Origin: The Story of Jacob: Book 1 Chapter 3

Updated on November 14, 2017
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Purity: Fellowship City


Chapter 3: Good luck Purity


Purity was the sort of city, like many others at the time, whose growth and development were founded on such important vices as lies and corruption as well as rumors of politically motivated murders. No sensible person would in this society attempt to go against the powerful and everyone seemed to have accepted their fate whatever it was.
When it wasn’t raining or drizzling (very common here) the city always seemed to be covered in a light mist- All this perhaps an attempt by the gods, if any, to wash the city of its sins.

The bus arrives at Fellowship City a few minutes past midnight and our protagonist takes a room in the first cheapest motel he finds.

Just one step into the establishment and one would swear by anything that is good that they had stepped in to another reality. Though the exterior of the building sent a clear message that this was no 5-star, nothing could prepare anyone new here of the mess that was the interior.

In a hurry to get a room and just lie down to get some rest, our protagonist engages in the necessary transactions with the caretaker of the establishment – A tall, seemingly reserved individual with a lovely moustache. The man, probably in his late 30s or early 40s was particularly well dressed and, despite this being the very first time our protagonist had ever met him, seemed like the type that presented himself as a professional in all his dealings. Heaven only knows why he chose to work in such a place.

Following the brief transaction, he shows our protagonist to his room while explaining the rules and leaves him be.


The varying scents trapped in to the room are testament to different low life personalities and acts that have taken place over time. It is not a place that any given individual with any sense of self worth would occupy for more than an hour let alone spend the entire night. It is nothing worth of any praise, but it will have to do for our protagonist. He has to spend as little as possible before he figures out the next course of action.

Having slept for most part of the journey, he finds it difficult to get any sleep. It is at this moment that his mind takes him back to the first time he met his "beloved" at a movie theater.

"Well that was rather disappointing"… those were her first words to him at the end of the movie. He almost ignored her in the assumption that she was talking to someone else. Oh, how gradient she seemed.
He almost had nothing to say in response to her criticism of the film, but finally found some positive words for the film in response – this in turn resulted in a longer conversation than he expected.

- This ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, was how he met the girl-

All he can remember about her at that point and time was that she was a glowing perfection; A woman that was simply above his league in every meaning of the word. The memories result in our protagonist smiling to himself like an idiot.

The old sweet memories are suddenly interrupted by lovers in the next room who have decided to make their love session a loud one. Unable to sleep, he decides to go out for a stroll and get familiar with the area. He leaves the phone charging and sets out to meet the city.

Political posters all over the place are evidence that it is the election campaign period in the city…

About half an hour in to his walk, he comes across a small bar and decides to go in for a drink and some snacks before returning to the foul-smelling room for some sleep.

In his usual manner, he takes the furthest table and waits for the waitress to come around so that he can make his order. Few second later, a couple of young people walk in to the bar and occupy a table in front of him. The waitress comes to take his order and the young lads take this opportunity to call for some drinks.

The guys

"I'm gonna fail so bad on that paper" claimed one of the young men as the waitress brought their drinks along with one for our protagonist – A nice cold Stoney Ginger beer; his drink of choice…

"I just wrote stuff down to make sure that at least I hand in something" replied another in response to the first one "at least the teacher will have me re-do it later which is fine with me" he continued.

"Mathematics is a beautiful subject" jokingly commented the first one as the third guy in the group just smiled as the first apparently mocked how their mathematics teacher praised the subject.
- College kids-

Our protagonist first thought nothing about all the talk, but an idea finally runs through his head.

"I can work on it for you" he almost shouts without putting much thought to it.

This caught the young men by surprise and they proceeded to ignore him at first creating a somewhat awkward atmosphere. Realizing his mistake, our protagonist decides to quickly drink up and walk over to the counter to get his bill so that he could pay and leave.

Before going any further, the third guy in the group (shorter and seemingly cocky) who had up-to this point said nothing except smile and laugh at the jokes of the other two decides to inform him that it was college mathematics and whether he was up to it.

Our protagonist pauses for a moment, turns to face them and smiles; a sign that he is up to for it. The second guy in the group, who had up to this point been occupying one of the seats moves to one end; a gesture of welcoming our protagonist to join them,

After going through the questions which they looked up on the school's website on their phones, they agree on $40 for each paper following a relatively lengthy debate.

Unable to come up with any stimulating topic to push forward the small talks, he leaves them his number having agreed to meet at the bar the next morning where they would collect the completed assignments.

Not so bad

The next few weeks prove to be particularly great for our protagonist.

For one, the three young men were bringing in more work than he expected. They were now not only bringing him most, if not all their assignments for him to work on, but also more from other students. It was evident that they too were making good money out of it. This, however, did not matter much given that he was making his very fair share.

These three were as interested in their school life as multinational corporations in environmental conservations. This became evident the more he interacted with them in the “new business opportunity”.

All their efforts however seemed to be directed towards wishful thinking. Most of their conversations at the bar revolved around making enough money and starting their own “thing” – make a name for themselves in “Fellowship city”

The second guy, who was either a loyal Texan or simply loved wearing “Cowboy hats” seemed to be the source of most of the new money making ideas that most people in any other better city would describe as “semi-illegal” But this was Purity, not a “better city”

The relationship between our protagonist and the tall, well dressed caretaker, who he came to know as the manager of the establishment had also begun to be a good one – at least economically.

Over there very brief interactions, whenever it happened, our protagonist would find himself giving the man some advice that not only made it possible for him to cut certain costs, but also implement ideas that made seemed to help streamline transactions.

Regardless, their conversations remained very brief whenever they talked-

Recognizing his potential, in addition to the fact that he did not seem to be in a hurry to leave, the man went on to recommended him to the owner of the motel, which ultimately landed him an “accounting” position in the establishment as well as two of their other motels in the area.

In all this, they just wanted to see what he could do for the business…

These activities were particularly important in that they kept him occupied. This helped him deal better with the thoughts of “beloved” that would time and again creep in causing him to feel increasingly guilty...

Maybe, in another life and as a better man,
“Fare well my fare lady”

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