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Origin: The Story of Jacob: Book 1, Chapter 2

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Patrick has been working as a freelance writer on fiverr for the past 2 years.



Chapter 2: Another day, another development

It is on a Tuesday afternoon and our rather stressed protagonist gets home from work. It had been one of those slow days at work, so he asked to go and complete the rest of his work at home. Having dozed off for about 45 minutes on the couch, he wakes up and drives to a nearby store for some snacks - He enjoys eating snacks when working; Ginger biscuits and such.

He comes back home and just before opening the door; notices his "beloved" talking to someone in the kitchen. The giggles and whispers draws his curiosity so he tries to peek through the kitchen window, but his "lovely wife" and the man notice him and stop doing whatever it is that they were up to. She then quickly walks out of the kitchen heading towards the living room.

Confused and unsure what to make of it, our protagonist rushes back to his car and drives off as his "beloved" opens the front door calling out his name in an attempt to stop him.


He stops several blocks away, slowly gets out of the car and walks in to a small restaurant. He goes and takes the furthest table from the door and plants himself in the seat.

“This is it” he thinks to himself, “it’s finally happened!” Despite replaying the scenario over and over again in his head, he cannot explain why chose to drive off. It could have been anything, he thinks to himself; that could have been a relative or a friend.

The phone rings, but he is unable to get himself to answer for reason. She calls two more times, but he decides turns off the damn phone and leans on table.
A young goofy-looking waitress interrupts his train of thought but he cannot make heads or tail of what she is asking. He gets up; walks past her and walks back to his car where he seats for about half an hour contemplating the next course of action.

"She has not been happy for a while now" he thinks to himself, "what's even the point of going back there!?"

He then leans back and closes his eyes –

He is lying on one side of a small bed in a small dark, poorly organized room. He slowly opens his eyes and sees what appears to be a ghostly image of a blonde woman bound in chains with one of her hands stretched out towards him as one of a person reaching out for help. The horrified look on her face as she is pulled back in to the darkness of the room is evidence of her suffering. Our protagonist, in what feels like a paralyzed state can only look, but is unable to do anything. She finally disappears in to the darkness eyes full of terror.

And then…

Jacob is woken up by two kids making faces and giggling on one side of his windshield. They finally run off, which might be because of the current state of our protagonist's face (which is dripping with sweat) or maybe because some lady who appears to be their mother called them back to a car packed just behind his.

Any other day and this could have been a nice nap, but this was not one of those days. Waking up from his slumber came with a flood of thoughts and memories about how bad his relationship had become. How increasingly his "beloved" seem uninterested of being around him and how it all made him feel. She sounded somewhat happy with the man in the kitchen. It hurt him to have such thoughts, but the whispers and giggles he heard from the kitchen reminded him of how happy she once was with him. He cannot go back there. He has no courage take another look at her and make conversation about the events that just took place or about where their relationship is headed.

All this causes him to forget about the unusual dream he just had,

Just like that, a rush decision is made...

Our protagonist drives to his bank, withdraws an amount he feels sufficient and goes back to his car. In the car, he takes off his watch, his shoes and puts them in a small plastic bag. He pulls a memory card from his phone which he puts in his front trouser pocket and puts the phone in the bag along with the car keys. He gets out of the car and closes the door and leaves on foot.

About an hour later,

It has started getting dark and our protagonist is at the bus stop waiting for any bus that comes along. He had bought himself a cheap jacket, a cheap pair of sandals and a cheap phone and feels all set. A bus comes along and he jumps in not really sure where he is going. Once the bus starts moving, he inserts the memory card in to the phone and switches it on. He inserts the ear-phones and repeatedly plays "they are coming to take me away" by Napoleon XIV.

He is once again awoken by a couple of teenagers talking and laughing in the seats in front of him. As they carry on with their small talks and laughs, he finds himself staring at them perhaps admiring the company they provide each other. He never really had this "hanging out with friends and enjoying the company of others" for most of his growing up Being moved from one home to another, in addition to some level of abuse he experienced from those who were supposed to take care of him contributed to his introvert nature.

About an hour later, the teenagers alight the bus and he goes back to listening to the song.

It starts getting cold and the turtleneck shirt and the jacket he bought a while back do not seem to be doing a good enough job of keeping him warm.

He alights the bus at the next stop and a few moments later, takes another bus about to leave for Purity, popularly known as Fellowship City, an ironical name for a city where everyone seemed to only look out for themselves. Truly, this was not a city where strangers could feel at home. Regardless, it was ideal for our protagonist given that he preferred keeping to himself and the fact that it presented an opportunity to start again; to kill the pain and get rid of all the bits of dark cloud that seemed to hover around him.

Throughout his journey to Purity, he cannot help but feel guilty of the way he left despite the fact that he had never known stability in his life.
He is unable not shake off the feelings of guilt no matter how well he tried to justify his reasons.

“I am bad luck; the dark cloud has permanently settled upon me-

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