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Never Too Old For Love Conclusion

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It's a big world ... inspiration comes from getting involved in it.

It's a big world ... inspiration comes from getting involved in it.

That next morning, Paul comes promptly at 9:30 a.m.

“Hi Chelsea,” Paul is sporting a huge grin.

“Paul, come in,” Chelsea smiles back. Paul touches her briefly on her shoulder and Chelsea leads him to the office.

“I like your office,” he replies.

It is tastefully done in the Christopher Lowell Shore Business Collection. The collection combines an antiqued whitewash finish and American cherry accents to create a relaxing, beach house atmosphere.

“Thanks,” Chelsea says and hands him Fifth Dimension’s Business Plan.

Paul sits at the desk which has the same whitewash finish and never utters a word until after he reads and reviews the entire plan. Then, he finally speaks.

“I am funding your company, Chelsea.” he says smiling.

“You, you, you ......!” Chelsea can’t get the words out. She sits down in the chair designated for clients unable to comprehend quite what is happening.

“Did you have someone in mind for the Administrative Assistant position?” Paul asks.

“Well, my best friend Barbara .... “Chelsea starts.

“If we are going to pay her what you suggest in your business plan, we really need her to be dedicated; otherwise, I want you to advertise. Also, I want 49% not 30% of total profits. I am going to invest $250,000 into the company. I am going to get my lawyer to draw up the contract for your approval. This will be a 5-year agreement. I want to also work as the company’s Advertising Executive since I’ve had experience in that field.” Paul continues.

“You’ve got some top of the line furniture that makes it comfortable for your graphical work. I’d like to include a 30" monitor and a computer with a 7i processor. I still have a lot of business connections in both Montreal and Houston, so we are guaranteed some very good clients. We can also look to the Internet. There’s no reason why you can’t continue to conduct business directly from your home as always.” Paul stops and looks at Chelsea.

“Well, what do you think?” he asks.

“I think that I have myself a partner.” Chelsea says happily.

“Okay. I’m going over my aunt’s house and make some phone calls. Then I’m going out of town to see my lawyer and get the money. When I get back, everything will be in writing and ready for your signature. You can then concentrate on graphic designs and of course on me. Or should I say, me and then graphic designs. I am not only investing in your future, I am investing in our future!” he finishes, “YOUR FUTURE WITH ME!”

Just the beginning ...

Just the beginning ...

Everything seems to be happening in fast forward. While Paul is in Houston getting contracts and in Montreal getting capital; Chelsea gives Barbara all the information on what’s happening with her company and what her new “partner” requires.

Barbara is excited and wants to talk more about Paul. Chelsea gives Barbara the information on how she met Paul.

In the meantime, during the day it seems that the projects are steadily increasing. Was this a coincidence? All Chelsea knows is that once Paul came into her life things started happening. At first it was just trickles … and now avalanches of orders! Chelsea finds that she is working harder with her business than ever!

“I will not have my future partner dying on me. Hire more help, now! Haven’t you realized yet that I am going to take care of you, darling,” he continues softly, “It was no coincidence that we met, fell in love at first sight, and now working on a business together. God is in on this plan. You and I both have prayed for such a moment as this. It’s like a scene from a well written novel, and the ending is predetermined, ‘and they all lived happily ever after!” he sounds so excited.

Even Barbara starts to finally believe that prayers can be answered. The years of struggle, sadness, and pain had culminated from nightmare to day dream come true for her best friend! Her business is moving forward, her love life is skyrocketing, and Chelsea is not only creating dreams for others, she is living them for herself!

Paul travels extensively from Houston to Montreal and calls whenever possible telling Chelsea about how committed he is to the success of their business. He makes her feel that anything is possible, and that her long last search is over.

There were times when Chelsea thought that it wasn’t going to happen. Then, the curse is ended, and she is allowed happiness! A miracle! Paul agrees that at one time he felt the same way.

When Paul returns, they start making double plans: a June wedding and buying their first home. Other investments are made on behalf of the business in related industries and Chelsea’s business goes from a small barely making it sole propriety, to a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Paul and Chelsea find that at any age you can live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


Closing Comments ...

Unless you are writing a tragedy, try to end your short story in an upbeat manner. When you understand your selected audience--then you will realize that most people prefer to have situations ending this way.

As I have mentioned previously, do your research and Happy Writing!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS