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One Step Beyond Madness 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Winning Her Over ...

When Dr. Weinberger returns to the Tannersville Research Center from her visit with the Edwards, she is met by an unexpected guest.

“Dr. Holloway?”

“Yes Rachel, how are you?” Sydney Holloway extends a hand to Rachel. She stuffs hers into the pockets of her lab coat.

“What are you doing here?” Rachel inquires.

“I’m here regarding Experiment 697 of course.” Sydney states smiling. “Is that anyway to greet your new boss.”

“You?” Is all Rachel can utter.

After moments of awkward silence; she composes herself, “The government shutdown Experiment 697 two years ago.”

“Well—I persuaded them to reopen it.” Dr. Holloway states proudly.

“You did WHAT?” Dr. Weinberger looks at him in complete amazement.

“I said—” Dr. Weinberger interrupts Dr. Holloway.

“I know what you said—I just can’t believe you said it and that the military agreed to this nonsense!”

“It’s not nonsense—it’s call progress. You took it to the first step and now I plan to bring it to fruition.” Dr. Holloway says.

“You plan to bring it to the brink of total madness.” Dr. Weinberger accuses.

“Really now, Rachel.” Dr. Holloway chides.

“That beast in buried under tons of ice and snow.” Rachel adds.

“I am well aware of that.” Sydney exclaims.

“Then how—is that why you want the mayor to blast around that site? Rachel asks.

“Of course not. I want to bring in my own creation.” Sydney says.

“Don’t tell me that you have one?” Rachel inquires.

“The military didn’t actually destroy all your research information. They just told you they did. Colonel Ross Morgan decided to rescue your particular files.

“I don’t remember seeing a Colonel Morgan.” Rachel runs through her thoughts to try to recall all those who were at the research center.

“He didn’t come in person, of course. The Colonel had one of his operatives confiscate the information and put in on microfilm which was later relayed to his office. Eventually, the originals will be destroyed.” Sydney says.

“Eventually—so,the originals were not destroyed, and you have copies. Just what makes you think that this new creation will be better than the one I had.” Rachel inquires.

The usually cheerful Dr. Weinberger is not so when she discovers Dr. Holloway is at Tannersville Research Center.

The usually cheerful Dr. Weinberger is not so when she discovers Dr. Holloway is at Tannersville Research Center.

“It’s a female for one thing. Males tend to be more aggressive while females more protective.” Sydney states.

“A female.” Rachel mulls the information in her head. “I never thought of that.”

“Of course you didn’t. That was what was missing in your prototype. The extremely aggressive behavior was not tempered with emotion or logic.” Sydney retorts.

“You have made this an emotional, logical being?” Rachel responds, “How?”

“By adding hormones. I introduced Norepinephrine which contributes to the control of the emotion and Dopamine which assists in the cognitive—deciphering perception—what is real and what is not.” Sydney enlightens.

“And you were able to introduce these hormones into your prototype?” Rachel is amazed.

“Yes, I was. I also introduced Orexin. It increases her alertness and energy level. This is Experiment 697 at the next level. So, what do you think?” Sydney is very satisfied with himself that he has not only greatly enhanced the project, but it would seem gotten Rachel’s full attention.

“So, how is her response time.” Rachel is intrigued.

“She has the swiftness of the cheetah, the agility of a primate plus the discerning ability of a human.” Sydney tells her.

“I don’t know what to think, Sydney. It’s obvious that you have wandered into territory that I haven’t thought of, but this is still a dangerous animal. What about it’s aversion to Joy?” Rachel probes.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to remove that from the equation. Since she still maintains the tracking capability of an Auburn Tracking Dog—the ability to smell is amplified. Just make sure that none of the female staff members use that scent.” Sydney cautions.

“Your modifications are very impressive.” Rachel shakes her head.

“I thought you would be impressed.” Sydney states well pleased with himself.

“But that doesn’t mean that I want to work with you on the project.” Rachel adds.

“Why on earth wouldn’t you?” Sydney queries.

“I’m getting married in a couple of months. I promised my future spouse that I would separate myself from bioengineering, Syd.” Rachel informs him.

“Couldn’t you just think about it—that is once you return from your honeymoon?” Sydney asks.

“We’ll see.” Rachel heads toward her office. After sitting there for moments staring into space; she hears a knock on the door.

Shirley Crenshaw is an integral part of Dr. Rachel Weinberger's Team.

Shirley Crenshaw is an integral part of Dr. Rachel Weinberger's Team.

Considering the Consequences ...

It’s Shirley Crenshaw, her biomedical lab assistant.

“Come in.”

“Hey boss—I guess you heard the spill from Dr. Holloway. What do you think?” Shirley sits in the chair across from Rachel.

“It sounds plausible in theory, but I don’t know. Something about the use of human hormones I don’t like. Especially, using Norepinephrine. Too much of it and the creature can display feeling of anxiety. With the ability to chase people like a cheetah coupled with stamina, well you decide.” Rachel throws up her hands.

“It would be like a charging locomotive. It would be very important to ensure that documentation is made whenever injections are given.” Shirley suggests.

“I agree completely.” Rachel says.

“Or you could give it less of that hormone.” Shirley says.

“Then you would have a depressed creation. Either way it could prove to have lethal results. For now, we need to watch that man closely.” Rachel replies.

Meanwhile ...

It’s not long before the construction of the thoroughfare commences. The crews are working around the clock to make sure the road is finished on schedule. Dr. Holloway wants his prototype at the research center and the test to resume. At the present time, the creature is housed in a simulated tropical environment.

Dr. Holloway decides to give the mayor a call.

“Mayor Davidson, what’s the holdup? I need that prototype in this facility like yesterday.” Dr. Holloway is using his authoritative voice.

The news from the construction site is not very welcoming.

The news from the construction site is not very welcoming.

“It’s not my fault. The men are having problems moving this huge boulder. They tell me that it may be necessary to use a higher degree of explosives.” The mayor relays nervously.

“So, what’s wrong with that, Mayor Davidson?” Dr. Holloway quizzes.

“What's wrong is that creature is down there. The men are afraid of disturbing it. Come to think of it—I’ve got a petition from the good folks of Tannersville. They are not happy with the demolition, either.” The mayor tries to explain.

“Mayor Davidson—we had an agreement. I pour money into your town in exchange for the thoroughfare at Devil’s Gap. I want it done NOW! Do I make myself clear, mayor?” Dr. Holloway bellows.

“Very clear.” The mayor replies and hears the dial tone. The mayor gets back on the phone to Weatherby Construction Company.


“Hello Pete, this is Paul. Use whatever means possible to get that boulder moved. I know it’s pretty deep in the ice, but Dr. Holloway is breathing down my neck.” Paul begins.

“Be reasonable, Paul. Roger Edwards and a few members of the Tannersville City Council were up here explaining to me the dangers of doing just what you are suggesting.” Pete Weatherby tries to explain to Paul.

“I don’t care—I’ll be down there shortly. Just get it done. Paul says aspirated.

“Okay, Paul but it’s going to be on your head—not mine.” Pete slams the phone down. This is the second time the major has received this response.

“Dammit all!” Mayor Davidson laments.

To Be Continued …

One Step Beyond Madness 3

  • One Step Beyond Madness 3
    The mayor is deceased along with five other construction workers. As feared, the explosion awaken the beast and he is on a rampage of death and destruction. If a plan isn’t instigated soon, there will be little hope that Tannersville with survive!

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