusion, our protagonist attempts to ask who his tormentors are and what they want, but all that comes out of his mouth are mumbles. His “questions” are met by a violent kick to the face leaving him semi-conscious. Two other men get off the van and join the other and they start making conversations about how to proceed.

As he lays there trying his best to spit blood from his mouth, another vehicle arrives and he tries to shout for help in the assumption that the vehicle has brought with it some “good Samaritans”. All he can manage however is a dying whisper that is once again met by another kick to the back that almost breaks his spine.

If only this had been one of those moments where the body just shuts down to avoid pain – if only

After engaging in a few lines of conversations, one of the men drags him by the hair to the back of one of the vehicles, strips him down violently and proceeds to repeatedly sodomize him.

With the events being too dramatic, our protagonist who has by now gone in to shock simply lies there; unable to move or even try to fighting his tormentor. His face - as the man continues with the assault - is that of a man who has given in to his fate – waiting for the gentle hands of death to take him.

The guy is finally through; He gets up, pulls his pants and tightens his belt. He then takes one more look at our protagonist goes back to join the others.

Maybe death is not as merciful. It is yet to get here…

Some sort of argument can be heard from their direction, but finally end as two men come to our protagonist and start beating him with all the cruelty they can master. Their heavy boots do a good job of breaking some bones, but it is a blow to the head that once again leaves his completely unconscious.