One Man's Madness / Part 15

Updated on January 12, 2019
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Born without a clue. A lifetime later, situation largely unchanged. Nevertheless, one perseveres.....

In the weeks that followed, Georgie and Hazel’s lives got busier and had less time for trips to the estate. Happily, Shuwop had generously gifted us his old car, so I was free to take the Galaxy and occasionally make forays on my own. In the evenings of solitude, sat by my fires, I found myself quietly reconnecting with the land. Familiar sensations and re-emerging memories would visit me as I contemplated the crackling flames and watched the rising sparks lift up into the starry sky.

At one point my friend Nick brought his 26 foot motorhome along. He was a retired accountant, but he’d been a truck driver in his earlier career and, after a careful study of the gate and the narrow country road, reckoned he’d have to back his vehicle in. This he did with great aplomb, as I assumed the traffic pacification role on the blind curve. After some tense moments, he was in and backing up to the arts workshop.

Up to that point I’d been cold snacking on location, but, once parked up, Nick invited me in to his centrally heated home and cooked up a storm. Afterwards we had brandy coffees and jammed on the guitars. It was stone dark and freezing cold when I at last stepped out to head over to my place. No central heating in my caravan but I put a kettle full of water on the gas cooker. I figured I could periodically reheat and leave the full kettle to take the edge off the cold during the night. I stepped out again into the crisp night to relieve myself, only to find, on my return, that the gas had run out! Shivering like a winter leaf, I doubled up the sleeping bags and spent a long and fitful night thinking about Nick’s comfy 26 footer.

In the morning there was a heavy white frost everywhere. And all the water in the metal trough outside had frozen solid. Nick emerged from his palace and, without a care in the world, wished me a jolly “Good morning”. Fortunately he had coffee and toast on the go so I was able to recover body temperature.

Nick has always been a stalwart support in my various nonsensical endeavours. This time was no different. He’d even brought along his own toolage and we had a joyous, manly day doing heroic work with saws and ropes and pulleys and other essentials.

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