One Piece Adventure with Kiwi Peaches

Updated on July 18, 2018

The Shorts


On what seemed to be any other normal hot and humid summer day something crazy happened. Most of which I dreamed about but believed was impossible. Now in this world divergent to my own I have experienced many adventures some of which I don’t remember ever doing. I have lost most of my memory from my place of origin I can’t even recall the name of it. There are only two memories of my original home that I cling onto still. One of my mother and me getting eaten by a shark it is so very vague I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with what happened to me. The other is of the very incident that landed me here in the first place.

Jasmine and I were getting ready to go out somewhere I can’t remember where we were planning to go.

Rush, rush, rush, we have 20 minutes to get ready and out the door don’t want to be late, “Jasmine hurry your dang ass up we have 20 minutes till we need to be outty” I yell from upstairs. In the basement bathroom she screams back

“Karinna, I still need to shave my armpits”

“You always take so long to get ready, I have already done my bathroom business and just need to throw on clothes” I yell a little annoyed

“What are you going to wear” she says just loudly enough for me to hear

“Hehehe” I giggled weirdly with a sly grin on my face

“You’re going to do it aren’t you?” she asks already knowing the answer

“Ooooohhh yes gurrl you know it!” I scream all excited and weird

“Karinna, I am going to wear mine too” now we both have a sly grin on our faces

Searching through my dresser drawers can’t find them. My shorts I can’t find them. Starting to get frustrated I vigorously search my extremely messy room throwing clothes everywhere.

“Where are they!” I scream in frustration. Jasmine Comes running up the stairs.

“Karinna calm your ass down!” she says laughing so weirdly she looks like she is constipated and pushing really hard.

“Dang girl, you be looking like your being possessed when you laugh like that” I say laughing so hard I fall the the floor. I am so focused on laughing when I look over to see the shorts that read “Property of Roronoa Zoro”. I flop onto my stomach exhausted from the fit of laughter and just lay there for a moment.

“Hey Jazz, I found them” I say finally calmed down a bit

“Finally, now where is your shirt we need to be gone in 10 minutes” she says feeling rushed

“On the chair I believe, want to grab it for me? I am too lazy to get up right now” I say tiredly

“Okay girl, then I am headed outside for my booty call aka a cigarette, meet you out there” she says turning around dropping the shirt on my face and all I can hear is her laughing while she waddles down the squeaky steps. I hear the door shut and then decide to get off my butt and put on my shirt. I sit up and stare at my lovely shirt that I just recently had custom made for myself. “He is so attractive” I say to myself quietly drooling over the sight of Roronoa Zoro. I turn the shirt around and giggle to myself a bit while I read what is on the back “DO NOT TOUCH MY HUSBAND” in a slightly threatening font.

“Karinna!!! Let’s go already” Jasmine yells from outside. I slip on the shirt grab my headphones and cellular rush down the stairs toss on my shoes and slip through the door.

“And you say I take too long to get ready” Jasmine says giggling a little with a face that says seriously dude.

“Okay, okay let’s just go already. I want to get there before the I drown in my own sweat from the heat” I say eagerly.

We leave at 5:59pm only one minute to spare never thinking that we weren’t going to make it to our destination, together at least.

© 2018 Dorothy Sally


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