Origin: The Story of Jacob: Book 1 Chapter 1

Updated on November 14, 2017
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The Jacob story


Chapter 1: A guy

"This is a story about a man-Jacob"

With that very brief introduction I suppose it is crucial that I make it clear that the author has never written anything in his life – so; please forgive him in the event that the story falls apart as we proceed (also, English is not his first language, I beg that you are patient with him)

- The author feels it is fitting that the story starts at a point where our protagonists is at the happiest point in his life. This is not really a bad place to start considering the direction the author intends to go with the story --

A Happy place

It is on Friday evening and the "perfect lady" he first met the previous weekend has just arrived at a small cafe for a "date" they planned - Nothing fancy, just what we the ordinary folk call hanging out.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time our protagonist has fallen in love. In all his four years in college, not to mention high school, he never met anyone like the lady, and therefore naturally feels that she is the one. With her ever wondering eyes and that glowing smile - he couldn't ask for more from the creator. There is so much to love about her from his point of view. The way she sees the world, the way she talks while smiling, her passion for the classical music, that sweet scent she introduces in to the room whenever she walks in and the list goes on - She is perfect from where he stands.

- The author feels that it is important that you at least know some things about our protagonist. He is not really all that. Imagine him as a geek with a crossed front tooth and a very interesting sense of fashion. Turtleneck shirts and dark bow-ties had become part of his strict dress code; perhaps an effort to make sure the cigarette burn scars on his back, all the way to parts of his neck were never seen, but then again who knows the real reason. For someone who had been moved from one home to another throughout much his childhood, Jacob had developed quite a good understanding and knowledge of sciences and mathematics - These were the only things he was really proud of, the only things he was good at. Apart from all that, and the fact that he was somewhat of an introvert with a strong imagination, there is really nothing much to know about him and for that reason, we will pick up from where we left off-

He had only known her for about a week, but she was the best thing in the universe. She somehow managed to shine some light in-to his "broken life" which made her a symbol of hope for good things to come. He had no idea what she saw in him to even like spending time with him but it did not matter, not one bit.

The date goes just fine and ends with a stroll around their small town. With that, they hesitantly say their goodbyes having arranged another date - One he eagerly looks forward to.

A few months pass by and our protagonist lands a nice job at a law firm followed by a small wedding to his "perfect lady" several months later- Life is good and now he can clearly visualize the rest of his life with his beloved; kids and all that.

A year goes by and it’s no longer smiles and flowers. His beloved no longer seems happy or lively as she did once. She appears dissatisfied and no longer eager to be around him. Everything from a simple kiss to talking that once proved magical has now grown stale and awkward to say the least.

The changes drive our protagonist back to the "broken-self" he was before he met her. Being the quiet and "non confrontational" type, he thinks it better to try and give her time and space to breath. “She will get over this phase”. He tells himself all this in the hope that things will go back to the way they were; back to the glowing smiles. In spite of all this, he can feel it deep inside. He can see it no matter how dim it appears; she craves out of this dying union they formed.

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